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How to unlock the Caprakan Defeated achievement

  • MinarchistMinarchist116,899
    02 Jan 2011 04 Jan 2011
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    The first of four "mask" bosses, found at the end of the Moccoi Ruins. He establishes the pattern of a two-phase boss fight.

    When the cut-scene is over, run to the left in-between the bars while the Majin chills and acts as bait for the spider. You'll want to get to the end of the platform and swipe the spider on its red spot on the butt a few times, so that it gets angry and turns around. Be very careful not to fall off the edge when you're doing this! You won't get hurt, but it's a long way back up. When he turns his face to you, whack that a few times until he gets angry and starts backing up. That's your cue to have the Majin act the "use" command (RT-X) on the hanging object in the center of the room. He'll automatically use wind on it and knock the boss the ground. If you're quick about it, this will all occur before the boss has time to finish charging up his big purple attack for the first time.

    As soon as you see the object connect with the spider, jump to the ground. You won't get hurt, and the ladder takes far too long. Quickly run up to the red mask on the boss' face and whack away until you hear something shatter, and the boss gets back up. Run to the ladder and repeat this entire sequence, starting on the right side instead of the left. If you've been reasonably fast, you should only need to down the boss twice in this first phase before breaking off the covering of his mask.

    After the cutscene, continually dodge amongst the boss' feet while striking him as much as possible. You need to damage him to throw him off balance, but more importantly you need to make sure the Majin's power gauge stays topped off. When you see the boss precariously rear up on his legs and hear the Majin say something like "He's off balance!", Have the Majin use wind (RB-X). He'll blow the boss over, exposing the hard, unpunchable mask on his rear end. Command the Majin to "use" the object that fell to the floor, then command the majin to attack the mask on the boss. Lather, rinse, repeat. You should only have to have the Majin strike the boss twice with the mask, then if you're anywhere near you'll get the "B" command prompt to perform a finishing attack.
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  • xkikicakesxxkikicakesx99,705
    16 Jan 2011 16 Jan 2011
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    This is the first boss, found in the Moccoi Ruins- Great Temple.

    After the cutscene, run to one of the sides (the furthest from the boss), past the bars, and throw rocks at him (LB+X) to get his attention. You can easily avoid his attacks by running and jumping. Once he comes over to you, command the Majin to use his wind power (RB+X), and he will knock the boss to the floor. Jump down to him, and continue to attack his mask until he gets up and goes back to the ceiling. Climb up the ladder and go to one of the sides again, throw the rocks, and knock him down. If you are quick enough to destroy his mask, it should only take you two times of knocking him off the ceiling.

    After the cut scene, you and the Majin will be on the ground to battle. Command him to attack the boss, and attack with him. When the boss rears up on his hind legs and the Majin says, "That one dizzy. I think it fall down with wind power." have him use his wind power. Proceed to have the Majin pick up the large object and attack the boss's glowing red spot. After that attack, just keep attacking him as normal. When he starts to glow golden, keep attacking and he should stop, without unleashing a belly flop on you. When he lifts up one leg, have the Majin use his wind power. After the boss falls, have the Majin pick up the object and attack with it. You should then be able to unleash a final B attack, and the fight is over.
  • Metamania2313Metamania2313131,993
    14 Apr 2012 15 Apr 2012
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    Earning this achievement is very simple.

    There are two sections for this boss.

    The first section has you taking on the boss from the top to the bottom. First, have the Majin stand there and get hit while you dash to the left side and hit away at the spider's legs. The spider will get annoyed by your assault and head to the center. While he is making his way to the middle, command the Majin to execute the wind ability and if done correctly, the cage should crash into the spider and he will plummet to the bottom. Jump to the bottom and immediately begin hitting him with your staff multiple times until he rises back on his feet. As he hits the air, make a beeline for the ladder that's behind you and climb them as fast as you can. By this point, the spider should be on the right side, so head over there and hit the spider's legs one more time. The spider will again get frustrated with you and makes his way to the middle again. Go ahead and command the Majin one more time to use the wind ability and knock him down with the cage. Follow him to the ground, then constantly hit him until the first weakpoint is finally killed.

    A cutscene should ensue, with the Majin joining you after pushing the cage with his Wind ability and hopping onto it, making it crash and hit the spider.

    Once that cut-scene ends, the second part of this boss fight begins. At first, I didn't get it and I died, but I smacked myself in the forehead after realizing how easy it would be after figuring it out. You need to hit any of the legs multiple times until the spider is close to losing his balance. You'll know when that happens when the Majin tells you that his wind ability should bring him to the ground. Go ahead and command the Majin to execute the wind ability and he should fall down. Then hold down the right trigger, point to the cage, and hit X to command the Majin to take that cage and smash it on the spider's head. Once that's done, he will rise back to his feet. This time around, the spider will unleash a jumping quake move that will hurt a lot, so you'll have to jump to avoid it when that happens. Repeat the same strategy, as in hitting his legs until he's losing balance, then bring him to the ground with the wind ability, then finally commanding the Majin to smash his head with the cage one more time. If done correctly, you should be able to finish him off for good, so when it comes on the screen, just hit B and he should be out of the picture for good!

    Once the ensuing cutscene ends, the achievement should unlock right then and there. Have fun and good luck!
  • Weapon360Weapon360338,818
    01 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
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    This is the spider-like boss you'll encounter some time after the Majin gains the wind ability. The fight will be split into two sections. When the fight begins, go to the ground and start looking up. Whenever the boss is in the path of the chandelier, command the Majin to use wind power to blow it into the boss. After three hits both the boss and chandelier will fall to the ground where the fight will continue. Try to avoid the boss and let the Majin to a brunt of the work. Once the boss is down, his armor will glow red. Command the Majin to pick up the fallen chandelier and have him attack with it. Three good hits with the object and the armor will be broken and the boss will be defeated.
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