Forever Young achievement in More Brain Exercise

Forever Young

Be awarded a maximum Brain Age of 25 for three consecutive days.

Forever Young0
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How to unlock the Forever Young achievement

  • liner bronsonliner bronson797,330
    17 Sep 2013 17 Sep 2013 17 Sep 2013
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    OK, NovusRedemptor's guide would be perfect were it not for the fact that this achievement appears rather glitchy. In fact, it glitched on me today on a Windows 8 phone. However, I experimented a bit with this achievement on both this and my Windows 7 phone and I finally got it to pop. All I can do is outline exactly what I did and hope that this helps at least someone to nail it...

    Firstly, as I said, I tried this on my Windows 8 phone and I could not get it to work. In fact, I actually managed 4 consecutive days under 25 years of age but to no avail, so as a last throw of the dice I thought I'd try it once more on my Windows 7 phone.

    I deleted and reinstalled the game and set the time back to 2 days ago. Instead of immediately jumping into Brain Age on the 1st day, I did the Brain Training first. This could potentially be important as doing this unlocks minigames and I only popped the I am Everything achievement after unlocking 3 days' worth of minigames and replaying one of the easy games on Hard.

    Getting under 25 is not as hard as it seems provided you are extra-careful about not failing, ie: USE A CAMERA! Line Up and How Many Balls work best with this method. I'd recommend taking a video shot of them, pausing the game (using the lock button on the phone) and making sure you have the right answer ready when you unpause, as the speed with which you answer does have a bearing on your score. Get one wrong and you've screwed it (which is why my method leaves nothing to chance).

    Memorize can be done by pausing and writing down the objects in the picture. Combine Blocks can be paused as soon as you see the puzzle. It then becomes pretty easy to work out the right answer as you can still see the choices below the paused message.

    Umbrellas is a bitch and my suggestion for this is cross your fingers and hope you avoid it. I managed to avoid it both times I did this straight after reinstalling the game, so either I was lucky or it is less likely to appear early on.

    So, despite me pausing the game like a madman and manipulating the phone's date, the achievement popped after 3 days as expected.


    Do it on a Windows 7 Phone
    Start the game from scratch each attempt (ie: delete and reinstall it)
    Before you do Brain Age every day, do Brain Training (I think this could be the key)
    Pause as much as you need to and try to be sure of each answer
    Avoid Umbrellas! (all the others are very doable with a camera and a bit of patience)
    One more thing - I don't know if this is important but I did it offline. My Windows 7 phone only works with Wifi now and it wasn't connected when I got the achievement.

    I hope this helps those of you struggling to make this work. Good luck :)

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    LvxThanks for confirming it works on 8.1. I'll try this method on W10M. If it works there, reinstalling won't be a problem even after the delisting.
    Posted by Lvx on 14 Feb 16 at 14:48
    Mr RodsterThis worked on 8.1, following Zedarboy, et al. One note: every fresh reinstall started with the same three games, but they were different than others have had. Mine were How Many Balls, Lineup, and Memorize every time. (Yes, I waited until the last minute...)
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 29 Feb 16 at 23:26
    W AnderssonI just realized something. I went back to this game today since it's now available on WP10. I haven't unlocked this yet but... What if it's not the actual day scores that count on this achievement? Maybe it's the awarded "average brain age" that needs to be under 25 for three days. It would certainly explain the fact that people get it while reinstalling the game. I know that I met the requirements for this before without unlocking it, but I'm gonna try it by reinstalling. It could also be a combination of both the three daily and the three average scores.
    Posted by W Andersson on 20 Oct 16 at 14:02
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  • NovusRedemptorNovusRedemptor213,951
    29 Jan 2012 21 Feb 2012
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    More Brain Exercise (WP)
    Forever Young - 10G
    Be awarded a maximum Brain Age of 25 for three consecutive days

    After loading the game on your Windows Phone, touch the screen as prompted at the title screen. Click "Play" and choose the "Brain Age" option. The following screens indicate which test will be conducted, what part of the brain is being worked and a general description of the activity therein. You may advance through these screens by pressing the flashing checkmark button in the upper right. After completing the test, you will receive your score and your corresponding Brain Age. Brain Age is scored inversely to your normal test score; the higher your test score, the lower your Brain Age. To obtain this achievement, you must score a MAXIMUM Brain Age of 25 for three consecutive days.

    In my experience, only five of the game's fifteen mini-games have been used for the daily Brain Age test:
    Combine Blocks
    How Many Balls?

    The requirements for each game are simple, so I will not include a description. However, in regards to obtaining the achievement, there are several things of which to be wary.

    1) The required test score for a Brain Age of 25 is particularly high. As such, perfection is required as the chances of getting the required score after making even a single mistake are deathly slim to nil. Furthermore, time can be the most detrimental element of your trials, especially in the "Umbrellas" mini-game. If you do everything correctly but take too long doing so, your test score will be significantly lower.

    2) Some issues with the sensitivity of the phone screen may impair your ability to achieve higher scores on certain tests. Whether this is simply a fault of particular phones or an unfortunate glitch in the game is unknown to me, so I'd like to lay the blame on both parties. There will likely be times where you will attempt to tap two things on screen consecutively too quickly and the second one will not register. This will make "Umbrellas," in particular, significantly more difficult.

    3) The days in which you receive the required Brain Age scores MUST be consecutive. For example, if you get a Brain Age of 22 on Monday, quit out before completion on Tuesday thereby not allowing it to record your results and then get 25 on Wednesday and Thursday, the achievement will not unlock. Your records will simply show a skipped day.

    As I write this (January 28, 2012), I have not gotten this achievement myself due to problems caused by the three points above. However, I offer here what I've gathered over time in my many attempts. I would say that "Combine Blocks" and "How Many Balls" are the easiest in regards to obtaining the required score as long as you answer quickly. With a greater reliance on memory, "Line-Up" and "Memorize" are more difficult but manageable as long as you don't answer too hastily. "Umbrellas" is the most difficult mini-game to obtain a good score in, as indicated by its inclusion as an example in points 1 and 2 above. Personally, I've never gotten a Brain Age score lower than 30 in it.

    If you, like me, want to speed up the process and not have to play this once a day for however long, you can open up the Settings menu of your phone and change the date to the following one. After doing so, start the game and the "Brain Age" option will be unlocked again. Rinse and repeat as needed and remember to change the date on your phone back to the actual date once you are done. Should you give up before unlocking the achievement, make a note of the last date you used and simply start from the following day when you try again. Please note, however, that by doing this, you may run the risk of a time glitch wherein the achievement will unlock on your phon but not unlock on until the arbitrary date that you completed the achievement according to your phone. As of now, this is unfounded but I am simply stating what is possible.

    If you vote negatively, please let me know why.

    Blame yourselves or god
    \m/ Dan \m/
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    frenchdawgyeah I just scored 22 25 22 and didn't get this achievement... god dammit I was so excited that I was finally gonna get this...
    Posted by frenchdawg on 11 Jul 13 at 15:55
    liner bronsonYep, i just got 25, 24 and 22, and no achievement for me either. Fuck this game :(
    Posted by liner bronson on 17 Sep 13 at 10:20
    DeviSlator4 times I've met the requirements and it hasn't unlocked for me..
    Posted by DeviSlator on 11 Jul 14 at 10:08
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