I Am Everything achievement in More Brain Exercise

I Am Everything

Be awarded "Solar System" rank in all games on Hard mode.

I Am Everything0
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How to unlock the I Am Everything achievement

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    Quick Play mode scores are the only ones that count toward this Achievement, not Brain Training. Click Profile/Awards to check your progress in each exercise.

    Don't be afraid to pause by pressing the Back button if it might help with an exercise.

    For the really unfair ones (Umbrellas, How Many Balls, etc.), consider recording the sequence before the question (using a camera, etc.), pausing, and then watching the video to determine the answer. Then unpause and quickly choose the right answer. This will allow you to get drastically better times.

    You don't actually need to score 150 or higher in all games - the average of all scores just needs to be 150 or higher. This allows people like me to get by with a slightly lower Umbrellas score.
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    Mr RodsterMy problem is the final set with 4 of them. The rhythm I can go to get the sets of 3 won't work there and if I go any faster it misses one. Sigh.
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 24 May 13 at 15:51
    Mr RodsterI finally got Pest Control. If you do not miss any bugs there are 13 waves, the first 12 of which have 3 and the last of which has 4. (If you miss a bug then sometimes there are 13 waves of 3 and a 14th wave with just 1.) So I started counting and after I finished the 12th wave I would press the middle square at the begginning of wave 13 without looking. Sometimes that would be a bug and I would then have enough time to get the other 3.

    Even then, the first 4 times I got all 40 bugs I had a time of 22, netting a score of 148. Finally, after a ridiculous number of tries (>150) I got one with no mistakes and a time of 21 for a score of 150. Sheesh.
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 28 May 13 at 19:37
    W AnderssonI just unlocked the achievement with the following:

    7 Universe
    7 Solar system
    1 Mountain

    I can confirm that, at least, on a WP8 phone (Nokia Lumia 920) it is possible to get the achievement without reaching solar system on all 15 mini games. I'll list how my score was distributed:

    Comparing numbers: Solar system
    Falling Numbers: Universe
    Find the same kind: Universe
    Fishing Frenzy: Universe
    How many balls: Solar System
    Line up: Universe
    Memorize: Universe
    Suspect: Solar system
    Umbrellas: MOUNTAIN!
    What is this: Solar system
    Combine blocks: Solar system
    Where is the meat: Universe
    Sort out food: Solar system
    Pest control: Solar system
    Classify the Creature: Universe
    Posted by W Andersson on 05 Jul 13 at 12:19
    NJDuke007It definitely is an average. I gave up on this one a long time ago because of umbrellas...I could never get higher than 144. It turns out I never played any games past umbrellas. Once I read about an average score of 150 counting I went and finished the last few games and it popped! Thanks so much for the comment W Andersson!
    Posted by NJDuke007 on 18 Oct 13 at 02:18
    DeviSlatorI can confirm this is an average as I've just popped it on my WP7 with;

    9 Universe
    4 Solar System
    1 Earth (Pest Control)
    1 Mountain (Umbrellas)

    :-) Hahahahaa screw you Umbrellas and Pest Control!!!!!!
    Posted by DeviSlator on 31 Oct 13 at 06:53
    reaper ecgI just tried this again today and still no luck. The only ones I don't have at 150 are pest control and umbrellas. I tracked my score so I know my average is well above 150. Are you guys get 150 on easy mode as well or just hard difficulty? Do you select the games from quick play? Any help would be appreciated.
    Posted by reaper ecg on 21 Dec 13 at 04:44
    xMagicMunKixjust popped on my w8 lumia 920 with:

    10 Universe
    3 Solar System
    1 Earth (Pest Control)
    1 Mountain (Umbrellas)

    one thing to add: the last score i improved was umbrellas from whale to mountain, but after this the achievement did NOT popp, after this i completed another game(Comparing numbers) when i completed this game with solar system the achievement popped(i already had Comparing numbers with universe)
    Posted by xMagicMunKix on 02 Apr 15 at 16:51
    GREGO McGEEJust unlocked it on a Samsung Ativ S Neo

    Comparing Numbers - Solar
    Falling Numbers - Universe
    Find the Same Kind - Universe
    Fishing Frenzy - Solar
    How many balls - Solar
    Line Up - Universe
    Memorize - Solar
    Suspect - Solar
    Umbrellas - MOUNTAIN
    What is This - Solar
    Combine Blocks - MOUNTAIN
    Where is the Meat - Universe
    Sort out Food - Solar
    Pest Control - EARTH
    Creature - Universe

    So all in all these are the lowest stats here:
    5 Universe
    7 Solar System
    1 Earth
    2 Mountains
    Posted by GREGO McGEE on 14 Feb 16 at 19:28
    ZedarboyOk just popped it, and here are my stats in case they help anyone:

    Comparing Numbers: Solar System
    Falling Numbers: Mountain
    Find The Same Kind: Universe
    Fishing Frenzy: Solar System
    How many balls?: Solar System
    Line Up: Universe
    Memorize: Universe
    Suspect: Solar System
    Umbrellas: Mountain
    What is This?: Solar System
    Combine Blocks: Solar System
    Where Is The Meat?: Universe
    Sort Out Food: Solar System
    Pest Control: Mountain
    Classify The Creature: Solar System

    Solar System: 8
    Universe: 4
    Mountain: 3
    Posted by Zedarboy on 16 Feb 16 at 14:50
    LV 1 Blue SlimePopped after I got Combine Blocks from 143 to 150. My average score was above 150 for quite awhile so I'm not sure if it's actually average.

    Comparing Numbers : 151
    Memorize : 155
    What Is This : 152
    How Many Balls : 152
    Suspect : 150
    Falling Numbers : 161
    Fishing Frenzy : 158
    Find the Same Kind : 164
    Umbrellas : 140
    Combine Blocks : 150
    Where is the Meat? : 158
    Sort Out Food : 154
    Pest Control : 143
    Classify the Creature : 162
    Line Up : 155

    Average : 153.66
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 05 Feb 18 at 23:12
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