Golddigger achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


Earn a Gold Medal in every single-player Racer event

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How to unlock the Golddigger achievement

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    20 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010
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    This doesn't need to much of a guide, as it's pretty self explanatory. Just get a gold medal on all 60 racer events.

    But, it will take time. All criteria for Gold are listed on the race intro menu.

    Prepare for many retrys at certain missions (I found the time trail category to be the hardest).

    *On Duels and Hot pursuits, your time does NOT matter. Just finish 1st for Gold.

    * Don't always take the "shortcut". Some of them are long cuts. And what car are you in? Low slung cars go over gravel slowly. Learn the cuts and if they are faster or slower.

    *If you fall behind in a duel/race, don't worry. Usually "rubber-banding" seems to come into effect, and you'll have caught up in no time.

    * The biggest reason to fail a HP is being wrecked by the cops. Watch them coming up behind you, and prepare to evade/drop spikes.

    * On time trials, it may take a few goes. Learn the shortcuts, and set yourself benchmarks. If you know its not going to happen, restart. The time trials are not as forgiving as the races.

    * Use your power ups at the right time. Don't use them just for the 200 bounty bonus. Save them until you need them.
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    Phantom NinjarI struggled with M Power too just got it done.

    My advice for anyone trying it is to smash head first into the second cop taking him out and respawning you in the middle of the road at full speed. Then take out the first cop in the second tunnel asap with one good hit(or two), restart if you stuff up taking him out. Use the following short cuts: after second tunnel on left its goes through the rocks, one later that cuts a hairpin bend and then the long one through the rocky tunnel.
    Posted by Phantom Ninjar on 12 Jun 11 at 13:32
    Best car to use in all events.
    Posted on 18 Jun 11 at 18:49
    gazhibsgood guide, could mebe add in something about gauntlets as one of them was my last gold, jsut something about just trying to stay ahead of the cops instead of fighting/trying ot wreck them, as it just wastes time.
    Posted by gazhibs on 21 Aug 11 at 13:03
    COLLOSUS5172Phantom Ninjar and Nippe Extreme, could kiss you and I' not gay. I always thought I was a good driver in these games until the BMW M3 race and the McLaren. I couldn't understand why they were so tough and I tried everything. Without reading any advice I thought to take out the cops on the side of the road. Thanks for the feedback. It's tips like yours that make this whole TA, and network awesome. I'll give your suggestions a try.I've done the races probably 20 times or more.
    Posted by COLLOSUS5172 on 10 Dec 11 at 14:36
    KKMPWorks great during retail game and DLC's. Thanks.
    Posted by KKMP on 08 Sep 12 at 13:43
    AwakeDeadeyeStuck on The Ultimate Road Car... about to give up. I'm not to big a fan of racing, and I hate time trials.... so I'm kind of at a boiling point. Maybe one day when I feel it's worth it.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 22 Dec 13 at 08:18
    CodeMonkeysGuyM Power is pretty easy. Stock up nitro in the first bit with oncoming/near misses, then punch it towards the first car. If you hit the front of the car at around 160MPH+, you'll bounce off the car back onto the road, losing around 60MPH of speed, but still enough to throttle your way up to a speed to take out the second car in one hit no problem. This'll give you full nitro for a car takedown, so use that up and blaze along. As the second cop car pulls up in the tunnel after using the nitro up, spike it and take it down, and then use that nitro. Do be sure to make use of *most* of the shortcuts as well, take turns tightly enough, and not screw up much at all.
    Posted by CodeMonkeysGuy on 13 Feb 15 at 09:18
    rob25XSeacrest Tour was the worst for me. Everytime I reached the last the section (1-2 miles) the AI would speed past me everytime and win.

    After trying the event about 5 times I decided to try something different. I got in first then didn't use boost at all... I was in the lead for the last half of the race and won by 10 seconds!

    Could be worth trying for anyone having trouble with Seacrest Tour.
    Posted by rob25X on 20 Mar 17 at 11:16
    MajorityGrain6Mc Laren race took me 104 tries, it is no joke I came close twice in these attempts with time 3:09 until the 104th try with 3:06. Who on Earth thought of this challenge is a sadistic prick.A word of advice is if you crash restart right away, and be better than 2:40 going under the arch which saves you doing last 30 seconds stretch if you fail at that. Use both shortcuts, and the world record vids on yt are pointless since my car cant reach the speeds and hardly touches 300km/h.
    Posted by MajorityGrain6 on 19 Feb 21 at 14:03
    xArjenRobben10xFor anyone still doing this game and struggling on the F1 event my biggest tips are to use the handbrake for every corner and save a full tank of nitrous for the last straight. At first I got a 3:18 and had no idea how I'd manage to get a gold then I done this and got a 3:02 with relative ease.
    Posted by xArjenRobben10x on 15 Feb at 17:59
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