Berserker achievement in Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles HD (WP)


Kill all enemies in level 1

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How to unlock the Berserker achievement

    28 Oct 2013 28 Oct 2013
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    This achievement really isn't as hard as some make it out to be, I got it first try counting the enemies I kill on the way through each part of the mission.

    1-1 There are two enemies that you have to walk past because you cannot kill them, these two don't count.
    1-2 There are three enemies in this level, you'll take out the first as soon as the assassin lying on the ground gives you his sword, the 1st comes running towards you. the 2nd is at the end of the level before the big gate ending the second part of the mission, once you kill the 3nd enemy Don't Advance, turn around and backtrack a little and you should see the enemy running for you. Kill the 3rd and last enemy.
    1-3 There are 12 enemies in this last part of the mission and none of them are easily missed. thoroughly make your way through the last part counting the enemies as you kill them as I did to make sure you aren't missing any. There's not much else to say for this last part, it's quite simple to fine the enemies on this part, they all run towards you anyway.

    Most miss the 3rd enemy on the Second part and are confused as to how they haven't unlocked the achievement.
    I hope this helps! Thanks you for reading.

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    DA CYBER TIGERGlad I could help guys, your feedback is vital for future solutions!
    Posted by DA CYBER TIGER On 26 Mar 16 at 15:56
    IRL Games XIf you knock a guy off a cliff still counts, just don’t die but that part is not hard
    Posted by IRL Games X On 25 Mar 22 at 13:28
    planchetflawI died when I fell off one of the jumps but still unlocked this when continuing from the checkpoint. I was in 1-3 when I died towards the end and was about to restart from 1-1 but figured I was so close I may as well finish the level.

    Also, while I did win the pressure point game, I was definitely not perfect. I think I got two or three red Xs. Still unlocked it.
    Posted by planchetflaw On 13 Apr 22 at 01:38
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  • tjayarstjayars1,381,830
    21 Dec 2010 21 Dec 2010
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    I had alot of trouble getting this to pop and there really isn't much discussion on it. I had no idea if I missed someone(doubtful since the level is quite small and there are less than 20 enemies) or it was glitchy. After messaging Bomber37 who also had trouble here is what I can confirm. This should pop before you go through the door after the stealth kill. However mine popped in the middle of the level after I killed a guard on the ground that was impossible to miss. I had reset my profile before the play were it popped so certainly it is saving progress towards to ach even if you do the reset in the main menu.

    I have many guesses as to why it doesn't pop but it will if you just keep replaying.

    1. A guard fell from a roof
    2. You had a death.
    3. Accidently hit the search function on your phone.
    4. Pickpocket,stealth, etc. mini games have to be perfect.
    5. A red orb glitched after you killed an guard.
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    Shinobi of EdoYeah, I agree with everyone here, I really don't think this is glitched at all. I was just missing that one tricky soldier in 1-2 like everyone else. As soon as I got him, I got the achievement no problem.
    Posted by Shinobi of Edo On 09 Jul 13 at 00:57
    DeviSlatorA list of soldier numbers per stage would be useful for this guide
    Posted by DeviSlator On 30 Sep 13 at 07:59
    boldfoxrdUnfortunately I can't give any help. My sister played through with a few deaths, going after enemies she saw and then it unlocked after leaving the level.

    I've heard that never going back to the WP home page matters though.
    Posted by boldfoxrd On 24 Nov 13 at 01:47
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