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Creepy Show in Splatterhouse

Creepy Show18 (10)

Re-assemble 8 of Jen's photos.

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Achievement Guide for Creepy Show

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I usually like to combine a written guide with a video guide.
Credits: The written guide is from "Genetic Carnage" (x360a.org). The video guide is from "NoKtoLive".

This guide includes all collectibles. So you will also get this achievement:
SplatterhouseAudiophileThe Audiophile achievement in Splatterhouse worth 9 pointsListen to all of Dr. West's gramophone records.

Phase 1 - Satan's Masque

Gramophone (1/12) - "Despite my attempts" After the two monsters leap through the windows, and the text "press + to perform combos", from the door you entered hook a left and it is next to a book case.

Photo Piece 1/4 - Right after this room, you will see a statue slide against a wall and break. Where it was is the first photo piece.

Gramophone (2/12) - "My home has changed" After the breaking of boxes and the first mentioning of boreworms, kick open the door, and it's to the right as soon as you enter.

Photo Piece 2/4 - After the cutscene where you get your arm ripped off, enter the open doorway ahead of you. As you walk through the door the second photo is on the floor. (Good place to get
SplatterhouseMorbid DismembermentThe Morbid Dismemberment achievement in Splatterhouse worth 6 pointsKill an enemy with your own dismembered arm.

Gramophone (3/12) - "My theories in Necrobiology" After picking the second piece of the photo up it is in the back right of this room.

Gramophone (4/12) - "To while away the years" Return to the main room and enter the room between the four tanks, and it is in the back right.

Photo Piece 3/4 - BEFORE YOU PUNCH THROUGH THE FLOOR, the photo piece is to the left of the green light coming from the floor.

Photo Piece 4/4 - After coming upon the room with your old classmates whom you took stats with last semester, defeat the enemies and look in the cell to the right of where you entered. (opposite from where you exit the room.)

Phase 2 - The Doll That Bled

Photo Piece 1/4 - When you enter the room with the two valves, take a right and turn the valve between the two cylinders with creatures in them. This will open a giant door. The first piece is in the back right of this room. For clarification, looking at the two eyeballs to punch, it's to the left of the left one.

Photo Piece 2/4 - After the side scrolling section you will come upon a room where you will need to lift two gates (by holding up on both joysticks) and behind them are enemies. Choose the one on your left as you enter and it will be under a box in the back left corner.

Gramophone (5/12) - "I do not sleep" In the room with 4 ghouls on the bed eating a head with a hand in its mouth, it is directly to your right as you enter.

Gramophone (6/12) - "Leonora and I " After the long hallway with moving spike walls, you will re-enter the mansion proper. In this first room, look to your right to find two doors with a gramophone inbetween.

Gramophone (7/12) - "My work" After the previous gramophone enter the room on the right and after you deal with the six huddled ghouls, it's in the back left corner. (Good place to get
SplatterhouseHeadlong into MonstersThe Headlong into Monsters achievement in Splatterhouse worth 9 pointsKill 6 enemies in one ram attack.

SplatterhouseArmy of Dead EvilThe Army of Dead Evil achievement in Splatterhouse worth 6 pointsKill 6 enemies within one second.

Photo Piece 3/4 - Enter the room to the left of the "Leonora and I" gramophone, (this is the childrens' room), and this picture is in the back, under the single blue ghoul in the room.

Photo Piece 4/4 - A cut scene will show 2 blue ghouls appear, then both will be smashed by furniture. Continue on down the corridor, dodging the furniture, and it will be in the first alcove on your right. (After 2 or 3 pieces of furniture.)

Phase 3 - The Shadow of the Abyss

Photo Piece 1/4 - From where you begin the stage, head straight forward, then take a right turn towards the group of enemies towards the back of some shipping containers. It will be in between the containers on the ground. Fairly easy to spot.

Photo Piece 2/4 - After you raise the bus by impaling two enemies, go under the bus and immediately to the right. Break the barrels there for the second piece.

Photo Piece 3/4 - After jumping across from the crumbling rooftop you'll fight a butcher, continue and the ceiling will collapse and a butcher will break through the wall. Head through the hole he created and turn to the right. (Tackle one of these butchers with RT + B , then mash X on to unlock
SplatterhouseBrain DeadThe Brain Dead achievement in Splatterhouse worth 9 pointsTackle an enemy and pummel it 20 times.

Photo Piece 4/4 - After the cutscene where you are introduced to the Aegis (the squid), take out the group of enemies and look around for it before heading on up the ramp to the next area. It will be underneath where they show the Aegis.

Phase 4 - The Meat Factory

Photo Piece 1/4 - After you kill the giant enemy with the club hand, a door will open for you to continue on. It is in this hallway, VERY difficult to miss.

Photo Piece 2/4 - After you give the four imps their rectal exams/tanning sessions ("THIS IS HOW WE GOT OUR M RATING!"), keep going into a hallway with steam rising from the floor (the hallway lighting is colored red, then green, then yellow). It is in the yellow section on the left, by a torn off chainlink gate with a Keep Out sign on it. It is right before you hear Jen scream and you have to pry a door open.

Photo Piece 3/4 - You will come to a room with three glass canisters. You must go into the rooms on the right and left to impale enemies, thus filling the canisters with blood. Facing the three glass canisters in the main room, take the door to your right (the one with a giant club-hand enemy.) The photo piece will be in the back right corner.

Photo Piece 4/4 - When you come to the huge open room with all the cells and the shotgun cutscene, it's in the second cell on the right with a blue ghoul in it.

Phase 5 - The Corpse That Wouldn't Die

Photo Piece 1/4 - At the beginning, when you punch the eye and the staircase forms, it's at the top, to the left.

Photo Piece 2/4 - After ripping out the giant eyeball, go up the spiral staircase to an alcove on the left with eight boxes. It is in between the two in the back)

Photo Piece 3/4 - After the room with the Aegis (squid), Rick will ask if the Mask is Aztec. In this hall, you will see the photo piece at the end in the center, VERY hard to miss.

Photo Piece 4/4 - You will enter a room with a cleaver in front of you. A cutscene will show a severed head impaled in one of the four mouths in the room. Use the cleaver to lop three more heads off, and go up to the mouths. You'll press and impale them on the spikes. After the last one, a door will open and Mask will quip about how "the Aztecs really knew how to use their heads." Thanks Filthy Goat for instructions on how to get this one.

Phase 6 - Beast With a Human Heart

Photo Piece 1/4 - Right after the living heart that's a unique conversation piece, you'll go up spiral stairs. At the top, break the boxes for this piece.

Gramophone (8/12) - "The Masters' true form" After going through the Mouth Tunnel, Rick and Mask will talk about what Rick "really is. You're a killer!" In this main room, with your back to the Mouth Tunnel, go in the first door on the right. On a table next to a large saw and three torture chairs.

Gramophone (9/12) -"I remold flesh" Same place as the last one, far back door on the left. Go down a winding tunnel, and as you enter the room with the lever, take a left. It's on a shelf next to some heads in jars.

Photo Piece 2/4 - Same place as the last two gramophones, far back door on the right. When you pull the doors open, you will see it directly in front of you on the floor. Watch out as you rush to pick it up, a blue ghoul will pop out on the right.

Photo Piece 3/4 - When you pry open the doors for the elevator, it's right there on the floor, very hard to miss.

Photo Piece 4/4 - After you destroy the two big club-handed enemies, and the ballast door opens to the next room, head through and immediately turn left. It's on the ground by quite a few x-rays, most notably of a pregnant... woman?

Gramophone (10/12) - "Host body A" Same place as the last photo. When you go through the ballast door, go to the right. These two are just before the Lovecraftian beast in the shark tank that tap taps at you.

Phase 7 - Scream Park

Photo Piece 1/4 - As you begin the stage, break through the door in front of you and the first piece of the photo is in the far left corner of this area underneath a wooden ticket stand.

Photo Piece 2/4 - A little further into the stage, you will throw enemies onto spikes to win prizes. On the far left game throw an enemy onto the top spike and the photo will be behind the door. I recommend that you do not open the door to the right of this one, as it only contains a 2x4 and a tentacle armed monster.

Photo Piece 3/4 - Proceed through the stage till you come to the Love Tunnel. Continue through this tunnel and it will be towards the end.

Photo Piece 4/4 - As you're traveling through the "Hell" part of the stage you will come upon a red tentacle armed enemy and a couple of smaller enemies. Kill them and continue on, chase the figure you see through an open door. The piece will be on the ground as you go.Once you pick it up, do not continue that way, it will force you to loop back around to continue the stage. Instead, turn around and go the other way.

Phase 8 - Reflections in Blood

Photo Piece 1/4 - At the beginning of the stage you will see two nasty looking hot dog stands break the furthest and it is there on the ground.

Photo Piece 2/4 - As you progress, you will follow a stone path and it is on the ground in front of some ticket stands. It will be during the "even Jennifer wears a mask" speech.

Photo Piece 3/4 - After the side-scrolling first part of the house of mirrors, you will begin a timed portion where Jennifer taunts you. From where you start, break the mirror to the left. Follow this hall to another room. Now break the right mirror and it will be behind the enemy. (An easy way to make sure you have this is by checking every mirror. The solution to the mirrors is, Room 1: Left mirror, Room 2: Mirror in front, Room 3: Right Mirror, Room 4: Right mirror. This way you won't run out of time and can check the rest of the mirrors.) Warning: Once you go through the halls, the doors close behind you.

Photo Piece 4/4 - You will get the last photo piece after finishing the breaking mirrors portion of the fun house and you begin a side scrolling portion. If you've been following my guide and haven't done any arena yet, the achievement Creepy Show will pop after you pick this one up.

Phase 9 - The Ruined Heart

Photo Piece 1/4 - After defeating the three enemies at the beginning of the stage, follow the flight of stairs on the right and you will see the photo on a ledge to the right before a dead end.

Gramophone (11/12) - "For every year" Once you reach the first check point and three tentacled beasts appear, kill them and the gramophone is, relevant to where you came in, in the back left corner.

Photo Piece 2/4 - You will enter a room with a large enemy chasing smaller ones away. Defeating him will have a worm appear. Kill the worm off and the photo is in the far left area from where you came in. (You may stumble upon it while fighting the bigger enemy.)

Gramophone (12/12) - "The Masters" Coming upon a checkpoint, in this room there is another giant mouth and two of the tentacled armed enemies, it is to your right.

Photo Piece 3/4 - After traveling through the mouth you will have to hurt and rip out a giant eyeball. Enter the room and it is to your immediate right.

Photo Piece 4/4 - After finishing a side scrolling portion, you will come to a bloody room with a heart in front of you. Off to the left of this heart next to a pillar/artery is the piece.

Phase 10 - The Wicker Bride

Photo Piece 1/4 - As soon as you start, head left and break the boxes.

Photo Piece 2/4 - When you kick open the second gate and the Mask says "If you kill enough of these guys, I just might be able to open a gate to get us over there!" It's to the right, again, under a breakable box.

Photo Piece 3/4 - After the cut-scene where the mob turns to ghouls and West narrates "I prayed for help to any God who would listen..." you will be surrounded by enemies. Behind you to the right, destroy the box and pick up the photo piece.

Photo Piece 4/4 - Right after this section, you will take a right and go up some stairs to a gate with a portal behind it. Before you kick this gate in, take a right, break the box, take the picture. This completes Jenny the Guitar Hero. For clarification, it's the portal that drops off three club hand monsters and West says "In that garden...".

Phase 11 - Blood Eclipse

Photo Piece 1/4 - When the stage begins and you are looking over the trees turn directly around and head up the flight of stairs. It is to the right at the top of the stairs in a corner behind a breakable bird bath.

Photo Piece 2/4 - The 2nd piece is right after the Mask says the Corrupted are dreaming this world and soon they'll awaken. A meteor will block the stairs you came down from, and Rick will bitch about how meteors hurt. Looking at the meteor, turn right, and the second crypt door will have a lock on it. You cannot kick this one in. If you grabbed the cleaver from when West talks about how many lives stack against one true love (to the right of the stairs you go up to proceed) you can use that. Otherwise, facing the meteor, go left, up the stairs and grab the shotgun. I believe any weapon will destroy the lock, and the 2nd piece is in there.

Photo Piece 3/4 - After free-falling through another portal, you'll be in a side scrolling section. Head to the left, left-side of the hole in the ground.

Photo Piece 4/4 - When you tell West what you really think of his plan, then kill his two red-faced minions, this area will unlock. With your back to where you entered the area, kick open the right hand gate, go up the stairs, and it's hidden under a breakable birdbath. Do not go through the gate to advance forward in the game, because it will finish the phase.
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