Dreams of the Dead achievement in SPLATTERHOUSE

Dreams of the Dead

Complete the game on "Brutal" Difficulty.

Dreams of the Dead+0.2
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How to unlock the Dreams of the Dead achievement

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    25 Dec 2011
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    There are plenty of resources out there on the interwebs giving you suggestions on strategies for completing Splatterhouse, so I'm going to skip that part of it, but I wanted to put out a list of good resources all in one place for the overall completion of the game. Below is information on walkthroughs, collectibles, Survival Arena S ranks, and beating the bosses. Good luck, and enjoy this incredibly gross and awesome game. ^_^

    *Full Video Walkthrough

    *Collectibles Guide

    *Survival Arena S Ranks
    Arena 1: West Mansion Lobby
    Arena 2: Slaughterhouse
    Arena 3: West Observation Room (Part 1/Part 2)
    Arena 4: The Death Coaster (Part 1/Part 2)
    Arena 5: Shadow of the Wickerman (Part 1/Part 2)
    Arena 6: West Manor Chapel (Part 1/Part 2)

    *Boss Fights - Direct YouTube Links (embedded videos below):
    Phase 1: Satan's Masque
    Phase 2: The Doll that Bled
    Phase 3: In the Shadow of the Abyss
    Phase 4: The Meat Factory
    Phase 5: The Corpse that Wouldn't Die
    Phase 6: Beast with a Human Heart
    Phase 7: Scream Park
    Phase 8: Reflections in Blood
    Phase 9: The Ruined Heart
    Phase 10: The Wicker Bride
    Phase 11: Blood Eclipse
    Phase 12: The Devil Made Flesh

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    Awe DamohEasy done in 4 hours the arenas are tough
    Posted by Awe Damoh on 09 Feb 14 at 22:22
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    This mode is super easy actually. I beat it the fourth day I bough this game and I wasn't even really playing. The only tips I can offer are.

    1/ Play it through on easy to get all the skills you can.
    -Buy the skills arm tear off, splatter smash, pick up and attack with weapon Skills. They are the most important ones.
    2/ Use the "arm tearoff" move a lot.. Its B+B. In this movement you are invincible.
    3/ When you have an arm as a weapon. You have to buy thsi skill first. Use it on other enemies as much as you can. The action is the same. B+B. In this mode you are invicible, no matter how many are around you.
    4/Use the Splatter Smash LT+ Y as much as possible. This is super strong and could take off up to 60% on big guys too.
    5/Medium size enemies that the wip arm guys are super slow. If there are a lot of them. Bunch them together and Splatter Smash them.
    6/ Dont forget to use your Splatter kill when you can. You are no only invicible in this mode, you get energy and mask back.
    7/Bosses are so easy. Spam them with Splatter smash and then mash your XXXXXX. You not only get your mask meter back. You can rinse and repeat.
    8//The only 2 enemies to look out for really are the simple glowing blue guys that rip your arm off. If they hit you once, its either instant kill or almost death. Kill them quickly. The other one is the squid like ones. They can make all enemies invicible. Kill them fast with a well aimed splatter smash from afar. instant kill most of the time.
    9/ Near the end you have to fight 2 copies of yourself. This is the only part that may give you a little trouble. Just go into beseark mode and kill them fast.

    hope this helps. Trust me, this game is really easy even on brutal.
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    BecomingIguanaNear the fighting the 2 copies i cannot do it any tips??
    Posted by BecomingIguana on 08 May 11 at 21:23
    DetsEightyOneHe 'wasn't really playing' and found it 'super easy' because he CHEATED. Your solutions are crap because you always say how 'easy' something is, but of course its easy when you cheat. Why don't you remove your solutions because they have no credibility.
    Posted by DetsEightyOne on 03 Apr 14 at 02:02
    They do actually have enough credibility to squeak by.
    Posted on 23 Feb 15 at 18:01
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic404,894
    02 Jul 2012 02 Jul 2012
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    For the bit at the end of Phase 11 with the two doubles and on Brutal, this is what I did.

    Make sure to have the pipe from the sidescrolling part just prior to the battle. Try and have a full or nearly full blood bar going into the battle. Don't go immediately into Berserker mode as you can still do a good bit of damage in normal mode. Use your Right Trigger + Y attack till you are at about half your life. Go into Berserker mode. Spam your Left Trigger + Y attack, trying to get both into your area of effect.

    If you are lucky, you'll kill at least one of them while in Berserk status. When you come out of the Berserker mode, continue to use the Right Trigger + Y effect, as long as your pipe holds out. When you get a full blood container, hit the remaining double with the Left Trigger + Y attack.

    I got this on like the third or fourth try. I had MUCH more difficulties with the bit on the falling platform that spawned all those blue zombies.

    For the final defense part, make sure to rip an arm off of one of the enemies, then do the B + B attack to one-shot others. Use the Left Trigger + X attack to clean out enemies that may bunch up.

    The end bit I managed on the first try on Brutal.
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    AKfoy0faceits much easier to grab the blue guys and smash there fucking heads together a few times
    Posted by AKfoy0face on 20 Oct 13 at 03:04
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