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Happy Ending? in Splatterhouse

Happy Ending?53 (20)

Re-assemble all of Jen's photos.

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bobby trippe
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bobby trippe
Achievement won on 12 Feb 12
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Posted on 20 February 12 at 08:07, Edited on 28 September 14 at 21:36
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There are 17 total photos to piece together in order to get this achievement. Six of these can be obtained in the survival arena while the others are found in the first 11 phases of the story mode. All photos are split in four parts and there is one photo per phase/survival arena. All of the photos can be accessed through the collectibles tab in the main menu and going to albums. It will show you if you have a completed photo or not. It will not show you if you have collected a specific piece or not like no. 3 of 4 or no. 4 of 4.

For story mode, you will be have to go back to the level that is missing the piece and try all four spots until you find it. The good news is that you can go to any level you like and you do not have to retrieve any piece a second time.

For survival arena, the same is true. Survival mode is based off 20 waves of bad guys. Every 5 waves, a green chest is dropped that contains a piece of a photo. Sometimes it is hard to tell what wave you are on because the print is so small but the photos do not disappear if you do not get them right away or if an enemy breaks the crates for you.

My advice for you would be to go for the story mode first which I would recommend doing on coward. On your second play through, brutal, you will have an idea of what pieces you missed if any. This should also give you an opportunity to unlock all moves which I feel is necessary in the survival arena. Also, check out some youtube guides to give you a visual idea of where these are. I also listed the gramophone/audiophiles as a courtesy towards the achievements:
SplatterhouseAudiophileThe Audiophile achievement in Splatterhouse worth 9 pointsListen to all of Dr. West's gramophone records.
SplatterhouseThe House that West BuiltThe The House that West Built achievement in Splatterhouse worth 315 pointsUnlock all pages of Dr. West's journal.

Finding all 11 gramophones and playing them are not necessary for the "Happy Ending?" achievement or subsequent others.

Phase 1
Gramophone- As you reach your first checkpoint and head up some stairs, you will reach a cut-scene in a small room. Turn to your left and along the wall you will find your first gramophone.
1. Leaving the gramophone room, you will head down a hallway when a crate/statue will slide to the right and shatter. Before heading down the stairs and to the right of a blue vase you will find your first piece of a picture.
Gramophone- Further on in the level, you will head down some stairs and reach a green door that is blocked by your first batch of bloodworms. Enter the door and turn right and you will find it along the wall.
Gramophone- After having your arm ripped off and falling through a hole you enter a room with three doors. Go through the middle door, the one closest to the blocked door and search the back wall to the right.
2. Head to the other open door in this area that is opposite to the blocked off door. Right in the doorway on the floor.
Gramophone- Same room as the second photo piece. Head to the back of the room to the right.
3. BEFORE smashing through the floor. A little to the left of the glowing floor boards.
4. You will come to a room with two jail cells and four slow moving enemies. In the jail cell to the right of the room as you enter.

Phase 2
1. Almost right away, you will enter a with valves and large doors that open after turning them. IMPORTANT Open the valve that is furthest away from you when you enter the room. Enter the room with the bad guys. Otherwise,....
When given a choice pull out the right eye. This will force you to open the other valve that opens the room with the picture. Inside this room in the back right hand corner.
2. After a side-scroller, you will enter a room that has two doors on each side that must be lifted open. Go to the one on the left and go to the back left hand corner and search under a crate.
Gramophone- In the bedroom. Right to your right as you enter the room in the corner.
Gramophone- After the bedroom and running up some stairs where you come to a quiet red room with a yellow floor. On the right between two doors.
Gramophone- Same room as previous gramophone and go through door on the right. In the back left hand corner of the room
3. Same room as 2nd gramophone and go through the left door. On the back wall.
4. After the upside down room, you will get to a hallway where you must dodge speeding furniture. Almost right away as soon as you reach a larger safe zone, with two pink doors on each side, it is on the ground to the right before the hallway narrows again.

Phase 3
1 The first area before leaving through freight pathway. Around the corner by an old tank.
2. After a side-scrolling section, you will have to raise a bus up by throwing dudes at spikes. To the right and under some oil barrels.
3 After the roof scene when you jump through the wall an enemy will burst through a wall. It is to the right in the room where guy burst through.
4 The scene where the tentacle monster FIRST appears. It is underneath the where it first appears in the open.

Phase 4
1 After the fight with the giant one armed. Right in the hallway as you leave.
2. Immediately after running through the first microwave room and save point. In this hallway on the left behind pillar/rubbish.
3. After side-scrolling, there will be a lever in the middle of a dead end room. Pull the lever and go right and you will find it against the wall by the giant yellow tanks.
4. In the room where you get the shotgun. Once the doors open up it will be in the second cell on the right.

Phase 5
1. Right away as you go up the stairs. Turn left on the wooden planks under the torch.
2. After the giant eyeball scene and a checkpoint. In a small room on the left with 8 crates filled with bloodworms. Under the crates.
3. After fighting the squid monster and hitting the baddies into the mouths. Go through the hallway and you will find it at the right before the door closes behind you and gives you a save point.
4. In the room where there are heads on spikes. You need to decapitate enemies and put their heads on the spikes. This will open a secret room allowing you to get the final picture.

Phase 6
1. After the side-scroller and up the stairs and before the door. On the left behind the pillar.
2. As you enter the next room, turn to the right of the golden door into a dead end t shaped hallway. Right the end, watch out of the blue guy!
Gramophone- on opposite side of golden door. In the room on a bookshelf.
Gramophone- in a room on the right hand side of the area opposite the room with the dead blue guys. On a bookshelf again.
3. After offering the burnt sacrifice, you will come to an elevator. In the elevator.
Gramophone- after the fight in the computer room, in the next room. Turn right and it's on the table.
4.Same room as 3 and visible from previous gramophone. On the left behind door if it is still open.

Phase 7
1. Open the first door and go to the left of the well lit statue. Inside of a concession stand that looks like an outhouse.
2. Upon fighting the first group of fire clowns, you enter an area with skeet shoot like games. Throw a baddie on the left most lane's spike to open a door with the picture piece.
3. In the dried up tunnel of love with the glowing purple hearts. Right in your path as you reach the cut-scene.
4 On the roller-coaster path after the fight with the horn beast. Do not turn left onto the moving bridges, instead stay to the right and it is before you reach the room with a giant mobile.

Phase 8
1. Right away in the first area. Inside of a purple vendor cart.
2. After the machete, shotgun and chainsaw battle go down the path that ends in red and white curtains. In the open on the right before entering the door.
3. In the house of mirrors, go left and into the next room. Break the mirror in the center to stop the clock but break the mirror on the right for a piece of the picture. BTW the path is left straight right and right.
4. After clearing the house of mirrors, you will enter another side-scroller. Walk straight ahead.

Phase 9
1. At the beginning, defeat the three big dudes and head up the stairs on the right. Look to the ledge on the right.
Gramophone- in the room with the three horned bosses. It's right there.
2.In the room with the giant frogman and the giant snake. A little to the left of the pink hole....
Gramophone- In the room with the mouth and floating eyes. In the left side of the room.
3. Room with four giant mouths. From where you start, it is on your right hand corner of the room.
4. After another sider-scroller event you enter a giant heart room. It is on the left side by the wall.

1. Start of the level. Turn left and it is under three crates.
2. Almost right away, after you kick open a door with two guys in front of it. Walk against the right side of the wall and it is in the boxes.
3. After the fight with a giant frogman you fight a gang of small frog men. In this area in the corner under some crates.
4. As you continue down the path you will come up a small set of stairs where two frogmen jump at you from both sides. Where the frogman on the right came from is the final piece under a box.

Phase 11
1. Right away turn around and go up the stairs. In the corner under a pot.
2. After the fight against the two snakes you enter an area with a golden door. While facing the golden door, turn left and open the small black door.

"Phase 11 - 2: The door is locked. You need to blow open the lock with the shotgun, which can be found by going up the stairs at the back of the area and destroying a crate."
- FF7 King

3. After the floor gives way, and crossing a collapsing bridge and falling down a hole you start side-scrolling, sort of. Move left past the hole in the ground and beside one of the buildings on the left.
4. After fighting the evil twins, face the door with the statue with green eyes and turn right. This door is now unlocked and leads to pathway that ends with two giant pots that can be smashed for the prize.

Phase 12
No pictures
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