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Get six S-ranks in Survival Arena mode.

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Shadow of the Wickerman: S Rank strategy

Firstly, a lot of this was based on Carnage's tips on x360a, the guides on here and some trLOLphies threads but other things I found elsewhere and I came up with one tip myself. I thought this was looking fairly impossible until this all came together.

I'm assuming you've S-ranked the first four stages. One big bit of advice is don't try to do six until afterwards because once you've beaten Wickerman, it's really nice to sail through that stage in a couple of attempts.

General tips

There are twenty waves and you have 26 minutes to beat them all. In a shocking display of bellendness, the devs don't pause the clock during mid-wave loading. HOWEVER! You can pause the game. So pause the game once you see the loading icon in the bottom left. Let it spin five times and unpause. One more spin (unavoidable) and you'll be into the next wave saving you at least a minute across the entire stage.

Have every upgrade unlocked.

Use your weapons (apart from chainsaws and shotguns) right away to clear out anything small. It'll save you a ton of time and when the big guys show up, those weapons aren't much help. Use them from wave 3 onwards.

Save worm crates until the later levels. Necro energy is crucial on waves 18 and 20.

The only two splatter moves worth using are the splattersmashes (LT + Y and jumping LT + Y). Jumping smashes are worth two big hits if done close enough to an enemy. A standard smash is quicker and easier to pull off. Great for crowd control. More enemies mean more health will regenerate for you as well.

Do not underestimate the small enemies. Yeah, they don't do much damage but they can eat up time which is just as important.

If you've got a full Necro bar early on, use it. You can easily regain it.

Your best standard attacks are the grab/arm rip (B + B) and the jumping Y attack with a weapon. Hitting things with a severed arm is worth plenty of Necro so use that to build up.

Splatterkills (B on a red outlined, weakened enemy) use up valuable time but maybe be essential. If you have one enemy left on a stage, and no Necro left, splatterkill it. The next wave will always be harder.

Don't heal (LT + B). Splatter attacks will heal you just fine.

Don't use Beserk (LB). It's a little harder to control your Necrometer in this form and you can run out, leaving you pretty much screwed.

Never run (unless you have a squid to deal with and no Necro). It's imprecise and weak. You need to always be in control.

When near enemies, use RB to move about. You be invulnerable to most attacks and it dodges the big anus monkeys.

You need at least four minutes to finish the final wave. So aim for 1 stage per minute.


Standard enemies: use B + B for safety, use jumping Y strikes for crowd control, use weapons to speed things up a bit. Arms aren't great weapons but are good for Necro boosts.

Those annoying pricks that jump away from you: back them up against a wall and use X punch combos or any weapon. These guys eat time and that's as important as health.

Quick, slashy enemies: Jens and those blue things. Bladed weapons work great. Jump with blunt weapons (or no weapon) and smash with Y. These guys can easily wreck an attempt. B + B works great if you are in a crowd with other small enemies and will kill these things but it is risky when you are one on one with them.

Red burning guys: these will hurt you if you get too close. Jumping Y strikes are your best option or any weapon attacks. Worth a splattersmash (LT + Y) if they are grouped. They are that dangerous.

Whip arm guys: Jump/LT/Y close up to hit them twice for an instant kill. Always group them together (USE RB to stay safe during this) for better Necro value. In a big crowd these guys are deadly so stay away until you are ready to deal with them.

Club arm guys: Jump/LT/Y also. These can take more damage though so this will just get them down to the red outline. Worth a splatterkill if they are the last one on the screen and you have no Necro to carry onto the next wave.

Aegis squids: your number on priority when you see them is to wipe them out. They make everyone else immune to damage (splatters still work though). LT + Y is your only option as the jumping version is too slow. If you have no Necro, you'll have to run at them (RT + Y) but this isn't too accurate so try to always carry some Necro into a new wave.

Anus monkeys: the biggest thing you'll face. You'll get these in numbers on 18 and 20. They heal if you don't finish them off. Jumping splattersmashes are effective on them (takes at least two close ones though). When they charge at you, they stun themselves when they hit a wall. Attacking the ass bit will do more damage (and earn Necro). They are horrible to deal with. However, as I'll explain in the wave 20 tips, these guys are also very useful at times to have around.


Arms, clubs and bats: Useful against anything small but will require two hits on some enemies (the red guys mainly). Good as a jumping attack (jump, hold Y) and will earn good Necro. Useful during B + B attacks, as they are quicker than if the unarmed version.

Bladed weapons: Great on red and blue enemies but also great for crowd control. Watch out though. If you kill the last enemy of a wave with one, he might crawl about a bit (wasting precious seconds) so finish his corpse with a jumping attack.

(the above two weapon types break on larger enemies)

Chainsaws: these are good for crowd control but that would be a waste. Their best wave is 19. No anus things to worry about, just charge about with RT taking out small enemies and whip/club larger enemies. Save it for that wave to get lots of Necro for the final wave. I never used the X or Y attacks. These suck in wave 20 because you need to be able to roll from the anus things.

Shotguns: if you see one save it for level 20. If you see two, use the other for wave 18. Details below.

Wave 20

So you've got four minutes left (at least, hopefully) and hopefully some Necro. No Necro means you're going to die (unless you are good). Wave 19 had no anus things so splattersmashes aren't too essential. Use a splatter kill on the final enemy in wave 19, just to be sure. A chainsaw will definitely get you some Necro.

When wave 20 starts, start rolling with RB. The anus things will start charging you. Don't think about them, just avoid until the first squid shows up. Kill him with LT + Y. The jumping version is too slow.

By now some smaller enemies and medium ones (whip/club guys) will show up. You want these guys near you (not too near). Let an anus thing chase you. He'll knock them over for some damage. Move with RB so that you don't get knocked over too.

If there are no enemies near you, punch that anus thing with combos and Y attacks. You'll earn Necro and will hurt the creature. Watch out for other ones though although they can hurt the creature near you with their charging attack.

Let the big guys do the damage, and engage when possible but concentrate on safety first. Roll and attack until another squid shows up. LT + Y again. Don't wait for a grouping of enemies, it's nice if the attack hits more than just the squid but he's your priority.

More rolling, more bad guy friendly fire from the anus things. By now the anus things on the screen will be damaging each other hopefully. If you have lots of necro, jumping splattersmashes are worth a go. Standard ones (LT + Y) are worth it to finish off red outlines enemies. Anus things have a long splatterkill cutscene, so use them with caution.

Repeat again until the third squid. Kill that tentacled bastard and pick up the shotgun (this is risky as you can be rammed and cannot RB dodge). By now there will be a few anus things, bigger enemies and small things. Spam that shotgun, kill what you can. Finish off the biggest guys first if possible but don't chase them. It's not too easy to aim and don't waste time trying too hard.

Expect one more (the fourth) squid. Kill him, mop up the anus guys. You'll need to do a splatterkill possibly. If you have enough Necro, take out any medium enemies and try to guide the big guys into each other. Splatter attack if you can. Punch their arses off, if you can't.


My time was 25:38. Not amazing. Other people have better times and may use other strategies but this is what worked for me and until it came together, I wasn't anywhere near beating this.
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