Evolved User achievement in Tron: Evolution

Evolved User

Completed the game on the "Insane" difficulty level without changing the setting.

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How to unlock the Evolved User achievement

  • NoiseCrimeNoiseCrime330,538
    25 Jan 2011 26 Jan 2011
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    Firstly make sure you've unlocked all single player enhancements, just replay level 6 in the tank if you need to level up/acquire memory.

    The key to insane, for me at least was the almost constant use of the 'stealth' ability. Can't remember its exact name now, but it auto-activates when using stasis disc and you stand still. However even better is it will still activate if you go into 'block/focus' (LT) pose, which actually means you can simply hold down LT and move freely around the levels with impunity, the enemies will never attack you!

    This can easily be exploited in many situations and often its possible to avoid conflicts entirely, saving time and avoiding annoying deaths.

    When you do have to fight always ensure stasis disc is selected and simply maneuver yourself into a middle of a group of enemies, then perform LT+Y to throw them all up in the air, followed by either heavy or bomb disc attacks (LT+Y). A few enemies will require slightly different attacks, but the strategy is the same.

    When fighting tanks, going into stealth mode (LT) means you can move up to them safely. If they don't register you they stay still. Can also be useful if you are about to be run over by a tank as going into stealth will cause it to stop dead.

    Whenever you have to trigger those light beam things, where you press 'A' to trigger them, you can simply go into stealth mode (hold LT with stasis disc selected), walk up to them, let go of LT, but still remain stealth and press A.

    All of this makes the last level boss fight a piece of cake. Simply stealth and take you time when attacking the ninja like minor bosses, then use stealth to activate the light beams to avoid being hit by the main boss.

    Essentially then, always use stasis stealth, take your time and you'll finish this with ease.

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    CYBORG TANKv18How do you I run through hard difficulty with everything I have unlocked, do I chapter select or what? I don't want to start a new game and lose everything I unlocked.
    Posted by CYBORG TANKv18 on 22 Sep 16 at 05:48
    realCreenciaGreat strategy. Thanks!
    Posted by realCreencia on 19 Nov 16 at 14:30
    xNeo21xThought I’d post this cuz I had the same question as Cyborg Tankv18. When you start a new game, your xp and collectibles carry over, the only thing that resets is your story progress. Also, you have to play through the whole game on hard to unlock insane, you can’t just beat the game on casual then turn up the difficult to hard and beat the last chapter.
    Posted by xNeo21x on 23 Feb 20 at 21:55
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  • Evilshadow23Evilshadow231,170,787
    03 Dec 2010 10 Dec 2010
    20 3 7
    Two things before I get onto specifics:
    First of all the text is just telling you to start a new game on insane and never change the diffeculty while plaing throu. Be sure to start a new story when you're ready for this.
    Second in order to even start a Insane game you need to beat the game on Hard. I'm making a good guess when I say that you must not change the difficulty there either.
    Now for how to get this going:
    I played on Hard my very first play through. It's was a little tough at first, but once you are done with the tutorial part you can always jump into MP and gain some quick levels killing bots. What I found was best was getting my life and Heavy Disc upgrades going quick. With the heavy disc you can do a ground slam that works on all but the agile scout type of enemies. Also if you got them against a wall you can sometimes kill them outright even on Insane. Bomb disc upgrade is good to get too since there are some boss fights where you need to use it. They have insane health bars. Most importantly make sure to fill up on health and power EVERYTIME you have a chance to. I forgot a few times and before I knew it I was stuck at a checkpoint where it was hard and/or had no way to get to health in time.

    Some specifics on hard to pass parts (These are true on both Hard and Insane):
    Chapters 1-3 are fairly easy. Not EASY, but just be patient and avoid too much close combat since some enemies will get you with one hit. Also if you get stuck do some MP for XP and get some more health/damage upgrades. Also when you need to kill a tank the fastest and best way is always the Heavy Disc Ground Slam. If you're close you can get a 5-7 multi hit I believe. Bomb is safer, but I rather die a few times then get him quick than jump around for 15 minutes just to die from a good hit that takes all you're life :-(
    Chapter 4: The boss on this stage is a royal pain. He'll scatter bomb like crazy and totaly rip you apart if you stay to close to him. Once you get a hang on what he's doing using the bomb from a distance while avoiding his scatter bomb thing is almost the only way to get him. I think I spent like 30 minutes hitting him before he died. I may have been over cautious, but better safe than sorry.
    Chapter 5: I'm sorry to say, but you’re going to have to slam and slam and slam and slam the boss here. However once he gets to almost 50% life the building will start being bombarded. This will give you the opportunity to lure him into a trap. Use blocking and try to lure him to stand where it's glowing light blue. This is where parts of the building will land. This will finish him off fast.
    Chapter 7: In the final showdown here you will face 2 off several of the "Boss" like baddies at once. This is super frustrating until you realize it's fairly easy to knock them of the platform. The hardest one is the super bomber one, but if you lure it to the edge and nail it with bomb special attacks they will fall back a few feet. If you have five specials you can push them off the edge and skip 30 minutes of active game play, not to mention not running the risk of dyeing and having to start over.

    That’s all I have for now as those where the worst things for me. If you have anything more on your mind leave a comment.
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    oh and if u do have do "new game" am i going to loose all my upgrades ?
    Posted on 14 Feb 11 at 21:44
    Evilshadow23My last post covered that sort of, but just to be clear the upgrades and level is universal in the games and as mentioned you need to pretty much delete the entire save file to reset it. I think you need to start a "new game" thou to get the insane game complete. This is also why some recommend completing the game on easy first get an idea how the game works and to get a few level ups before the hard playthought.
    Posted by Evilshadow23 on 14 Feb 11 at 21:59
    Just thought I would add to those wondering about starting new game that everything carries over even the collectibles. Great detailed guide dude
    Posted on 20 Jun 11 at 15:13
  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand490,795
    07 Sep 2016 04 Sep 2016 15 Sep 2016
    16 1 8
    So, like the other solution says, if you select your Stasis Disk and hold the left trigger you can stay "invisible" so to speak and then get through a few enemies without having to fight. Here's a few other tips.


    The best way to defeat regular enemies is by hitting them once with cn_LT+cn_Y while Stasis Disk is selected (cn_up) and then finishing them with that same combination (or simply cn_Y, if there's only a single enemy) while having Bomb Disk (cn_right) selected.

    Against the regular "mohank/horned" enemies (not the darkened ones that use stasis against you) though you can do the same thing or wait until they throw their disks against you while defending (holding cn_LT) and then pressing cn_X to catch them off guard.


    Before pressing cn_A to get inside Light Tanks make sure to select the Stasis Disk (cn_up). Then keep holding the cn_LT as long as you need while moving forward. You can run over on foot troops at will and get nice XP while doing it. If another tank is in your way you can fire shots (cn_RT) to dispatch it while still holding cn_LT, that way you're still "invisible" for the rest of the enemies.

    If for some reason you need health, pay attention to the floor to see if you can spot some arrows pointing you the direction forward, as they also replenish energy and HP.


    The boss that flies, jumps and keep scattering bombs like crazy is the worst thing this game has to offer on Hard and Insane difficulties. I'm not sure why he was mentioned as being in Chapter 4 in the other solution, but for me he appeared at the end of Ch. 2 and then again paired up with a twin in Chapter 7, a real pain.

    I didn't want to spend 30 minutes defeating him in Ch. 2, so I kept trying to get him to fall off the edge and then eventually it worked. I'd say it took me less than 10 tries. As soon as the level started I went to one of the corners (the opposite from where the Tron File is) and then in that turn specifically, for some random reason, the enemy went to the other side (where the File is). Then to attack me he successfully made the jump accross the gap but not much later he ended up messing up and fell off. I don't know what the odds are for somebody else to accomplish this, but I'll leave it here as an incentive for whoever else is frustrating of trying to get meaningful damage on him and decides to give it a try. It may not happen exactly like it did to me, but it's definetly something possible to make happen.

    The only "half an hour fight" before the last chapter is gonna be against Abraxas in Ch. 6 since it would be harder to make him fall off an edge. But keep in mind that any other sub-boss up to this point can be defeated by making them fall off an edge.


    Unfotunately this fight will take time since the damage you do to him will be little by little. It's gonna be a bit boring too, due to the repetitiveness of commands. While holding cn_LT and having Stasis Disk selected, you will be able to approach him. Now you'll use the same technique as mentioned above, that is cn_LT+cn_Y. Once he slows down, a message appears at the bottom of your screen. That means that he'll likely slam the floor and stay stunned for a few seconds after. That's when you're gonna swith to Bomb Disk (cn_right) and then hit him again. If he doesn't slam the floor, I wouldn't risk trying to hit him with Bomb. Insist on Stasis until he slams and get stunned. Remember to get away from him after hitting him once, both times. If you're health is not 100% or close to it, you better approach a wall while holding LT (a bit trick, but you don't want to give your back to the enemy) and refill it. Don't risk or you may have to restart the fight and lose your damage progress. Halfway down his HP bar, the players get a checkpoint. The second part of the fight is similar, but you have to trick him into the falling debris as instructed by the game. It took me only 4 well placed "traps" to totally get him killed in Insane Difficulty. There are two landslip spots that keep taking turns into falling down. To attrack Abraxas, select Bomb (or any other disk except Stasis) and hide behind a column until he moves your direction. To make him stay still when under the right spots, simply equip Stasis Disk and hold the left trigger.


    Apparently there's a trick on the internet to get invulnerable, which would help defeating the last couple of bosses that come in pairs. I wasn't able to perform it and therefore didn't care to use it. What I did, specially against the first pair (crazy jumping bombers) and after trying a lot of other approaches, was to use the cn_Y attack one of them at a time while having the heavy disk selected (cn_left). That way they were gone before I realized it. The next two pairs of bosses I was able to Stasis out of the platform by first approaching them while "invisible" (again, holding cn_LT having Stasis Disk selected) and then slamming the floor near them. That way they started to backflip and eventually fell off the edge.


    Real easy, although if he gets you with his disk it will likely be a 1 hit kill. You also have to be quick while destroying the generators otherwise a yellow thunder beam will pursue you and instakill you as well.
    As soon as the fight starts you'll be out of energy. Make sure to vault over one of those things in the floor to grab some of it and then head towards the same generator as Abraxas. Use cn_Y to quickly destroy it. When you do it, the "yellow thunder beam" will stop pursuing you. There will be some explosion in the main reactor in the middle and that should damage Abraxas' HP a little. Now, two switches will light up on the sides. You can quickly run towards one of them and activate it with cn_A, their yellow color changing to blue. However, if Abraxas is close to the other one, you'll have to draw him away from it first, otherwise he'll treacherously destroy you with 1 hit while you're activating it.
    After doing the above mentioned 3 more times, a lot of green guys will start coming at you. They are easily dispatched by 1 hit, but unless you want to keep farming them, instead of focusing on them at all, go to the big generator in the middle and get yourself in a position where you can see the arrow indicating that you should attack it. Simply hit cn_Y one more time and the achievement should be yours! Congrats for getting to this point!

    In case these tips and solution help you in any way, please leave a thumbs up to let me know. Thanks!
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    Dr Frat StarThis guide was very useful in helping me complete the boss battles. Great job!
    Posted by Dr Frat Star on 21 Aug 19 at 01:08
    togethawiistandThanks, guys! It's nice to get this positive feedback!
    Posted by togethawiistand on 23 Aug 19 at 14:08
    Hero2NoneWhere is this so called invulnerable glitch? Its no where to be found. I cannot beat the first 2 black guards. Nothing I do works. Every other part of guide is great but this part I'm finding incredibly frustrating.....

    Finally was able to beat this part after multiple tries. I found ScoobyMad's post on xbox360achievements.com & with his tactics I beat with ease. Thx to his & togethawiistand's help I finally have 1000 on this game tht I should've completed yrs ago.
    Posted by Hero2None on 25 Jun 20 at 08:18
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