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It's only the beginning achievement in Tron: Evolution

It's only the beginning

Won an online Disintegration match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.

It's only the beginning0
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How to unlock the It's only the beginning achievement

  • djd4ws0ndjd4ws0n273,454
    20 Aug 2016 24 Aug 2016 01 Jun 2017
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    Since this game became Backwards Compatible and GwG, you can get this and the other multiplayer achievements solo, so long as you have an Xbox One, an Xbox 360 and an alt account (which can be a Silver account).

    NB: For this to work, you'll need to have your Gold account set the Xbox One that you'll be using to it's home Xbox in order for Gold sharing to be available on there to your secondary Silver account.

    (Note: If you didn't pick this up during GwG, you can still use this solution, though you'll either need a purchased digital license for the game, or two physical copies).

    Have your secondary account launch the game on your Xbox One. It will be able to join multiplayer via your Gold sharing main account. Log into your primary account on your Xbox 360 and launch the game.

    Set up for a private match, and invite your secondary account to the game. Set up for a Disintegration game, and set the score/time limits to the lowest possible.

    Run around on your main account killing your secondary account until you either hit the time or score limit. At the end of the match, the achievement should pop.

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    DamianWayne777Looking to boost this and other multiplayer achievements
    Posted by DamianWayne777 on 18 Sep at 04:46
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  • oI KiRiN IooI KiRiN Io76,658
    05 Jan 2011 05 Jan 2011
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    I've come pretty late to the party but I've found that the best way to come out on top in any Tron: Evolution game type is to never ever stop moving and continually pester your foes with power and charged attacks, only jump into up close and personal engagements when the enemy is distracted or their heath is low and you know that you can win, and to bombard them from afar.

    I find that the easiest way to rack up derezzes whilst keeping your wipe count low is to create a route in which you traverse the map. Select a pattern or route with abundant health and energy conduits, this will keep you alive and on the move, as well as fully charged when the chance to strike at the enemy presents itself. Your ever changing position will also confuse the enemy when they try to attack you, and in most cases I find that the other players down right ignore me when I vault across the map and away from them. A fatal mistake as my carefully planned route brings me right back around to them fully charged and ready to open a can of whoop-ass.

    Also, wait to strike until multiple enemies have worn each other down, and then Derezz them all at once with a single Heavy Disk Blossom (RT & Y) or a Bomb Disc Boomzer (RT & Y). Make your enemies work for you.

    Basically, never stop moving, never jump head first into a fight, stay on top of your heath and energy levels, and always use high powered energy attacks and this achievement will be yours.
  • RubberChickn87RubberChickn87242,062
    09 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016
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    The easiest method is definitely to boost this with a partner, but if you don't want to find one, here's a method to pop this "legit" that works even if you're bad at multiplayer like me!

    Create a Disintegration match of 5 minutes with a maximum of 2 players. Number of points to win doesn't matter. Start the match without waiting for a human opponent to join. Once the match starts, hunt down and kill the bot that spawns as many times as you can until a human player joins your match. You are wanting to build up an insurmountable lead (about 4-6 points depending on the amount of time left in the match).

    Once a human player joins, don't focus on killing him unless you really need to. You want him to stay in the game and pounding on him is likely to get him to quit out. Instead, let him have the upper hand as much as your lead will allow. Hit with light disc a few times to make it look like you're trying but let him derez you. If your lead looks to be in jeopardy, play a little cat and mouse to survive. Whatever you have to do to make it fun enough for them to stay until the end of the match.

    The score you built against the bot will make you the winner and as long as another player has joined and stayed until the end the achievement will pop. This solution is a little circumstantial, but once I followed these rules I got it on my first try.
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