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Liver Thief

Unlock Rick’s entire skill tree.

Liver Thief0
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Achievement Guide for Liver Thief

  • PeaceSquidPeaceSquid474,064
    27 Apr 2011 28 Apr 2011 20 Jan 2015
    20 1 3
    I'll cross-post this in the Rick and Lori achievements.

    Save yourself at least a little bit of pain with this awful game by playing as Rick and saving up your upgrade points (60 to fully upgrade Rick - cheers comments section!) rather than using them. You don't really need upgrades if you are playing on Easy and once you've got enough points to max out his skill tree, do it. The achievement will unlock but you can then quit back to the dashboard.

    Reload the game and you'll have all those upgrade points banked and ready to use on Lori's skill tree. One of her achievements requires certain upgrades, which is why I suggest playing as her second.

    Yeah, it's a bit cheaty but I've just saved you a few hours of horrible gameplay. So we're cool, right?
  • ponypo2001ponypo2001849,537
    02 Dec 2010 02 Dec 2010
    13 3 0
    This one will take some grinding. You need to master all of Rick's skills. You'll have a decent amount done after a full playthrough if you chose Rick as your main. To get the remaining skill points, replay the first level on easy. On a good run, you can amass up to 9 skill coins on this level which is 3 skills per run if you are lucky.
  • Ferocious SwanFerocious Swan303,986
    28 Dec 2010 28 Dec 2010
    10 3 2
    As the above post says you can get around 8-9 points per level, some run throughs I actually got 11 or 12 skill points, I used Lori to get Rick's even when she was maxed, she seemed to collect more. Not sure if it matters but it seemed to get more if I varied my combo's and killed the enemies on screen fast, a few times I even got them on the very first screen. Definitely replayed level 1 over and over.
  • Dropkick Hope86Dropkick Hope86424,087
    19 Aug 2011 29 Aug 2011
    4 0 0
    This achievement can be done while completing a lot of other ones at the same time. Look at my solution for :
    Solution for Epic Crossover in Unbound Saga

    That explains doing this one and more.

    Hope this saves you some time
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