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Totally Worth It achievement in Halo: Reach

Totally Worth It

Noble 1: Earn a Double Kill from the Grave in multiplayer Matchmaking.

Totally Worth It0
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How to unlock the Totally Worth It achievement

  • Vestri SatorVestri Sator861,620
    02 Dec 2010 06 Dec 2010
    65 6 7
    I found the easiest playlist to get this on is MultiTeam. I managed to get it on Elite Slayer. All I did was only focus on trying to get this achievement. I just ran around to where ever most of the carnage was going down, then just kinda get in the middle of it and just before I died, I'd toss my sticky. It took quite alot of tries, but I did get it on the same match. Alot of it is luck, but I felt that multiteam was the best option, mainly b/c there's alot of people and also people tend to stay with their partner, meaning their clustered together for an easier time with this achievement. Hope this helps.

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    RemodeAnyone up for this still? Message me or add me on Xbox Live.
    Gamertag: Remode
    Posted by Remode on 13 May 19 at 21:53
    hus12345Need help with this msg me
    Posted by hus12345 on 16 Mar 20 at 13:41
    audgattilooking to do this add me GT: audgatti
    Posted by audgatti on 03 May at 13:26
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    Here's a way to actually get this achievement, without help or luck, only skill and timing.

    Go to the Invasion playlist, I recomend the map "Spire", but any map will do as long as it is the "Invasion" gametype, and not "Invasion Slayer". Once you get into a game and are playing as the elites, select the class with the plasma pistol, and evade

    If you're unfamilier with invasion; There are 2 rounds. You'll play as the spartans one round, and as the elites for the other. There are 3 tiers each round, and the round ends if the elites fail to complete the objective in any tier, or in the case of the map "Spire", if the spartans fail any tier.

    During the second tier of the round, a warthog always spawns for the spartans (on all maps) and generally two people will jump in and go about gunning for some easy elites kills. This is what you want, while you're playing as an elite. When you see the warthog, disable its engines with an emp from an overcharged plasma pistol shot, then carefully toss both of your sticky grenades at the warthog (sticking a warthog twice will destroy it, or once if heavily damaged). You should use evade in order to close the distance, or dodge the machine gun fire before you throw your grenades. Usually the machine gunner will kill you before the grenades detonate and destroy the warthog which will kill him and the driver and earn you a double kill from the grave.

    I got this achievement by my 4th game when I was actually trying to go for it, with a triple kill from the grave. I did it on Spire, and I think it's the best map because the spartans are on offense so they come to you, and the warthog drivers generally drive around the spire, so they're more predictable. BTB also works, but then you have to find the plasma grenades as you will most likely be a Spartan, also, some maps like Hemmorage will make this a nightmare to get in close enough to stick the warthog, so I think Invasion is still your best bet because there are only 3 maps it can be played on.

    This may be a more time consuming method than just boosting for it, but it can be done solo, fully legit, and involves more skill than luck. As an added bonus, if you have yet to earn the "Skunked" or "Be My Wingman, Anytime" achievements, which both involve the invasion gametype, you'll almost certainly get them both by the time you get this achievement. The other achievements are for winning one game of Invasion, and letting 5 people spawn on you, respectively.
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    Page DaemonYep, I got this the same way. I believe I was an Elite during an Invasion match on Breakpoint. Stuck a two-manned warthog, got gunned down, and then it blew, netting me a double kill from the grave. Easiest way to get this achievement, by far.
    Posted by Page Daemon on 14 Jan 11 at 00:35
    Lil Sparklethanx alot, i'll try this
    Posted by Lil Sparkle on 11 Mar 11 at 22:05
  • vikingbloodlustvikingbloodlust301,193
    30 Nov 2010 05 Dec 2010 19 Dec 2010
    42 6 11
    *NOTE:The first solution I have posted, as pointed out by Demonhunter 7, is now bannable by Bungie. (wasn't when i posted this, but now is none the less). I would strongly suggest using the second part solution i have posted unless you don't care about getting a credit ban. (if you don't want to get a credit ban for using the first method, get the achievement and then just make sure to distribute kills amongst your guest and yourself. What the "bungie banhammer" is looking for when banning is full parties that have only one player with all the kills on each or one of the teams.when it recognizes that only 1 or 2 players have all the kills it will hand out the bans. Bans will not allow you to earn credits in matchmaking for a week. you will still be able to play, but won't earn any credits for doing so.

    The Best way to get this achievement is boosting. You can have up to 3 guests in multiplayer, so if you and a friend each have four controllers, you only need 2 people. Just have your friend place his 2 guests against a wall and grab a shotgun or sword (or any1 hit kill weapon, these are the 2 easiest to use though) and stand behind you. once everyone is in position, take out the 2 people you plan on killing's shields and throw a plasma grenade above their heads and have your friend immediately kill you. if you did it correctly you should die before the grenade goes off and get the achievement!

    If you don't want to boost, this will take time and a little bit of luck (or lack if look depending on how you want to look at it). The best mode to do it in is either Invasion or Big Team Battle. The reason for this is that there is lots of vehicle play in both.
    Your best bet is to get invasion on Spire. in the round when you are on the Elites team, Try letting the Spartan get to the third phase. During this phase the Spartans get a Warthog (also available during phase 2) and a Falcon. Both of these vehicles carry up to 3 people.
    when you spawn in phase 3, you should spawn behind some cover that looks like the purple thing in this pic http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=10783... (note: you can chose to spawn here, if you don'd see this landmark press up or down on the d-pad and it will move your spawn location). Once you spawn here, head to the right and continue along the path http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=10783... (pic for reference) until you get to the plasma launcher, which is located behind the rocks shown in the previous pic.
    Once you get the plasma launcher, move to an area that you can jump off the edge and wait for the other team to grab the Falcon and get in range. use the right thumbstick to zoom in and wait for the reticle to turn red. Fully charge up the launcher and fire all four rounds at the Falcon. Once you see the rounds are tracking, jump off the edge and enjoy your achievement. hope this helps :) Good luck!
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    MrVoilaThe second method (with the sticky launcher) is definitely the best bet. Thanks man!
    Posted by MrVoila on 13 Jul 11 at 07:40
    bernie normanthe second method is how i did it it took me a while mostly beacuse the launcher wouldnt lock on to the helicopter till i actually look down the sites but finally did it by jumping off the spire beacuse from there you can see the whol map very good in my appinion
    Posted by bernie norman on 27 Jan 12 at 15:56
    EthigyThe timing for this seems to be very precise; you have to die the exact second you throw your grenade, no later. A good way of achieving this is having a buddy kill you with a shotgun (as you’re throwing the grenade), as the shotgun’s a quick one shot kill. Sticky grenades are the best for this because they don’t need shields to be lowered, the natural damage will suffice in killing both players (that is they’re right next to one another).
    Posted by Ethigy on 11 Nov 17 at 19:24
  • youDOORnobyouDOORnob85,522
    22 Jan 2011 23 Jan 2011
    30 5 3
    Don't focus on this one too much, It's the kind of achievement where the more you try the harder it is.
    I did this one by jumping on a wraith and sticking a grenade in the front. If you see 2 guys in a wraith or tank you should have time to get a grenade in there just before the gunner shoots you off.
  • AlphaZeroAlphaZero447,124
    20 Jan 2011 21 Jan 2011
    25 1 0
    I got this on Hemorrhage, in Team Objective on Neutral Bomb Assault, which has 2 Plasma Launchers in the usual Shotty spawns, but it will most likely work on any stage with vehicles and a Plasma Launcher. Simply grab the Plasma Launcher and hang out around the center of the map. Get the attention of a Warthog with a gunner, and tag them with 2 or 3 Plasma Launcher shots as they gun you down. The delay of the Plasma explosions should ensure you get the Double Kill. If you're having trouble with the Launcher, constantly keep charging it up-if you think you're going to miss, just switch weapons to reset the charge, so you don't waste ammo.
  • Maria MasuimiMaria Masuimi36,224
    22 Jan 2011 20 Apr 2011 05 May 2011
    25 2 2
    This one is easier than it seems - AND YOU DON'T NEED BOOSTING, you can quickly get it on your own! I promise. :)

    I got this on my second attempt trying, by playing a regular Slayer match on Sword Base. You want to attempt it on this map because it has a small room with a lift, and people tend to pile up in that room (with swords and shotguns) to instantly kill people coming up the lift. Because of this tendency on the Sword Base map, all YOU have to do, is just crouch in the room below the lift and watch your radar. As soon as you see lots of enemies above, go up the lift and quickly throw a sticky as you let them slay you down. You instantly die. They get stuck and die. Ka-Ching! :) The only way this might take you longer is if two or more on the enemy team are using Armour Lock. But just keep playing Sword Base, and keep going up the lift, and you will get this achievement eventually!

    You'll need the Noble map pack.
  • KrisboatsKrisboats76,591
    09 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
    26 4 0
    I managed this literally 2 minutes after looking in this guide section on Breakpoint during an invasion match. At the server node nearest the elite spawn point at the very start of the game the spartans have to defend the node. This usually means they group up and try to shoot you down. If you run in and throw grenades as the elite you should be able to get it fairly quickly.

    Please note, that in order for this achievement to work you need to have the double kill award and TWO kill from the grave awards pop up at the same time in order to unlock it.

    The best example i've seen so far of this being done in an invasion match is the following youtube video. The guy was massively lucky to get all of that, but very worthy of doing the achievement legitimately.
  • FrozenImplosionFrozenImplosion803,337
    04 Dec 2010 05 Dec 2010 05 Dec 2010
    25 3 0
    So honestly this achievement looks really daunting, but it's not that bad if you play persistently.

    What you'll want to do is figure out first off if you A. want to boost, or B. want to do it legit.

    If you choose to boost it get some controllers together and some friends, or just friends, or just controllers. Then just boost it. It's a hard achievement to boost thought if not in elite slayer since you need stickies basically.

    If you choose to do it legit, then play big team battle and always vote for elite slayer. This gives you the best chance at getting it since with lots of people it's more likely that a sticky will kill two people, and also more likely that you'll die. Personally, I got it on Hemorrhage during Infection Slayer as the elites but I'd still go with elite slayer.

    Good luck, guys!
    Happy double killing from the grave.

    And also, if you want to see a video of what it looks like when it works download this video to your xbox (it's the time that I got mine):

  • SadBlokeSadBloke89,297
    24 Dec 2010 24 Dec 2010 02 Jan 2011
    24 4 0
    Similar to the solution posted by VikingBloodLust:

    Find a game of big team team slayer on Spire. Behind the red team's base spawns a rocket launcher, right in front of their banshee. If you're on red team simply run there and pick up the rockets (usually there aren't any people back here but occasionally someone will by trying to steal the banshee or something) and then run back to the area by red's base. Off the little ledge behind red's base is a little rock formation right next to the cliff. Again, usually people don't go in this area but it could be dangerous if the spawns swap or something. In any case, You need to crouch next to the rock (on the cliffside) that's further back. Essentially, you want to hide from the road and the red base as best you can. I also recommend using the active camo ability in case someone gets too near.

    Once you have the rockets and are in position, you should be able to see most of the spire. Now you have to wait for a falcon with two or more people to come into view. Sometimes it can be hard to tell but if you see gunfire coming from the falcon, then you'll know for sure. Simply lock on, fire your first missile AS you're stepping off the cliff (to your death) and fire the second one immediately after. It does take two rockets to take down a healthy falcon. Timing your first shot can be difficult (I was always too early) but as long as you're already on the way down to your death when you fire, you should be fine. If all goes well, rockets will hit, netting you a double kill from the grave.

    It took me about an hour of actively trying to finally get it, but keep in mind, I can spare you the trial and error part:) Hope this helps.

    Also, I uploaded a short video on my fileshare. I highly recommend you take a look at that, as it will be able to clarify any of the locations or tactics that I wasn't able to describe well enough.
    09 Dec 2010 10 Dec 2010
    28 9 3
    My legit method for earning this achievement is simple. Find a Wraith that currently has both a driver and a gunner. Press X to board and LT to plant the grenade. Die before the grenade goes off and the achievement is yours.
  • DorwrathDorwrath235,305
    03 Jul 2011 14 Jul 2011 25 Jul 2011
    17 1 0
    I got this on BTB after trying multi-team and invasion without much luck.

    What I did was wait till I got Trident or Wayont. Reason for this is that both have open bases where the other team often drive thier warthog into. There is also a spawn of stick grenades inside the base.

    So what I did is wait by one of the entrances to the base on Trident. Once the warthog on the other team starting up it headed towards the base killing players on route. it got shot up pretty bad on its way there as well.

    So as it moved in front of the base I started shooting. Like a moth to a flame the hog headed in my direction. The hog splattered me and at the instant of death I threw my sticky and boom a few seconds later.
  • I Ebon Hawk II Ebon Hawk I1,914,323
    31 Mar 2012 17 Apr 2012 01 Mar 2019
    15 1 0
    Many of the solutions for this achievement are from when the Noble DLC was originally released in 2010. Unfortunately, since that time the matchmaking in Reach has changed quite substantially. Playlists and maps have been added, modified or in some cases removed altogether. With this in mind, I believe my solution represents the easiest way to acquire this achievement as of April 2012. Go into Matchmaking and play on the Invasion playlist. Wait until you get Invasion on Spire as the chosen match type. Shouldn't take very long, as Spire is one of the most popular maps.

    You will be on either the Spartan or Elite team. You will want to be playing on the Elites. Try to let the Spartans win the first phase. In the second phase, the Spartans will be trying to capture the power core. During this tier, run to the ledge where the Plasma Launcher spawns, behind the spire. Equip the Launcher. Wait until an enemy Falcon comes into view. When this happens, quickly zoom in and fully charge up the launcher. Fire when the reticule is red. As soon as you have fired, quickly drop a plasma grenade at your feet.

    Your shots should hit the Falcon and will most likely kill it and everyone on board. The shots take a few seconds to reach their target, so you will be dead from the Plasma grenade before your Plasma shots destroy the Falcon. I got the achievement this way on my second attempt.
  • milesodanglersmilesodanglers80,376
    27 Aug 2011 30 Aug 2011
    15 1 2
    Easiest way to do this that I know of is to get yourself and two other friends into the "Rumble Pit" playlist other people will be in there which might be annoying but if the three of you group up you can throw a grenade or two in the air have someone beat you down from behind and have the other two stand where the grenades land. This is definitely a simple way of doing it.
  • Deathwishx44Deathwishx4439,326
    18 Jul 2011 20 Jul 2011
    14 0 0
    people tend to make this alot harder than it needs to be. all you need to do is get the plasma launcher (yes it counts as a grenade) then when you see a vehicle with two or more people in it you charge up ur plasma launcher all the way and shoot 4 grenades at the vehicle. as soon as you shoot your just gonna wanna commit suicide so it might help to hav a plasma grenade on you. its actually a really easy acheivment
  • Epeleptic MooseEpeleptic Moose103,880
    18 Jul 2011 18 Jul 2011
    14 0 0
    I got mine by playing classic slayer and playing elite slayer on boardwalk. i just kept throwing plasma grenades till eventually i got a guy stuck and he ran into another guy right when i died.

    so defiantly play elite slayer since everyone is evading into each other and you spawn with at least one plasma grenade and go wild.
  • VelvetPresleyVelvetPresley109,492
    16 Jun 2011 17 Jun 2011
    15 1 0
    I got this achievement by accident, but it may be useful to others. I was playing invasion on Boneyard and was killed attacking a point. The security points tend to get hectic and grenade filled and if the defenders have just retaken a point try lobbing a plasma in as you charge them!
  • Lil SparkleLil SparkleThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    22 Mar 2011
    18 6 0
    I think this is easiest in boosting, Get a party of 8 and Load up Rumble Pit. Have a group of 7 people and have them in a group. The person that wants the achievemet should stand facing the group. Then have one person in the huddle of people take DMR shots until the achievement person's shields are down, then they should throw a Plasma grenade then someone should finish of that person with a headshot then when he dies he/she should get 3,4,5 kills from the grave.
  • xXRabbitMannXxxXRabbitMannXx89,309
    08 Aug 2012 08 Aug 2012
    12 1 0
    Two words. Armor Lock.

    When you find yourself out numbered activate it and at times they'll huddle around you. As it wears off it emits an emp that takes down their shield. once this has happend, toss a grenade at your feet before it blows they should have you killed off and before they know what hit them BOOM. You're the proud new owner of Totally worth it.
  • Z3R0 S1XZ3R0 S1X180,968
    26 May 2012 07 Jun 2012
    11 1 0
    Ok, I unlocked this a couple of weeks ago via boosting and this is the best way I could come up with to unlock it in the shortest amount of time. Get a boosting party together and enter any map with plasma grenades. Next have two players on the other team stand side-by-side. The player going for the achievement will need the plasma grenades and will have to stand in front of the other two players. Player going for the achievement throws a plasma grenade at their feet and quickly throws another one on the two players on the other team. The first grenade kills the player going for the achievement and weakens the shields of the two players on the other team. The second grenade kills the two players on the other team. Achievement unlocked, simple as that; no need to run anyone over as they throw a plasma grenade at you or to use a battle rifle to weaken someone's shields. May take a couple of tries to get the correct distance but I got it on the first try and so did some other guys I was playing with.
  • x6StringSkepticx6StringSkeptic206,205
    01 Dec 2010 06 Dec 2010
    12 3 0
    I did this in a boosting match. I had sticky grenades, and my buddy did too. I had 2 dummy controllers standing next to each other. My friend threw a sticky on me, and when I heard that "click" sound so I knew I was stuck, I threw mine at one of the dummy guys. I exploded, then they exploded. Couldn't be much easier for boosting.

    I did also get this legitimately twice in actual play on xbox live, but it was completely lucky. One was on Sword Base where I threw a sticky grenade into the grav lift room and then got killed, and another was on Atom (i think).
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