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You Ate All the Chips achievement in Halo: Reach

You Ate All the Chips

Noble 1: Collect all of the flags in a matchmade Stockpile game.

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How to unlock the You Ate All the Chips achievement

  • hunterIVhunterIV386,867
    05 Dec 2010 11 Feb 2012
    147 30 39
    EDIT: Thanks to TheDarKnyht for this information - "To everybody still hunting this achievement, Stockpile as of Oct 4th 2011 is back on the playlist for Team Objective. I managed to get this on the first try thanks to two people dropping from the other team."

    This is much easier to do boosting, but all you have to do is collect all the flags on the map during one "round." Most maps have four flags, I believe. So basically, you have to capture the four flags at the same time. If you don't want to boost, get a good team together and communicate! You need people to get flags (I recommend two people working together, one to carry and one to defend) and people to defend flags once you get them back to your capture location. I suggest you place all the flags outside the capture location in case you do not get all four (or however many are on the map) before the countdown hits zero and starts over.

    It is a team effort, so everyone can capture the flags. Once all four are capture, the entire team will unlock the achievement.

    This achievement is NOT to capture all the flags that spawn on the map for the entire game of Stockpile (aka you do not need to win a game 10 to 0).

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    hunterIVIt is almost like I made a new tag or something.
    Posted by hunterIV on 08 Feb 19 at 05:30
    urucanMessage my GT if want to boost this. GT: urucan
    Posted by urucan on 20 May 20 at 00:45
    AcriliteTrying to boost some of these and mop up my halo reach game is anyone still playing and up for boosting a few of the dlc achievements
    Posted by Acrilite on 13 Oct 20 at 14:47
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  • Apartment WolfApartment Wolf191,502
    07 Jul 2011 08 Jul 2011 06 Oct 2011
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    EDIT: According to TheDarKnyht, as of the October 2011 update Stockpile has been returned to the Team Objective Gametype and will now hopefully be easier. Good Luck! :)

    This achievement was made difficult by Bungies removal of the stockpile playlist and the removal of the gametype, from DLC objective and team objective as well as flagstravaganza.

    This gametype can only be found in Big Team Battle and Team SWAT (as of 8 July 2011) may change over time. This achievement CAN'T be unlocked in speedpile in action sack, it must be the original gametype.

    You have to capture all the flags on the map at once, the capture zones reset every 60 seconds I believe so you need to bring all the flags into the circle within that time for them to all be captured at the same time. Any member of you team can bring them into the circle and the whole team will get the achievement.

    To do Legit- Enter Big team Battle or Swat with a team or if you want to try and wing it. co-operate and keep all the flags near your base, steal if you have to form the other team's capture zone.

    To boost- The stockpile gametype is very rare now. It only appears in Big Team Battle and Team SWAT. So to boost gather a team of 8 players (you can sign in guests, however they must get a few kills other wise you will banned for AFK boosting) play Team Swat and vote none of the above in an attempt to get SWAT STOCKPILE if you don't get it, play the game normally assuring all controllers get kills, then hope for it next voting round.
    When you finally get SWAT Stockpile talk accross xbox live party to have one group run all the flags into their capture zone, other team does nothing. Flags capture then the other team moves all 4 flags into their zone and gets the achievement.

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    Sku11ySn1p3rjust read through your guide again -_-
    Posted by Sku11ySn1p3r on 26 Oct 11 at 10:24
    The Gwyn ReaperJust got this on "SWAT Stockpile," with 8 players, in a boosting session.
    Posted by The Gwyn Reaper on 11 Jan 15 at 20:01
    DrAvalanche SPStill in the SWAT-Playlist
    Posted by DrAvalanche SP on 11 Jun 16 at 06:39
  • chance47chance47122,358
    09 Oct 2011 09 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011
    19 1 0
    With the new playlists forn Oct 2011, boost in a party of 8 on Team Objective.

    The STOCKPILE variant was quick to find and the boosting took five minutes.

    FINALLY I have this pesky one checked off ;-)

    You can use guest profiles - up to 3 gusts per XBOX. This helps making the boosting a lot easier. We did it with 5 live players and 3 guests.
    Just be sure that if you wind up stuck playing some other team objective game before you get to STOCKPILE that you remember to use the guest controllers as often as you use you 'actual live' controller to avoid any banhammering.
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