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Just look at credits

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  • GrufaloGrufalo342,818
    08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
    89 6 5
    Very Easy start up the game Harm´s Way who are a free xbox live arcade game. On the start screen you can choose Singel player, Multyplayer, Leaderboard, Help and options. Choose Help and Options and after that choose credits and the achievement will unlock as soon as the credit starts.
  • JayourJayour845,732
    24 Dec 2010 25 Dec 2010 24 Feb 2011
    50 2 0
    This achievement is straightforward enough, all you need to do is select "Help & Options" from the main menu, in here you'll see another list of options to pick from, pick "Credits" and as soon as they appear on screen the achievement will unlock, you can then back out and continue with the game!

    An example of this can be seen in the video below, it also explains every achievement in the game and a quick explanation on each.

    * Credit to RoosterTeeth for the video
  • Murder of BirdsMurder of Birds75,919
    14 Oct 2013 30 Aug 2011
    30 1 0
    This achievement can be obtain VERY EASILY! Upon downloading and starting up this free XBLA title you will be sent to the main menu. There you will be prompted to choose from Single Player, Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Achievements, Help & Options and to Exit Game. You'll need to choose Help & Options. You will then be prompted to choose from How to Play, Controls, Settings, and Credits. You'll need to choose Credits. Upon selecting it, you will be welcomed by a lovely noise of *Bleep Bloop* and you will net 10G for this easy 200G arcade game!

    I hope this guide helps out anyone who needs this achievement! :D
  • BeminFireBeminFire15,271
    19 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2015
    8 0 0
    This one I wouldn't even consider a real achievement. It is WAY too easy.

    1. Select Help and Options
    2. Choose credits
    3. Free Gamerscore!
  • Punisher PabloPunisher Pablo523,280
    22 Jun 2012 16 Aug 2014
    7 0 0
    Here's the guide I used to unlock all the achievements in the game, you should find it very easy to follow; I take no credit whatsoever for the production of this guide.
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