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Get the missile launcher for the first time

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Achievement Guide for Missile-Fest

  • ReAl ImPuLsEReAl ImPuLsE863,527
    08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
    117 3 3
    When in Single Player (as a shooter) fire your weapons towards the upgrade powerups (green) located around the track. Once you have upgrade at least 3 times press X to switch weapon types. Simply fire to the ground or at an enemy using the missile launcher.
  • WestraidWestraid67,876
    08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
    59 3 1
    As your teammate hits a Turret Power up, you will get weapon upgrades for your Turret. Use X to toggle between weapons, select the Missiles and fire it. You do not need to hit an opponent.
  • LoonieleeLoonielee440,277
    09 Jan 2011 09 Jan 2011
    50 3 0
    For those of you having trouble with this, as I did, try using 2 controllers. The main one as the gun and the second as the driver.
    They should both be on the same team.
    Get the driver to hit 3 upgrades and it should pop for your main immediately.

    I tried several times to get this by just shooting the upgrades but it didn't work for me.
  • KhalDrakonKhalDrakon265,314
    01 Jun 2011 01 Jun 2011
    32 2 0
    Just got this using 2 controllers.
    Have your main be the turret and the other controller be a driver ON THE SAME TEAM, otherwise it won't work.
    Don't use any bots and start the game.
    Now using the second controller drive through 3 green turret upgrades, and as soon as you drive through the third, it should unlock.
    If it doesn't, switch to the missiles and fire at the ground, if necessary.
  • BulfmasterBulfmaster792,653
    08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
    35 16 4
    You can also shoot them yourself! If you don't know what to shoot at - look at the How To Play section and see what the upgrade icon looks like. Easy!
  • Patriot65108Patriot65108589,053
    11 Dec 2014 25 Dec 2014
    6 0 0
    This achievement would not unlock for me when playing as a turret, no matter how many "green" turret power-up I shot. I ended up starting up a local multiplayer match as a driver and when I hit couple of "green" turret power-ups wih my car, the achievement unlocked. I did have a second controller on my team acting as a turret. I don't remember whether I used the second controller to shoot the missile off or not though. However, it unlocked on my profile when I was playing as DRIVER, not a TURRET.
  • Punisher PabloPunisher Pablo520,971
    22 Jun 2012 16 Aug 2014
    6 0 0
    Here's the guide I used to unlock all the achievements in the game, you should find it very easy to follow; I take no credit whatsoever for the production of this guide.
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