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Going for Gold

Earn a gold medal on each level

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How to unlock the Going for Gold achievement

  • RedoduaRedodua221,090
    09 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010 20 Aug 2013
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    Going for Gold (40G)
    Earn a gold medal on each level

    The once fully obtainable, then completely glitched achievement is now obtainable again.
    You can also attain it through the "easy" versions of levels. The rest of the guide remains the same for the regular difficulty levels.

    Since I first posted this guide, there has been many changes, from a little realigning to a whole set of video solutions, so be sure to check it all out. Also, the issue with PredatoryOrphan was solved, read bottom if interested. Negative voters please specify what the problem is, you can PM me or comment on this solution.

    With the help and support of many people, this is now becoming a solution, which I will separate in three parts: TIPS, VIDEOS, and GOLD MEDAL TIMES.

    -Try to get gold medals on each level one by one, so you get used to the obstacles in the level, making it easier to remember where to jump or slide, then move onto the next level.
    -At the beginning of a level, you can boost your character by pressing LT or RT (boost button) and Left Stick to the right direction at the same time right before the sign says "Go," saving you a few milliseconds which might just take you to gold.
    -BOOST as MUCH as you can! It is extremely important that you use it everytime you can. Remember that if you boost too long you fall, so everytime you jump let go of the trigger for your character to "rest" in the air and press it again right before you land to keep boosting. Also, the boost rests when you're sliding, regardless of you pressing it or not.
    -You can restart from the last checkpoint easily by pressing Y if you're about to die, but remember the clock keeps ticking!
    -If you're taking too long just restart the level with the "back" button.
    -The "Areas" between checkpoints are only triggered when you enter it, so it's always gonna have the same pattern when you hit a checkpoint.
    -When using trampolines aim at the center and press A when you hit it to achieve highest jumps.
    -Use the sliding technique (left stick down on downward ramps) to get through the levels faster and through certain parts in which it is required to survive. It's also useful to use this to jump higher.
    -Try to take the top routes, they're more often than not easier than the bottom ones.
    -In the later levels, take your time on the first run, learn everything in each checkpoint and don't worry about time, then just keep trying it for the gold and you'll see your time lowering with each try.
    -Monkey540 says: "I have a little trick to add to your list bud, for the hammer sections, the little hammers can be jumped over, and the large hammers can all be slid under. The large one trick helps alot, but mostly in USA 5 at the end, you can slide under 3, wait, then run for the end up the fan. (This is not shown in the video) This is also useful in USA level 4 with large hammers right at the end on an up and down slope, going up be cautious, then slide down the other half. (This one is shown in the video)"
    -Last but not least, be PATIENT! I know you will have the urge to shout at the TV so many times, but do not lose your patience or you will see yourself falling or missing jumps much more often! Also, some of the later levels require you to wait just a few seconds before doing the jumps or runs, because the obstacles are arranged that way... so please people, be patient.

    For those having trouble doing the levels by yourselves, https://www.trueachievements.com/Vspeed13.htm (YouTube IGN: Xboxitude) has made videos for the Gold Medals, and with his permission I am posting the link here, it is a playlist of videos very nicely put together by him in an easy to use format and good quality.
    As of today (December 10, 2010) the videos are FINISHED!
    You can also check out the videos one by one at the bottom.


    These levels are a piece of cake, you'll have almost no trouble with these, and they serve really well as practice.
    Level 1 - Gold 0:45 - Safety First
    Level 2 - Gold 1:05 - Learning the Ropes
    Level 3 - Gold 1:15 - Jungle Gym Hijinx
    Level 4 - Gold 1:25 - On the Rebound
    Level 5 - Gold 1:20 - Nothing But Air

    Now the game starts getting hard, the 5th level will be a pain, but just keep going with trial and error and remember, try not to lose your patience.
    Level 1 - Gold 1:30 - Slip Slide Ride
    Level 2 - Gold 1:20 - Conveyance
    Level 3 - Gold 1:25 - Elevation
    Level 4 - Gold 1:20 - Shaky Footing
    Level 5 - Gold 1:55 - Swingin in the Rain

    Now this one you will wish was a person so that you could smack them to death. It's all about memorizing where to jump, where to slide, and where to boost most. Remember to do trial runs first taking your time and getting to know the level, and do them one by one, try to finish one before you do the other or you might just confuse yourself. Don't shoot the TV on this one girls and boys, unless you really want to.
    Level 1 - Gold 1:20 - Rebounding Again
    Level 2 - Gold 1:15 - Domou Arigatou
    Level 3 - Gold 1:45 - Peak Performance
    Level 4 - Gold 1:45 - Muzukashii Wheel (try and do it at 1:40 for the other achievement)
    Level 5 - Gold 1:35 - Get Carter (Thank you commenters for confirming)

    Thanks for reading, good luck.
    Thank you to all the people supporting this solution and to those voting positive.
    P.S. If there's anything missing or if you would like me to add something please message or comment, and if you vote negative please comment on why.
    Also, to those interested on the issue with PredatoryOrphan, please read the blog I wrote about it. Thanks.
    Redodua's Blog
    And to those who voted negative because of that issue, I would appreciate it if you reconsidered your vote, because even a manager took action on the guy you're defending.

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    God damn Europe 5 was a nightmare but I got the game done with all gold, thank god for Japan Easy,
    Posted on 18 Dec 20 at 12:15
    Crater BobReally need to update the link to that playlist, here it is. (Since your link just goes to the YouTube homepage for some reason)

    Posted by Crater Bob on 01 Aug 21 at 05:09
    Friggin GreaseThis is still doable with Japan-Easy
    Posted by Friggin Grease on 23 May at 02:41
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  • VegaDark541VegaDark541344,826
    20 Aug 2013 03 Jan 2013 22 Aug 2013
    41 4 74
    UPDATE: THIS IS NOW PATCHED AS OF 8/19/2013! NO LONGER GLITCHED! Also, I will confirm that getting all gold on the "Easy Japan" levels is a sufficient substitute to getting all gold on the original Japan levels.



    This solution is not a substitute for the great solution above by Redodua, but rather a warning and discussion on how to obtain this achievement after 1/3/13, when the title update & DLC came out.

    With the addition of the DLC, it was announced that easier versions of the Japan levels would be introduced, specifically with making this achievement easier as one of its features. Unfortunately, I can confirm that getting gold on all of these does NOT unlock the achievement. I have gold on all of USA and Europe, and when I finished gold on easy Japan, nothing popped.

    Additionally, xAlpha Q Upx69 has posted below that they earned gold on all of the original levels after installing the DLC, and nothing popped for them either, AND earned gold on all the DLC levels - still nothing popped. It would be wise to earn this achievement before buying the DLC, or uninstall the DLC before earning your last gold on the original levels to hopefully avert this issue. Posts below further detailing this would be appreciated. [Update: I PM'd JD iz Skiilzz, who won the achievement after the patch. He said he did download the game update, but did not download the DLC. You may be in luck if you simply haven't installed the DLC yet].

    You may need to delete all your game data in this game and not download the DLC in order to earn this achievement if you've already downloaded the DLC, although people have reported on the x360a forums that they have tried this with no luck. You can find a good discussion on this achievement at http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=41... . It may be that the title update messed this up, in which case you can try deleting everything, re-download the game without the DLC, declining the title update, and earning gold on everything offline. This achievement doesn't have to be online, so I see no reason why that shouldn't work. If anyone has tried this, please post the results below.

    If you would like to contact the developer to try and get them to fix this, you can reach them at:

    email: pr@bhvr.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/behaviour

    If enough of us complain, they are more likely to do something about it. A copy of the e-mail I sent them is as follows (please don't just copy/paste it, as they will probably think it's from the same person - come up with something original, thanks):


    I am writing to inform you that on your recent game update and DLC release for the Xbox 360 game Doritos Crash Course, either the update or the DLC (or both) have inadvertently made some of the original game achievements no longer work (i.e., after you complete the requirements, they are no longer awarded).

    This is particularly troubling because your announcement for the DLC states:

    Winner of the Unlock Xbox competition and with over 3.5 million worldwide downloads, Doritos Crash Course returns with new level pack featuring 10 new courses filled with unique challenges and puzzles. Bounce above the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and sprint through the historic sights of London to prove once more, who is the fastest in the world’s leaderboards. As well as new achievements for even more gamerscore, we also include new versions of the Japan levels so you get even more chance to unlock all the achievements. We’d like to thank you, the community, for helping make Doritos Crash Course into an XBLA phenomenon.

    (emphasis added) [I bolded a portion above, but can't do bold is solutions].

    You state one of the features of the DLC is to make the achievements easier (presumably "Going for Gold" and "Sore we kantan desu") and when we buy the DLC, not only do we not get what was promised, but now those of us who go back and meet the ORIGINAL requirements aren't even awarded the achievements.

    This is not an isolated incident. Nobody has reported winning either of these achievements after your title update and DLC was released. You can find discussions on this issue at:



    Solution for Going for Gold In Doritos Crash Course

    Which show that many people are facing these same issues. While something like an achievement not unlocking when it should may seem like a minor issue, there are achievement community websites such as the ones linked above that consider this a big deal. Some companies release patches to fix bugs like these, while others ignore them. Members of these achievement communities take note of the companies that are proactive on issues like these vs. the companies that are not, and some even boycott the ones that do not take action.

    Any action to rectify this, or any information on a work-around to allow the achievements to unlock, would be much appreciated. Before suggesting something like "delete the game and reinstall it", please actually read the threads linked above, as you will see that the community has exhausted almost every option to try and get these achievements to work since 1/3/13.

    I personally have been affected by this as I have all gold on USA, Europe, and Easy Japan, and no achievement has unlocked. You can verify this by looking up my gamertag on your leaderboards. My gamertag is VegaDark541.

    Thank you for your time and I hope the achievement communities will be able to add your company to the "good" list of companies that fix achievement issues.
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    FuzzedUpCookiesweet, i guess it time to go back and get all the golds!!! :D
    trying it first on japan easy, hopefully thats enough to pop the cheevo Going for Gold ?! :)
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 20 Aug 13 at 10:13
    Draxler Knight7achievement unlocked!!! wiiiii so happy xD
    Posted by Draxler Knight7 on 22 Aug 13 at 02:17
    THEE G0NZThank you JESUS they patched this :)
    Posted by THEE G0NZ on 08 Mar 14 at 14:53
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    greetings to all here is my vidéo guide for Doritos crash course for Going for Gold

    Earn a gold medal on Each level (40G)

    Thank you
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