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Sore wa kantan desu

Finish Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better

Sore wa kantan desu0
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  • Roku750Roku750534,205
    08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
    231 2 99
    Basically, you need to progress through the game until you reach Japan 4: "Muzukashii Wheel" then finish the level in 1:40 or less. Here's a YouTube video showing how I did it. I wasn't perfect, but there's room for a few mistakes as you can see. It can be a little frustrating, but I hope this video helps.

    Edit: You might be able to make it through the long run of smashers near the end without stopping, but I didn't want to risk it.
    25 Aug 2013 25 Aug 2013
    20 1 6
    IF THIS WAS GLITCHED FOR YOU, IT IS NO LONGER GLITCHED AND VERY MUCH OBTAINABLE. A patch was released a few days ago and fixed the unobtainable achievements, and good news....Japan-Easy levels count!!

    If you were like me, and already had Japan-4 Easy: Muzukashii Wheel completed in under 1:40, all you have to do is go back, play the level again, and make sure you finish WITHOUT skipping an area so your time counts. I played through my first time and finished in 2:06 and the achievement still popped, because the game saves your best time for completing the level all time, just need to complete it again so it saves that time. Good Luck!! Any down votes please comment why.
  • pezza888pezza888110,004
    25 Aug 2013 25 Aug 2013
    17 0 4
    This achievement is now obtainable after the new patch.
    I just got it by playing Japan-Easy level 4, and finishing in under 1:40 (I finished at 1:36). So it is now obtainable once again.
    Try to learn the whole level off, as although it is not as hard as the regular Japan 4, it needs to be done with little to no mistakes.
    Note that you will need the "City Lights" DLC to play the Japan-Easy levels.
  • Piyi PiyiPiyi Piyi236,086
    10 Sep 2016 12 Sep 2016 17 Sep 2016
    6 1 0
    Edit: When I was playing on 360, I had the DLC, but I never played any of the Japan Easy levels. Now my glitched gold medal is on Japan Easy.


    This achievement maybe is glitched again (for good) on Xbox One.

    When I played on 360 (years ago), I tried in normal Japan and my record was a silver medal (more than 2 minutes).

    I transfer my save to the cloud, and this weekend I played in my Xbox One. Well, I was playing in a USA level (first or second), and after finish that level, this achievement unlock.

    And I played Japan Level 4, In the "select japan levels" menu, I still have my record (silver medal, more than 2 minutes), but the time that shows after you finish the level says that I have a gold medal and my best time was 1:39... Weird.
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