Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard

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Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard
This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store and is no longer available for purchase.

Giant pile of Gold achievement in Naughty Bear

Giant pile of Gold

Got Gold Naughty Cups on episode 9 and all of its challenges. Yes, even the Top Hat Challenge!

Giant pile of Gold0
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How to unlock the Giant pile of Gold achievement

  • LavindatharLavindathar1,900,566
    13 Jun 2011 13 Jun 2011
    10 0 5
    I'm not going to bore you with details on how to get high scores, as chances are if your playing this DLC you've played the original game to death and know how to get the scores.

    Few things to point out :

    The achievments ARE still a bit glitchy. You need to earn a GOLD medal. Unlike the original, platinums will not count. So if you go above gold and hit a platinum, you will need to redo it and earn gold.

    I do want to make one thing very clear. On the Killer challenge, and the Insanity challenge the hardest thing about getting golds here, is NOT getting platinum medals as you are forced to deal with EVERY bear on the level. You can't just leave when you get gold. I hit gold on the killer challenge with 12 bears still to go, and then hit platinum without even trying.

    Episode 9 is nothing like episode 10 in terms of difficulty. Where as Episode 10 is like Episode 7, Episode 9 is like Episode 1.

    Anyway, here are the "approximate" scores for Golds on episode 9.

    Main episode - 3,000,000
    Killer challenge - 2,750,000
    Speed Run challenge - 1,950,000
    Insanity challenge - 2,475,000
    Top Hat challenge - 3,850,000

    All scores confirmed by myself.

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    FFX BrotherhoodYeah You can get platinum if you want... but you need to get Gold on each challenge aswell... So if you get a platinum first time round you must go back and get a gold for the achievement to pop up also thanks for the Approximate scores :) Was a huge help especially one the insanity challenge
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 27 Aug 11 at 09:51
    destinee ehgcOn the insanity challenge I managed to get gold (instead of platinum) quite easily by not destroying any pirate chests and not killing the bears. Simply make them all insane and leave to go to the next stage. I had silver after two stages but managed to only get gold by the end.
    Posted by destinee ehgc on 22 Feb 13 at 14:49
    LavindatharLate reply as I must of missed this, but CrazyDog, I did every stage and hit platinum on every one . When the achievement didn't pop, I panicked, went back and deliberately aimed for gold. Then it popped, so thats how I confirmed it.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 22 Feb 13 at 16:59
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  • Dropkick Hope86Dropkick Hope86547,997
    02 Jun 2011 03 Jun 2011 02 Sep 2011
    8 0 4
    Unfortunately I don't know the scores needed. I have outlined ways of getting big scores but this solution is to get your achievement to pop if it glitches.

    To get the gold medals on these levels is quite easy. Just remember to use the multiplier freezers when you are at 100x and try to do as many scares / kills in front of a group of bears. Also sabotage as many items as possible. Once all the bears are dead smash everything and get the collectables.
    **You can get platinum medals they are better than gold and count towards the achievement.

    If once you have got all the gold medals your achievement does not pop, do not worry. It is a pain to sort but can be done. First delete all of the DLC for Naughty Bear. Now clear your system cache.
    **To clear your cache go to System settings > Memory. With your hard drive highlighted press Y. This will bring up a menu and select clear system cache.
    Now that is clear re-download the DLC but only download chapter 9. Once that is done load up your game, all of your scores and cups should still be there. Select any of chapter 9's levels and play through it. Play through how ever you want. As soon as you finish it with any cup (I did it with a bronze) your achievement will pop.

    **If you are checking this because a different achievement glitched in this this DLC, follow the guide right up to the point of replaying a level. Instead all you have to do is fulfill the achievement requirements again (I know its annoying) and they should now pop.

    Hope this helps and gets the glitched achievement to pop.
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    Dropkick Hope86I got platinum cups and they counted towards the achievement. I did not have to repeat any of the levels that had platinum cups.

    I tried to get as many platinum cups as possible in the dlc because I was hoping the would count towards the achievement in the main game for getting 28 platinum cups, but they don't because that achievement is associated with the original game and not the dlc.

    So in short yes. Platinum cups count. I would recommend running straight to the end as soon as you get gold though just because when I was doing this and aiming platinum cups I got greedy with the points and ending dying
    Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 02 Sep 11 at 00:56
    NickHawkeyeI've heard rumors that the Gold edition (DLC included on disk) has problems with the DLC achievements not unlocking. can someone confirm or deny this?
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 01 Jun 12 at 12:48
    Dropkick Hope86Both the standard and the gold edition have problems with achievements not unlocking but I have posted a fix if you have the standard version. Everyone I know say to avoid the gold edition
    Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 01 Jun 12 at 17:30
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