Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard

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Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard
This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store and is no longer available for purchase.

Who’s laughing now?! achievement in Naughty Bear

Who’s laughing now?!

Ironic Kill: In Episode 9 or its Challenges, Punish Giggles with the Disco’s Toy chest.

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How to unlock the Who’s laughing now?! achievement

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,961,522
    20 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010
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    I was going crazy looking for the toy chest. At one point I thought it was glitched and there was no toy chest.. but i found it :)
    The toy chest is in the back left corner right in front of the shack that takes you out onto the dock. Just sabotage that bad boy and lure him over and theres your achievement :)
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  • Dropkick Hope86Dropkick Hope86539,314
    03 Jun 2011 03 Jun 2011 03 Jun 2011
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    Load up chapter 9, not the challenges. Select Bear Beard as your character. This is just so you can walk around without any hassle and he has good stats.

    Play all the way through the level until you get to the part with the disco. Ignore all of the other bears and head down to the docks. As you are looking out to the water, the boathouse on the left has a toy chest out the the front. (right hand side of the door) Sabotage it and now wait for Giggles to come and fix it. When he does walk up behind him and kill him (RT).

    Few notes
    **Giggles is the red bear with the pirate hat on (the one in the achievement picture)
    **If any other bears start heading over hide in the bushes and Boo this will send them back the other way. If you do have to do that, you may have to quickly kill all the pirate bears as they may start trying to kill the normal bears.
    **This may take some patience like the other Ironic Kill achievements, so don't give up.

    If your achievement doesn't pop check out my solution for
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    There is a guide on what to do if your achievement glitches
  • X InFlames80 XX InFlames80 X626,661
    10 Aug 2012 11 Aug 2012 05 May 2013
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    After trying the other Solutions I was Sick of Giggles because he NEVER came back to the Chest... (Bad luck? maybe)

    So here is my Solution if done correctly you can do this first try in less than a Minute.

    Load Chapter 9's Story Level (choose Master Myagi Costume) and when you enter the Final Zone Run all the way to the left Boathouse. Giggles ( Red Bear with the Hat) will stand right in Front of the "Disco Chest" but he will start Moving as soon as you Enter the Stage.

    So now when he is arround the Corner Sabotage the Chest and Simple do a "BOO" right in front of the Chest and hide in the Woods, he will come back and try to repair the Chest Move up to him Press RT and

    *Achievement Unlocked*
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