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Clever Fighter achievement in Pinball FX2

Clever Fighter

Shoot the pumpkin bomb into Doc Ock's claws when it explodes on Spider-Man! (Single player only)

Clever Fighter+0.1
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How to unlock the Clever Fighter achievement

  • FunkDogFunkDog544,786
    09 Feb 2011 09 Feb 2011
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    This one was the last achievement I needed in order to complete the Marvel add-on and hit 850/850. It annoyed me because there are plenty of people who have unintentionally obtained this achievement during regular play. Here's the scoop on what I feel is the "easiest" way to get this. It's still pretty difficult.

    1) You need to get to Doc Ock Stage 2. At the start of stage 2 he stays towards the top of the playfield for 10-15 sec and throws balls back at you if you hit them up the left ramp, or up the chute towards the bumpers. In fact, I don't think you can accomplish this during Doc Ock stage 1 because he doesn't throw the balls back at you.

    2) I activate Doc Ock by shooting the left ramp, and letting the ball drain to the upper left flipper. I then make the "jump" shot through the roof. When the trapped ball is released, I shoot the Doc Ock hole. You need to do this *twice* in order to activate Doc Ock mode.

    3) DON'T activate stage 2 unless you ALREADY have two shots up the goblin ramp. Once you have 2 shots up the goblin ramp (the third shot will start the goblin mode), then you are ready to activate Doc Ock stage 2.

    4) My pattern goes like this: activate doc stage 2. the ball drains to the left flipper. get off a shot up the goblin ramp. this will activate goblin mode and you should still have about 5-7 seconds of the doc throwing balls at you.

    5) Try to trap the silver ball on a flipper. Before I got it, people told me that once he grabbed a pumpkin ball I would have to try to loose the silver ball on purpose. That's BS. If you *wait* until he grabs a pumpkin ball it will be too late. He lets go of them too quickly for you to intentionally lose the silver ball. Instead you have to be ready to let the silver ball drain right as you shoot the pumpkin ball from the other flipper. If done right, the silver ball will drain just as the doc grabs a pumpkin.

    Another thing I noticed. If you can get to goblin stage two, you'll have two pumpkins to work with when the mode is activated. Some people might think this is easier as there is more of a "random" chance of you hitting a pumpkin ball up towards Ock. I agree, but I also noticed it's hard to ensure a controlled trap of the silver ball.

    Good luck. Once you've played this table enough it really shouldn't be too difficult to prep the table into the setup above. Once you get the hang of that, I estimate 30-45 min of trying should earn you this achievement.
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    Razer za Lazeri would like to just say when i tried this
    once i activated doc the goblin ramp kept reseting to zero
    what am i not doing ??
    Posted by Razer za Lazer on 03 Aug 11 at 06:41
    FunkDogHmm ... what do you mean the ramp kept resetting to zero? Once you activated Doc Ock it "reset" your goblin ramp shots so that you would have to shoot it 3 times again even though you already shot the ramp twice?
    Posted by FunkDog on 03 Aug 11 at 20:49
    troyoyI dont want to sound like an idiot but I have a question. I get to that duel pumpkin stage all the time. What happens if he grabs a pumpkin and you dont drain the silver ball? I play this game alot but havent gone out of my way to get these cheev. I wanna go for the cheev now and am just trying to wrap my brain around this. Thanks, thumbs up.
    Posted by troyoy on 03 Nov 11 at 23:39
    FunkDogIf he grabs it and you don't drain the ball, he just throws the pumpkin back on the playfield somewhere. For achievement you need to specifically drain a ball so that the pumpkin mode ends right when he has a pumpkin in his hands. If you don't drain a ball when he has a pumpkin in his hands, the mode just continues normally.
    Posted by FunkDog on 03 Nov 11 at 23:42
    mktrOOpsgreat solution, it took me 45 minutes to get this achievement
    Posted by mktrOOps on 15 Nov 11 at 19:30
    KinkimonoLetting one of the pumpkin balls drain when in goblin stage 2 also makes the other one explode. worth knowing so you don't put all hope on the silverball if something goes wrong. Also Goblin stage 2 starts a bit faster than stage one but all in all going for the first goes faster. But good knowing if you just can't get first to work.
    Posted by Kinkimono on 31 Dec 11 at 18:24
    ChernobylCowEventually this achievement came to me out of luck. I understood how to activate the goblin and doc oc modes and eventually I was in a game where they were at the correct levels to make it feasible. Persevere pinballerz!
    Posted by ChernobylCow on 07 Jan 13 at 20:39
    XI AlphaMale IXI believe Doc will catch and throw balls at you after that initial burst if you push him back using the ramps, just as you would to complete the stage. As long as he's back far enough, he'll catch the balls.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 21 May 14 at 05:16
    neopuff34If you get Green Goblin to level 2, the first pumpkin that he drops goes right to the right flipper. Hitting it practically anywhere will put it into Doc Ock's claw, and you have enough time after activating the mode to bump the silver ball to the left flipper before the pumpkin hits the right flipper. Then just let the silver ball drain as you make the shot with the right flipper, and the timing should work out perfectly.
    Posted by neopuff34 on 07 Aug 14 at 15:40
    Rob JedThanks for the comment neopuff34! Tried forever Doc Ock stage 2 & Goblin stage one. Made it a lot easier Doc Ock stage 2 & Goblin stage 2. Just after pumpkin balls spawn and the right pumpkin ball starts to fall towards right flipper, let the silver ball drain off right flipper & then make a shot to the left ramp with pumpkin ball that falls on right flipper. Thumbs up on solution FunkDog!
    Posted by Rob Jed on 09 Nov 14 at 16:42
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