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Lord of the Undead achievement in Pinball FX2

Lord of the Undead

Discover and defeat the real enemy in the Final Mission of Blade! (Single player only)

Lord of the Undead+2.5
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.

How to unlock the Lord of the Undead achievement

  • FiscalCliff2013FiscalCliff2013115,346
    09 Jun 2011 12 Jun 2011 12 Jun 2011
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    Contrary to this achievement's TA score, it's a lot easier than the Ultimo achievement on the Iron Man table. For one thing, you get to choose the order that you do the missions in (on Iron Man it's random); that's helpful because if you attempt the hardest missions first, you won't feel bad about hitting 'restart' when you fail, and you won't feel as much pressure because you haven't spent a lot of time on the game. Also, if you fail to beat Dracula on your first attempt, you get to keep trying until the game ends -- whereas if you fail to beat Ultimo, you have to go through all the steps of activating him again.

    I suspect this achievement is so rare because Blade is a much more complex and confusing table than Iron Man, which is more difficult but also more straightforward. In the interest of not repeating information, you should read the guide that ahell linked to:

    ----MY STRATEGY----
    The letters, in ascending order of difficulty (my opinion), are:
    Dxxxxxx - spell "Visions" by hitting the bumpers several times (almost unavoidable)
    xxAxxxx - District Sweep (the video mode where you pick the vampire out of a lineup, very easy)
    xxxCxxx - Personal Differences
    xxxxUxx - Nocturnal Visitors (can be difficult if you're unlucky enough to get the left loop 3 times in a row - note that you fail this mode if you get two "misses", but each time you hit the correct lane, the miss-count gets reset)
    xxxxxLx - Mirror Images
    xRxxxxx - complete a lair by hitting the lair hole, then hitting a lane, then lair hole again, then whichever lane it tells you to, and then a bunch of lanes. Once the mode starts, it requires really good timing
    xxxxxxA - Cathari Katana (requires seven specific lane/loop hits, very difficult)

    Every time I started a game, I had a specific set of goals for the first 3 balls. (Remember, for each standard ball you can get 2 extra balls.) If you don't meet the quota by the time the ball is lost, restart the game; since you're going for the hardest letters first, you'll generally lose early, and if you don't lose early, you have a good shot at spelling DRACULA.

    Ball #1-1: Get at least one extra ball, AND at least one of xRxxxxA; OR get ALL of xRxxULA.
    Ball #1-2: Have obtained the remaining extra ball AND at least 2 of xRxxxLA; OR have obtained ALL of xRxxULA.
    Ball #1-3: Obtain at least one more of xRxxULA (if any are available)
    Ball #2-1: Get at least one extra ball, AND have completed ALL of xRxxULA; OR have completed ALL of xRxCULA.

    (NOTE: Feel free to adjust that formula as you see fit. I might have been too strict; I wound up beating Dracula during ball #1-3. My reasoning was that I wanted multiple balls remaining by the time DRACULA was spelled, because I'd already started the mode and failed a few times.)

    Once you've completed DRACULA, Deacon Frost goes into his hole and says 'Auf Wiedersehen'. (If your last letter was xxxCULA, you'll have to get some more energy in daytime; otherwise, night mode continues.) Put the ball in the mission hole to start the 3-phase wizard mode.

    PHASE ONE: Get 15 shots (any ramp, loop, or hole, including the now-open Deacon Frost holes and excluding the Hidden Hole). You might play this mode once, start it with 99 energy, get 3 shots, and lose, and think, 'well, this is impossible.' Here's the thing: when you're in a mode at night (even the xRxCULA missions), making shots replenishes energy. Make a few shots quickly, and you'll replenish a lot of energy. So the trick here isn't getting 15 shots in under a time limit; it's chaining shots together so that you don't go more than a few seconds without one. A lot of shots will feed flippers that can then get other shots (for example, the alley ramp feeds the ball to the upper-right flipper, which has an easy shot at the Deacon Frost holes.) This is the hardest phase, which is a good thing; if you fail, you get to keep trying until game over (just keep building up energy during the day and hitting the mission hole at night until you get it right); and if you beat it, the next two phases aren't bad at all.

    PHASE 2: This is much easier. You have to send the ball up the Citadel Ramp four times and hit the four talisman targets (in whatever order you like; there's no penalty for hitting one you've already hit, but it won't do you any good either). The portcullis goes up and down rhythmically to block your shot, but the timing is pretty easy as long as you can catch the ball in the right flipper. If you hit a bumper, Dracula will catch your ball with his magnet like when you spelled VISIONS; this isn't bad, though, because he drops it onto the left slingshot which fires it right back to your right flipper, so you don't have to shake the table to get the ball back where you need it.

    PHASE 3: The second you hit the fourth talisman target, multiball begins (two balls drain towards the left flipper and a third gets auto-launched from the plunger area). The main difficulty here is that your heart is pounding in your chest, and it's vital that you relax. The goal is get a certain number of points -- how many, I'm not sure, but it's not hard because each shot (ramps and holes, just like Phase One) is worth about 6M. (You did get the score-doubling talisman at some point, right?) Focus first and foremost on keeping multiball alive; hit ramps and whatnot when you get clean shots, but don't take risks.

    When you've amassed enough points, the sun comes up, Dracula flips out, and Blade references Castlevania 2, awesomely. Multiball continues, which each shot still worth 6M, so you can get a crazy high score, but you've already won, so relax. The achievement will pop when you're down to one ball and the wizard mode is officially over, and your Blade high score is about 10x higher than anyone on your friends list. Good luck!

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    Vor Calv 06Yes I agree very good guide IN51P1D and i can see the work and efforts you put into compiling this guide before taking the time to share it with us. But if I could have a little more info on xxxcxxx and xxxxxlx because for a start I'm no expert but i have played a few tables and am becoming more familiar with the Blade table in particular. And i can relate to most your guide (even though not done it yet) but not xxxcxxx personal differences and xxxxxlx mirror images?????. Any more info on your guide would be appreciated. But thanks anyway and thumbs up. :-)
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 13 Aug 12 at 04:54
    FiscalCliff2013I'm sorry, it's been so long I really don't remember much about it. I think Personal Differences just required some ramp hits, and Mirror Images was a 2-ball multiball, right? Anyway, you have to complete them to get to the Wizard Mode. Good luck...
    Posted by FiscalCliff2013 on 18 Aug 12 at 07:47
    x Zot xI agree with everyone who voted 'thumbs up' so far (that would be EVERYONE!) Great guide IN51P1D !!! Dracula is dead, ummm defeated now thanks to your guide! Phase 1 of the wizard mode is definitely the hardest. Just keep trying and good luck.

    And to answer 'Vor Calv 06' questions:
    C - Personal Differences. All 5 ramps/orbits will be lit. To complete this mission all you need to do is hit any 3 different ramps/orbits. The easiest mission hole challenge by far.
    L - Mirror Image. This mission will start a 2 ball multi-ball. All ramps/orbits/holes will be lit. You need to hit 3 ramps/orbits and 3 holes, then lock one of the balls into the shrine hole.
    Posted by x Zot x on 15 Dec 12 at 05:08
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  • AHELLAHELL102,571
    04 Mar 2012 11 Mar 2011
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    All credit for this guide goes to heathenSauce . Since it is so unclear how to complete this Final Mission, I wanted to get this guide that I found out there. I have not confirmed that this works or completed the achievement, but I will once I pull it off.

    Deacon Frost Missions:
    The following 4 missions are started at the mission hole on the upper playfield. To get your ball up here, you must shoot the citadel ramp when no other modes are running. All Deacon Frost missions with the exception of Mirror Images is timed, with the time limit based on how much energy you have. Completing each of these missions lights one of the DRACULA letters needed to start wizard mode.

    Personal Differences:
    All ramps and orbits begin flashing in this mode. All you need to do to complete this mode is hit any 3 different ramps/orbits before your fatigue bar empties. Your fatigue is refreshed after each successful shot. A successful shot on a ramp/orbit will light that lane, and it will no longer be an active target.

    Nocturnal Visitors:
    In this mode, one of the ramps or orbits will be flashing, all other will be lit. The object is to shoot the flashing ramp/orbit without hitting any of the lit ones. You must score 3 successful shots to win this mode. 3 shots on an incorrect ramp/orbit will fail the mode. You can also fail if you run out of fatigue. Each successful shot will replenish your fatigue.

    Mirror Images:
    This mode starts a 2 ball multiball. All holes and ramps/orbits will begin this mode flashing. The object is to hit any 3 different holes, and any 3 different ramps/orbits. Once this criteria is met, you need to lock either ball in the shrine hole to complete the mission. This mode is not timed, and the only way to fail is to lose the multiball.

    Cathari Katana:
    The object of this mode is to collect the 4 pieces of the Katana from the alley ramp, sewer ramp, and right/left orbits. Once a piece is collected, you must hit the citadel ramp to join it to the rest of the katana. Once the citadel ramp is hit, the remaining ramps/orbits that have not had their piece collected will begin flashing again. Repeat this process for 3 pieces of the katana, and the mission will complete when the 4th piece is picked up. You do not need to hit the citadel ramp a 4th time to complete the mission. You will fail the mission if you cannot successfully make a shot before your fatigue bar empties. Your fatigue is replenished on any successful shot. Also note the bumpers disappear completely for the duration of this mode, making the citadel ramp significantly easier to hit.

    Wizard Mode:
    Light all letter of Dracula to start this mode. Here are the criteria for each letter:
    D - Activate Visions
    R - Complete a Lair
    A - Complete a District Sweep
    C - Complete Personal Differences
    U - Complete Nocturnal Visitors
    L - Complete Mirror Images
    A - Complete Cathari Katana

    The Wizard mode on this table has 3 phases.

    Phase 1:
    Dracula will start draining your energy. You have until your energy is completely depleted to make 15 shots. All holes, ramps, orbits, and the Deacon Frost targets count. Also note that unlike the rest of the nighttime modes, the Deacon Frost targets open up and catch the ball as a hole, like they do during daytime. You will fail this mode if you are not able to make 15 shots before losing all your energy.

    Phase 2:
    In this phase the citadel ramp diverts to the mini-playfield used for collecting the talismans. The object here is to hit all 4 talisman targets. This is made difficult by a gate at the entrance to the citadel ramp, that will constantly open and close, blocking your shot. In addition, anytime this gate or any of the bumpers is hit, the visions magnet will catch the ball, and fling it around the bumpers a bit. This phase is not timed.

    Phase 3:
    This phase starts a 3 ball multiball. I'm not exactly sure what the objective here is, or if there even is one. The DMD offers no guidance, and every target on the playfield is flashing. I usually hit a couple shots and this completes phase 3, which sends the table into the reward phase.

    Reward Phase:
    In this phase, the table shifts from night to day. You keep your multiball from phase 3, and all shots on the table are worth millions. This mode lasts until you lose your multiball. At which point the DRACULA letters reset.
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    FiscalCliff2013I made it to Phase 3 and failed. It looked like the objective was to get a certain number of points, and the holes (and probably ramps) were worth a bundle (I thought I saw 6M flash when I hit one hole). I think I got pretty close, but unfortunately didn't quite make it.
    Posted by FiscalCliff2013 on 07 Jun 11 at 22:03
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