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True Gundam Dynasty Warrior in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

True Gundam Dynasty Warrior179 (70)

Clear all missions

  • Unlocked by 832 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.55) 5,456  

Achievement Guide for True Gundam Dynasty Warrior

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271,956 (156,533)
AM Stang
Achievement won on 22 Oct 11
TA Score for this game: 1,778
Posted on 01 September 11 at 21:24
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Here is a list of all the missions required. Credit goes to sinwar14 for compiling this list. Link to his list: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=31...

Chapter: Those Who Understand
These missions unlock from reading terminal messages.

The Mysterious War (only for Amuro/Nu Gundam)
Fated Showdown (only for Kou)
Distorted World(only for Setsuna/ 00 Raiser)
Signal Source: Destruction Operation 1
Signal Source: Destruction Operation 2
Signal Source: Destruction Operation 3
Life on The Line
Mysterious Mobile Suit
Giants’ Rampage
Mission Plan: Reconnaissance 1
Mission Plan: Reconnaissance 2
Mission Plan: Reconnaissance 3
Mission Plan: Reconnaissance 4
Mission Plan: Reconnaissance 5

Chapter: Those Who Doubt

Dash for the Open(only for Banagher)
Diminishing Possibilities(only for Banagher/Unicorn)
The Revolutionaries(only for Ribbons/Reborns Gundam)
Beneath this Broad Sky(only for Banagher/Unicorn)
One’s Heart For the Battle(only for Banagher/Unicorn)
No Tomorrow
A Trusting Heart 1
A Trusting Heart 2
A Trusting Heart 3
Insufficient Passion 1
Insufficient Passion 2
Insufficient Passion 3
Runaway Emotions( only for Banagher, Kai, Domon, Athrun, Seabook, Puru Two, or Hayato
Released Possibilities(only for Banagher)
Lost Comrades(only for Ribbons, Char, Milliardo, Trowa or Jerid)
Lost Time(only for Ribbons, Char, Milliardo, Trowa or Jerid)
Unseen Emotions(only for Ribbons, Char, Milliardo, Trowa or Jerid)

Chapter: Those Who Pass By

Guiding Light(only for Garrod/ Gundam Double X)
The Moon, Jupiter, and the Red Comet(Only for Loran/ Turn A Gundam)
Graceful Mother Earth
Moonlit Unicorn(only for Garrod/Gundam Double X)
Omens of Death
Winter is Coming
Flight of the Battle Goddesses 1
Flight of the Battle Goddesses 2
Flight of the Battle Goddesses 3
Flight of the Battle Goddesses 4
Winter’s Storm 1
Winter’s Storm 2
Twilight of the Gods
Red Flame of Death(only for Haman)
Deathseekers (only for Scirocco, Glemy, Cecily, Lunamaria, Puru, Sarah, Reccoa, Rosamia, Katejina, or Emma)
A New World(only for Scirocco, Glemy, Cecily, Lunamaria, Puru, Sarah, Reccoa, Rosamia, Katejina, or Emma)

Chapter: Those Who Fight

The Die is Cast!
Return of the Red Comet
The Death God Comes
The White Devils
Battle Instincts
The Regal Way of Master Asia
An Elegant Battle 1
An Elegant Battle 2
An Elegant Battle 3
None Shall Stand in our Path! 1
None Shall Stand in our Path! 2
None Shall Stand in our Path! 3
Those That Stand in our Way
The Coming Storm 1
The Coming Storm 2

Chapter: For Peace

3 Arrows: Whereabouts of Allies
3 Arrows: Whereabouts of Information
3 Arrows: Whereabouts of the Future
Guides to Space
Omens of Doubt
Mission Frontier 1
Mission Frontier 2
Mission Frontier 3
Confrontation 1(only for Domon/Burning Gundam)
Confrontation 2(only for Loran/Turn A Gundam)
Confrontation 3(only for Garrod/Gundam Double X)
Confrontation 4(only Heero/Wing Gundam Zero)
Confrontation 5(only for Amuro/Nu Gundam)
Confrontation 6(only for Kamille/Z Gundam)
Confrontation 7(only for Banagher/ Unicorn Gundam)
Confrontation 8(only for Seabook/F91 Gundam)
Confrontation 9(only for Setsuna/00 Raiser
The Knight Gundam!

Chapter: For Victory

Search and Destroy! 1
Search and Destroy! 2
Search and Destroy! 3
The Curtain Lifts…
Search Deep… and Silent 1
Search Deep… and Silent 2
Search Deep… and Silent 3
Time of Judgment 1(only for Char/Sazabi)
Time of Judgment 2(only for Ghingham/ Turn X)
Time of Judgment 3(only for Master Asia/Master Gundam)
Time of Judgment 4(only for Treize/Tallgeese II)
Time of Judgment 5(only for Yazan/Hambrabi)
Time of Judgment 6(only for Katejina/Gottriatan)
Time of Judgment 7(only for Scirocco/ The O)
Time of Judgment 8(only for Frontal/Sinanju)
Time of Judgment 9(only for Ribbons/Reborns Gundam)
The Knight Gundam!

Chapter: For Reform
For this set of missions you need at least 20 people with level 4 friendship or higher

Consensus of Opinion(only for Frontal/Sinanju)
Shake the World(only for Ribbons/ Reborns Gundam)
Light from the Heart(Banagher/Unicorn)
Towards Time’s Destination(Amuro/Nu Gundam)
Reformation(Setsuna/00 Raiser)
Last Mission
The Neverending Battle

Relationship Mission
For these missions, you unlock them by getting a certain character to level 4 friendship then have a bit more grinding there relation up the mission will unlock.

Connecting Souls (Amuro/Nu Gundam)
Seeing the Light (Char/Sazabi)
Training Hard (Kai/Guncannon)
Worthy Rival (Hayato/Guncannon)
Not a Zaku! (Ramba Ral/ Gouf)
Culture and History (M’Quve/Gyan)
Family Matters (Dozle)
As a Warrior of the Cosmos (Kou/Gundam GP01 Fb)
Runaway Light (Gato/Gundam GP02)
Ultimate Inspiration (Kamille/Z Gundam)
Doorway to Memory (Four)
As an Officer, As a Human (Emma/Gundam Mk II)
What Can Be Done (Kamille)
Towards the Girls (Scirocco/The O)
The Eye of Exceptions (Sarah)
The Eye of Envy (Reccoa/Palace Athene)
Yanzan’s Final Test (Hambrabi)
What Should Be Overcome (Jerid/Gundam Mk II (Titans))
With Brother (Rosamia)
Release from Convictions (Banagher/Unicorn)
Friends and Comrades (Judau/ZZ Gundam)
Days of Youth (Roux/Z Gundam)
You are me… I am you (Puru/Qubeley Mk II(Puru))
Walking Together (Puru Two/Qubeley Mk II (Puru Two))
Out with the old! Gundam Mk II! (Elle/Gundam Mk II)
Out with the old! Hyaku Shiki! (Beecha/Hyaku Shiki)
Mother Earth’s Cradle (Glemy/Bawoo)
The Past and Future (Banagher/Unicorn)
The Red Curse (Frontal/Sinanju)
The Feminine Heart and the Autumn Sky (Seabook/Gundam F91)
I…the Warrior… (Cecily)
What Pride Can Teach Us (Uso/V2 Gundam)
Show Your Power
The Soul of a Fighter
Complete Mastery
Too Much of a Good Thing… (Schwarz)
With the World (Heero/ Wing Zero)
Guides to the Loser (Duo/Deathscythe Hell)
Whereabouts of Emotion (Trowa/Heavyarms Kai)
As a Warrior… (Milliardo/Epyon)
The End of War (Treize/Tallgeese II)
Live For Today (Garrod/Double X)
A New Home (Loran/Turn A)
The Superiority of Machines (Sochie/Turn A)
Ghingham’s Last Test
No Matter How Soon (Kira/Strike Freedom)
One Last Wish (Athrun/Infinite Justice)
War or Peace (Lacus)
Chasing You (Lunamaria)
Those That Can Be Saved (Shinn/Destiny)
Our Gundams (Setsuna/00 Raiser)
Journey to Truth (Ribbons/Reborns Gundam)

Friendship Missions
These missions unlock naturally when playing through the chapter missions

Men’s Battlefield
Women’s Battlefield
Breath of the Young
Those that Forge Tomorrow
To Whom We Entrust the Future
Long Live the Earthnoids!
Long Live the Spacenoids!
Understanding Without Misconception
Changed Fate
Siblings of Mankind
Enemy of Space Migrants
Hail Zeon!
A Moment’s Gleaming
AUEG’s Elite Forces
Titan’s Elite Forces
Successor of Zeon
A Gundam Match With You Too!
Did You See the Rainbow in Space?
Good Fortune to the Victor and the Defeated
The Red Comet's Unfinished Dream
Battles Of The Past Are Doomed To Be Repeated
Elegy For The Gundam Fighters
Let’s Sell Gundams!
Between the Earth and the Moon
To Choose Our Future
Upheaval of the Angels
The Unbreakable Shield
The Unturnable Blade
Reckless Gundam Team
Trickster, Standing Upon the Battlefield!
Victory in Our Grasp
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Being True to One’s Feelings
You, Who I Wish to Protect Most
There Is Only One That I Can See

History Mission

Menace of Zeon
Battle of Odessa
Fall to Jaburo
Fear the big Zam!
The Duel of Texas
Battle of Odessa (Zeon)
Fall to Jaburo (Zeon)
The Duel in Texas (Zeon)
Space Fortress A Baoa Qu
Gundam Hijack
Solomon’s Nightmare
Last Blitz of Zeon
Winds of Jaburo
The Day the Colony Fell
Forever Four
Dakar Day
Scattered Life
Riders in the Skies – Prelude
Riders in the Skies - Epilogue
Conviction in the Cosmos
Winds of Jaburo (Titans)
Storm over Kilimanjaro
Dakar Day (Titans)
Scattered Life (Titans)
Riders in the Skies - Prelude (Titans)
Riders in the skies – Epilogue (Titans)
Riders in the Skies (Axis)
Conviction in the Cosmos (Axis)
Love is the Pulse of the Stars
Youth of Shangri-la
Roux and Glemy
Puru Two in Gravity
Dream of the Tiger Baum
Warriors, Again…
Warriors, Again…(Neo Zeon)
Space Rainbow (Londo Bell)
Space Rainbow (Neo Zeon)
Day of the Unicorn
Over the Rainbow – Prelude
Over the Rainbow – Epilogue
Weapon of the Devil
Operation Giant Roller
Operation Giant Roller (Zanscare)
Ascent of Angels
Ascent of Angels (Zanscare)
Master Asia Rendezous!
Destroy the Dark Gundam Cells!
Enter the Burning Gundam
Master Asia, Death at Dawn
Ready? Let’s Go Towards a hopeful Future!
A Grim Battle
A Grim Battle (OZ)
Defense of the Bulge
Defense of the Bulge (White Fang)
The Final Victor
The Final Victor (White Fang)
Don’t Think! Run!
Look at me!
Look at me!!!
Fly! Above the Stratosphere!
Golden Autumn
Moonlight Butterfly
A Flash of Time
The Darkness of the Thunder
A New Flag
Freedom and Justice
The Final Power
Are You Able to Survive?
Return of the Holy One

Collection Mission

Heroes of the 1 Year War (1000 shot down with GM, Ball or GM command)
Mourning Warriors (1000 shot down with Zaku II, Gouf, Z’Gok or Acguy)
Waning Light Warriors (1000 shot down with Zaku II, Dom or Gelgoog)
Successor Warriors ( 1000 shot down with Rick Dias, GM II or Nemo)
Guardian Warriors (1000 shot down with Hizack, Zakutank, Gouf Flight Type?)
Martyrs of the Oracle (1000 shot down with Marasai, Barzam)
Children of Mother Earth ( 1000 shot downs with Gaza C, Gaza D or Bawoo)
Witnesses of Miracles ( 1000 shot down with Jegan or Geara Doga)
Heartless Slaughterers (1000 shot down with Gedlav and Dark Army)
Those that Have Experienced the Dark History ( 1000 shot down with Char custom mobile suits, Zeon mobiles suits, Zakutank or Gouf Flight Type)
The Gene-Spliced (1000 shot downs with Ginn)
Legend of the Red Comet 1(1000 kills with Char custom mobile suit)
Legend of the Red Comet 2 (clear Legend of the Red Comet 1)
Pedigree of the White Devil 1 (1000 shot down with Nu Gundam)
Pedigree of the White Devil 2
Pedigree of the White Devil 3
Pedigree of the White Devil 4
Pedigree of the White Devil 5
Pedigree of the White Devil ?
Mother Space (1000 shot down with Qubeley, Qubeley Mk II (Puru) or Qubeley Mk II (Puru Two)
Baptism before God ( 1000 shot downs with The O, Gundam Mk II (Titans) or Hambrabi
Fight! King of Hearts! (1000 shot down with Burning Gundam or Master Gundam)
Wings That Fly Toward the Future ( 1000 shot down with Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell, or Heavyarms Kai)
The Sword Which Disrupts the Age (1000 shot down with Epyon or Tallgeese II)
The Moon Will Always Be There (1000 shot down with Double X, Turn X or Turn A)
Freedom, Justice, and Fate (1000 shot down with Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice or Destiny)
For the Dialogue That Should Come (1000 shot down with 00 Raiser or Reborns Gundam )
Wild Souls (Unlock Musha Gundam or clear Storyline)
Peaceful Souls (Unlock Musha Gundam Mk II or clear storyline)
Happy Souls (get all characters to level 3 friendship or higher)
Feet? What are They Good For? (10 missions played with Ball or Zeong)
Deformed Mobile Suits ( 10 missions played with Z Gundam, Hambrabi, Wing Zero, Epyon Bound Doc, Gaza C, Gaza D)
Transforming Mobile Suits
Assembling Mobile Suits
Attacks From All Directions (10 missions played with Strike Freedom, Nu Gundam, Sazabi, Turn X, Qubeley, Qubeley Mk II (Puru or Puru Two), or Reborns Gundam)
Blue Shock (10 missions played as a BLUE mobile suit)
Crimson Shock (10 missions played as a RED mobile suit)
White Shock (10 missions played as a WHITE mobile suit)
Black Shock (10 missions played as a BLACK mobile suit)
Yellow Shock (10 missions played as a YELLOW mobile suit and other shock missions cleared
Big Green Battle! (10 missions cleared with a GREEN mobile suit)
Marine Mayhem (10 missions played with Char’s Z’Gok, Z’Gok, Acguy or Kapool)
Zaku! Zaku! Zaku! (20 missions played with Zaku II)
GM! GM! GM! (20 missions played GM and Zaku! Zaku! Zaku! Must be cleared)
O! O! O! (20 missions played with Ball, Gedlav or Kapool and GM! GM! GM! Must be cleared)

Challenge Mission
These missions all have to be played on Hard. Also, you
must have completed the Tutorial missions

My Master is the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam! (GM)
My Master is the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam!! (Zaku II)
My Master is the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam!!! (Ginn)
I am the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam! (Musha, Musha Mk II, and Knight Gundam)
Altar of the Mass Produced Mobile Suits (mass produced suits)
Wicked Feast of the Mass Produced Mobile Suits (mass produced suits)
Understand Each Other… With Fists
Stand Tall Together!
Mobile Suits… And Love (mass produced suits)
Love… And Mobile Suits
Are You Ready to Rumble? Gundam Fight!
Decision! Gundam The Gundam!
The Return of the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam! (all missions must be cleared)
Trials of the Past 1
Trials of the Past 2
Trials of the Past 3
Trials of the Past 4
Trials of the Past 5
Trials of the Past 6
Trials of the Past 7
Trials of the Past 8
Trials of the Past 9
Trial of the Giants 1
Trial of the Giants 2
Trial of the Giants 3
Trial of the Giants 4
Trials Come From Even Further in the Past 1
Trials Come From Even Further in the Past 2
Trials Come From Even Further in the Past 3
Trials Come From Even Further in the Past 4
Trials Come From Even Further in the Past 5
Trials Come From Even Further in the Past 6
The Final Trial From the Past

Tutorial Mission

Novice Training
Intermediate Training 1
Intermediate Training 2
Intermediate Training 3
Advanced Training 1
Advanced Training 2
Advanced Training 3
Advanced Training 4
Battle Exercise 1
Battle Exercise 2
Battle Exercise 3
Battle Exercise 4
Graduation Exam

Memorial Mission

Those that Have Known Friendship…
Those that Advocate Friendship…
Those that Believe in Friendship…
Those that Espouse Friendship…
Mutual Understanding (All characters reach Level 5 Friendship)
1,000 Defeated Commemoration Battle!
10,000 Defeated Commemoration Battle!
100,000 Defeated Commemoration Battle!
10 Mission Cleared Commemoration Battle!
30 Mission Cleared Commemoration Battle!
100 Mission Cleared Commemoration Battle!
10 Aces Defeated Commemoration Battle!
50 Aces Defeated Commemoration Battle!
100 Aces Defeated Commemoration Battle!
5 Mobile Armor Defeated Commemoration Battle!
10 Mobile Armor Defeated Commemoration Battle!
20 Mobile Armor Defeated Commemoration Battle!
20 Fields Captured Commemoration Battle!
100 Fields Captured Commemoration Battle!
500 Fields Captured Commemoration Battle!

Special Mission

Supply and Demand
The Rising Price of Mobile Suits! (Supply and Demand most be cleared)
Junkyard Battle! (Will Appear randomly after clearing missions)
I am the Knight Gundam! (Clear Chapter missions)
Hero of Lacroix (Get Knight Gundam to level 3 Friendship)
The Giant of Legend (Get Knight Gundam to near level 5 friendship)
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