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Be It Ever So Humble

Help finish the Giant's Gift from the pieces the keflings give you

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Achievement Guide for Be It Ever So Humble

  • Toast gravyToast gravy100,952
    20 Dec 2010 21 Dec 2010
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    This is something you'll gain pieces of throughout the game in the forest kingdom.

    While you're building structures, you'll occasionally get a "gift"/"piece" that a character will tell you to go get and put somewhere safe. Just do as they say and put them all somewhere you won't forget about them until the end of the game.

    Once you finish the castle for the king, the final piece will be given to you along with the blueprints. Just pick up the blue prints and arrange the gift boxes as it says.

    Be sure to put it somewhere you want it to be though, because;

    They made you a rocking chair that you can sit in and relax! You earned it~
  • GoopstahGoopstah320,447
    21 Apr 2011 22 Apr 2011
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    It might be useful to say that when your game has bugged out, like it did to me, you don't have to restart the game all over.

    When Ratbeard doesn't give you the Snow building blueprint when you have finished the metal trader in the forest kingdom, you cannot finish your final structure, there is also now way you can get it on YOUR save.

    So here is what you should do, like I did. You join a multiplayer game where the host is in chapter 8. You go see if he has the final structure. If he does you ask him politely to leave the game, so it makes you the host. This way you can demolish the chair, pick one piece up and build it again. Pling, achievement unlocked.
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