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Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

Talk to the whole family of builder brothers

Reunited (And It Feels So Good)0
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How to unlock the Reunited (And It Feels So Good) achievement

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    You'll get this through playing through the game.
    When you get to the desert kingdom, the last brother will be across the gap with the princess once you build the glass bridge.

    Most things will be directly pointed out to you; But just a brief summary of each one of them;

    The first one you meet at the start of the game. -Ice Kingdom
    Then you later get doug out of the ice (an achievement on its own; Just pick him up and place him by the fire)-Ice kingdom
    A third will be "found" and given to you.* - Forest Kingdom
    A fourth will be trapped in something and you must knock on it 3 times to bust him out.* - Forest kingdom
    The last guy will be in the desert as stated above. -Desert Kingdom (obviously)

    Not easy to miss this one

    *The third and fourth may not be in the exact order but just flip flop as needed.

    EDIT: Judging by the comments, it appears this achievement can be glitched. I'm unaware of the specifics to cause this to happen, but one suggests not playing on multiplayer (which seems reasonable). Another says it glitched on single player. So, just a heads up.

    EDIT2: This comment was just posted by senor lethal (not actual name), and you should take a look if your achievement is glitched:
    "Woot! I managed to get the achievement to unlock by deleting my save, redownloading the game and clearing my cache. I started a new game and as soon as I could move, the achievement unlocked! :D"
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    ScuzzyBunny Ran into the glitch as well...when I first crossed the bridge and talked to Brodie the Doug achv popped, not this one. Played the game till the end, then loaded a previous save, got back to Brodie, no luck. New game, no luck. Cleared cache, New game, played till I thawed Doug, POP. Game complete.
    Posted by ScuzzyBunny on 10 Aug 12 at 05:07
    kbkM347W4D Just another little update: I got the Doug achievement in place of this one. I finished my game and saved. After I saved I exited to the main menu. I did not clear my cache or dashboard it, started a new game and as soon as I placed Doug by the fire I got this achievement
    Posted by kbkM347W4D on 03 Sep 12 at 01:26
    peacemak3r Damn it, I did the way of deleting the save and re-downloading the game then clearing cache and it didn't unlock at thawing the guy...guess I have to run another play-through now. At least I know what to do now and not build all over the place like the original play though lol.
    Posted by peacemak3r on 15 Dec 13 at 19:49
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