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...And Stay Down

Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only)

...And Stay Down0
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Achievement Guide for ...And Stay Down

  • atheistiumatheistium121,827
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
    17 1 3
    Very easy achievement to gain early on in the game.

    Aim for a necromorph's legs if it is a walking necromorph. Once it is down on the ground, run up to it and use the RB button to stamp on it. You can also use the stasis power to slow it down should you worry about taking damage.

    On enemies that already crawl, stasis and then stamp on them. This is because the crawling ones tend to grab you quicker if you go in to stamp them and it isn't worth wasting precious health on them :)

    Repeat this step 25 times and you should unlock the achievement around chapter 4.
  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God97,751
    31 Jan 2012 31 Jan 2012
    4 1 0
    I am surprised no one mentioned this, easiest way to get this is at the end of chapter six right after the brute fight. There is a guy on the wall who shoots out larva things with tentacles, each is a one hit stomp kill and counts for the total. And he will spit them out till you kill him by cutting the three tentacles holding him to the wall. Just stay back in the hallway and he will practically shoot them right in front of you just stomp and repeat.
  • 6 3 0
    With the Plasma Cutter, aim at the legs and when they are down, press the right bumper to stomp on it. Stasis is an option, depends on how swarmed you are.
  • Kronic VapersKronic Vapers61,865
    27 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    7 4 0
    This achievement could be annoying. I suggest using the Plasma cutter With the alt aim horizontal and shooting the legs of every enemy you come across till they drop then going over and curb stomping them. You could even put them in slow motion to make sure you don't over kill them.
  • o iamZ3R0 oo iamZ3R0 o284,844
    14 Jul 2011 14 Jul 2011
    4 2 0
    Another easy way without using ammo is right after the battle with the Brute(Ch 7 I think) you go around a corner to find the Necro on the wall that shoots out little Necros with one tentacle. Since it just keeps shooting them out you can continue to stomp them until the Cheevo pops.
  • Erwo the ElderErwo the Elder280,928
    31 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
    4 4 0
    Actually using Stasis is great! This is because it will help you towards the Frozen In Time achievement as well at the same time.
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