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Bouncing Betty

Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back

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  • Kronic VapersKronic Vapers62,727
    27 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    33 1 1
    You know the little ball shooters that come into play around chapter 6. They shoot explosive enemys that explode when it touchings anything. Well when you find one of this walk up to it so it gets ready to shoot it's explosive and put it into slow motion. Then when it shoots the explosive use telekinesis to grab it and shoot it back at it and the achievement will pop. Plain and simple
  • TheOtherBarberTheOtherBarber523,024
    28 Jan 2011 02 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011
    12 1 2
    Cysts are these little pustules (for lack of a better word) that shoot out little mines if you get too close to them.
    What you need to do for this achievement is to Telekinesis Grab the Mine when it pops out and shoot it back at the Cyst that 'spit' the Mine at you in the first place.
    You have to be relatively quick to get the Mine before it hits the wall/ground.
    I found the best ones to do this to are the Cysts that are on the Ceiling. This is because the blast from the mine won't be enough to kill the Cyst and you will have many attempts to Grab the Mine.

    The guys over at Achievement Hunter have this Achievement guide that is both short and Informative.

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    **All credit goes to Jack & Burnie from Achievement Hunter for this video. These videos rock and deserve a Subscription!**
  • TheRickMoranisTheRickMoranis98,789
    27 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    10 1 0
    The Cysts look exactly like what they're called, little pimply creatures. Like the achievement says, you must catch one of its projectile "mines" and fire it back at itself.

    If you're having trouble catching it's projectile, get close to where it's about to fire then shoot it with Stasis. Catch and release.
  • NinjaBrickNinjaBrick67,036
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
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    Fairly straight-forward, best to do it with a cyst that's on the floor so it shoots the mine straight up in the air. I found those to be the easiest to catch. Stasis might help but it's certainly doable without.
  • M4STOD0NM4STOD0N516,633
    06 Sep 2011 07 Sep 2011 15 Sep 2011
    4 0 0
    A cyst are the things that are against surfaces that look like giant pimples (or a butt hole with a turd on deck ready to go). When you shoot it, it launches the turd out which explodes.

    Stasis the cyst first, then shoot it, the turd will be launched in slow mo. Grab it with your telekinesis (B while aiming) and throw it back at the cyst (RT while still aiming).

    You can also use the statis containers (they are blue and glowing, scattered around the levels). I got this achievement right after the BIG elevator ride (disc 2). There were a bunch of cyst's around with some statis containers on the ground. Launched one at the cyst, which put it into slo-mo AND caused it to launch its payload. Just grabbed it, threw it back, done.
  • Official PSWHOfficial PSWH2,625
    30 Mar 2012 25 Apr 2012
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    This video shows both the EARLIEST, and EASIEST possible way to grab yourself this Achievement.

    Full instructions are given in the video, along with hints and tips.
  • IcarneiroIcarneiro146,261
    29 Apr 2018
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