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Epic Dismemberment

Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)

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Achievement Guide for Epic Dismemberment

  • visheyryvisheyry444,384
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011 22 Apr 2013
    23 0 9
    A great place to get infinite amount of limbs severed AND no need to waste ammo is right after the eye poke machine in Chapter 14 when the Regenerator/Ubermorph spawns. Keep using stasis and melee/stomp him and allow him to regenerate. Use the stasis recharge machine to fill up your stasis when low. A great method since you're near the end and may need the last hundred or so limbs.

    *NOTE: This method works best on Casual difficulty since anything harder will require more hits to disable the Regenerator/Ubermorph and will probably come out of stasis before you can do so.*
  • CyberneticHFXCyberneticHFX483,625
    17 Feb 2011 20 Feb 2011 04 Sep 2011
    12 0 1
    This Epic Dismemberment of 2500 Necromorph Limbs can be even accumulated until Chapter 13 in Round 1.

    Stomp on the dead bodies' connected Limbs of Necromorphs - even those that you have found already dead.

    Nine Limbs per certain type of body can be dismembered - it means, that almost 278 certain Necromorphs in a human-alike shape, would have to be completely destroyed. The fact is that the number of Necromorphs you have to dismember Limbs from is greater than this value, since you will encounter Necromorphs that are in different shapes, and a lesser amount of body parts can only be dismembered on those others.

    To completely dismember a Necromorph, create an explosive impact on target creature - you may love to use the Contact Beam, or Hacker Contact Beam as you will succeed most efficiently. Stand in the middle and hit RB by using this ultimate weapon of destruction - wipe out the enemy that has crowded you - no longer you will be overwhelmed by these creatures of death and insanity. Fight back Terror with power!

    Additional Information: Dismembering human corpses is irrelevant in order to accumulate Achievement progression. However, Infectors would be unable to transform human corpses into Necromorphs if they have been dismembered appropriately. The amount of Necromorphs is identical regardless to Round and Difficulty Setting. This Achievement's progression can only be accumulated in Single Player. It is relative to Save Game record, and can be continued by playing New Game+.
  • OMGhotdogsOMGhotdogs71,168
    27 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
    10 0 0
    While it's not likely that you're going to pick up this achievement on your first play through, and stomping on each and every corpse can be a chore, you can shorten your stomping by using weapons that explode or shear multiple limbs and playing on casual to make it easier to knock them off.

    The Detonator works extremely well for this and often takes off all of a necromorphs limbs and kills it in one shot, often along with that of anything else nearby, although black necromorphs are exception and can take two or three shots. Other guns that are decent are the Force Gun at point blank range, the timed mine alt fire for the Line Gun, and the alt fire on the Javelin Gun after you have spec'd into its explosive special at the end of the upgrade tree.
  • Gloss666Gloss666403,798
    11 Feb 2011 11 Feb 2011
    8 2 3
    A quick tip for everybody, when you reach a necromorph that is stuck to the wall, sprouts tentacles and spits the little meatball things (damn it you describe them) that sprout the single tentacle from the top. Each one of the meatballs you kill by dismembering the tentacle counts towards this score as well. its slow going but plenty of kills towards this cheevo if you have the ammo!
  • Kronic VapersKronic Vapers61,867
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    9 3 1
    This one is time consuming. I played through on easy difficult 2 times 1 on a new game other new game+. Now when I finished my first game I have around 1400-1500. Took me 6 hours going to everyone room and looking at every part of the game. So I would suggest putting the game difficulty on easy because it'll allow you to get all the achievements except for 2 (Zealot and hardcore mode achievements) and because it makes this go by faster. Now for the second play through it took me around 3-4 hours to beat the game just killing everything. I would suggest using the Line gun maxed out or the Ripper. The ripper is excellent because when the enemy dies it gets cut in half counting as 1 then you can curb stomp it's limbs off. There are several spots where you can camp and enemys will keep coming. I can't remember the chapter but when you meet up with Allie and the other guy with them being on the second level and your on the first in the very big room. You'll be attacked by a brute. Well if you upgrade your suit so you hair is maxed out to 200+ it'll allow the second visit of this room to go easier. When you come back to this room and clarke tells her to open the door which will make it so your Oxy. goes down to a time limit the mobs will come for an unlimited mount of time allowing you to rack those limbs up (Preferable with the ripper) But you Have to pay attention to how much air you got left When your air level drops to around 30 and below I'd suggest heading on through the door. But that room easily can get 100+ Limbs just waiting for them.

    Also I would just say you don't need to do the last part it just helps. But since you need to do a few play through In order to get your guns and armor and everything else maxed this achievement will come with all the others and if you don't get it on your second play through you will very early on your 3rd.My total hours laying this game is 12 and 5 of those were playing multilayer And I have all the achievements.
  • HEFTI82883HEFTI82883215,991
    20 Mar 2013 20 Mar 2013
    3 0 0
    This one goes super quick after u beat hard core and get the foam finger as it completely dismembers necros with one good hit. You can always sit there and go "bang bang", what Issac says when u shoot it, at every necro on the ground until theyre completely dismembered too. I got the 300+ I needed by the time I got back to chapter 5 with very little effort. If you plan on doing hard core, then just wait for this achievement it'll be a lot easier. It also stacks through all your play throughs, so even if hard core isnt for you then you should get it on your second run.
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3301,510
    29 Jul 2015 09 Oct 2016
    0 0 1
    If you're at the last hundred or so limbs, and you make it to Ch. 14, you can follow visheyry's advice on the Ubermorph area.

    If you have beaten Hard Core mode and have the foam finger, then grinding this will be incredibly easy. You can repeatedly shoot enemies after killing them to dismember them even more.

    If you play through the whole game, on your second play through you'll probably have over 1000/2500 progress for the achievement, or somewhere around there.

    Like many of the other achievements in the game you may check your progress by pressing cn_start and selecting achievements, and then scrolling down to the corresponding achievement.

    In this game necromorphs have several limbs you can dismember. Some people have said it was 9 for the regular ones. That may actually be true. If you keep playing the game, you'll encounter many enemies. The achievement's progress will go up pretty fast. From my experience it isn't just the arms, legs and other main things that count. Once the counter reaches 2500/2500, you get this achievement.
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