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Fully Loaded

Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons

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  • x DJ JEZ xx DJ JEZ x523,348
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
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    Credit goes to jpric18 from X360A for finding this.

    How to get unlimited power nodes

    This was done on normal difficulty and the room that replenishes the items requires a power node for access.

    The Save Station is located on Chapter 14 after the anti-gravity section. Shortly after sticking your eye with needle, you'll be chased by the necromorph that doesn't die. You'll eventually reach the anti-gravity section. After you pass the anti gravity section, you go through two doors and on your right will be a door requiring a power node for access. This is room that replenishing the items. You'll find the Save Station two more doors if you head left from that T intersection.

    Steps (read description above to locate starting point):
    1. Unlock the door with a power node. Title above door: 6: Secure Storage, Power Node Access Only
    2. Advance through two more doors to reach a Store, Bench, and Save Station.
    3. Save at Save Station after the anti-gravity section on Chapter 14.
    4. Quit to main menu, then press continue
    5. Back track to the anti-gravity area (most of time you can go directly to the room). Once you get back to the anti-gravity area, go back through the last two doors and go into the room on your right. This is the room that required a power node to open. Inside this room is where I find either 2 power nodes, 1 ruby semiconductor, and/or 3k credit.
    6. Go back to Save Station and save the game.
    7. Repeat steps 4-6

    NOTE: if you start finding only credits in the room, try going all the way back to the switch in the antigravity area, then go to the room. Doing this has reset the 2 power nodes for me.

  • slashc133slashc13359,247
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    44 1 3
    By my count, the weapons that will cost the fewest nodes are:

    Plasma Cutter (I maxed the Refurbished one out with 18 nodes)
    Detonator (20 nodes)
    Pulse rifle (22 nodes)
    Ripper (also 22 nodes)

    The flamethrower, line gun, and Javelin gun all require 24 nodes, and the Force gun needs 25. I didn't have the Contact Beam or the Seeker on me when I was checking how many nodes are required, but the ones I listed above were fairly easy for me to max out before Chapter 10 on a Casual playthrough.
  • NynjahhNynjahh158,885
    23 Jun 2011 02 Jul 2011 21 Jul 2011
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    I've found that if you equip the 'elite vintage' suit it gives you 15% discount.
    So instead of nodes being 10,000 they now cost 8,500
    It's not a great deal better but it does help.
    Just use your favourite suit until you want to buy nodes and then change into the elite vintage suit and purchase your nodes.

    Also selling other ammo etc will help increase your credits so you can buy more nodes.
    I used this method to get these achievements:
    - fully outfitted
    - picking favourites

    Hope this helps someone
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