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Mission Impossible

Complete the game on Zealot setting

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How to unlock the Mission Impossible achievement

  • English GamerrrEnglish Gamerrr139,715
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011 17 Jan 2013
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    Zealot difficulty is not that much harder than Normal difficulty. I'd highly reccommend playing through on Casual or Normal and starting Zealot on a new game+.

    I completed my Zealot playthrough 2 hours faster than my Normal one just because I knew what I was doing.

    Before you new game+ you can use the power node exploit (video at bottom) to fully upgrade your weapons, rig and stasis module and it will make Zealot a ton easier. Also having power nodes to open all the storage cupboards is always helpful.

    If you get stuck on a checkpoint try the stasis and run tactic. You may often find yourself with low health and/or with no ammo. This method is extremely effective in certain levels although you're not going to be getting any ammo/health/credit drops so don't overuse it.

    Other than that it isn't that hard, the 4 weapons I used were Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Force Gun and the Line Gun.

    Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle are good for general use. The Force Gun is good for areas where your in an enclosed space and the Line Gun is amazing for when you're getting over run.

    Other than that it's actually not as hard as you think. Have fun.

    EDIT: Oh yea and beating the game on Hardcore won't unlock this achievement so you might aswell tackle this and get used to the game before you attempt Hardcore.

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    MartoMcFlyan observation... Flamethrower. the MOST UNRATED weapon in the whole game. ran through zealot today in about 5hrs using only the fully upgrade flamer. Amazing amount of damage and cheap ammo. Only used the pulse rifle Alt fire on the elevator achieve segment. Takes statused Brutes down in about 5secs with a controlled burst.
    Posted by MartoMcFly on 04 Feb 12 at 13:25
    megaonanYeah Flamethrower is great. Plus i feel like Ripley in Aliens :-)
    Posted by megaonan on 14 Jan 13 at 19:10
    LUNGS 66Just people know still works,just restart checkpoint until the room only has 3000 credits in,then save again then go back to main menu and reload save.Then it on average gives you 5 nodes/circuit boards(after each save/restart checkpoint)..Before you have to quit to main menu...Pretty upgraded all my stuff and had full ammo and med packs....
    Posted by LUNGS 66 on 02 Jan 17 at 11:40
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  • Seraphim17Seraphim17834,108
    29 Jan 2011 02 Feb 2011
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    Here's a playlist link of a Full walkthrough I made of the game on Zealot difficulty from a fresh save and every video has full commentary.


    Hope this helps.
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    Ibanez V7Great strategies on the couple of video's I saw. Helped me out of a room on my Hardcore run when I had little ammo and health and REALLY didn't feel like dying.
    Posted by Ibanez V7 on 12 May 11 at 23:05
  • SinisterHistorySinisterHistory459,158
    10 Mar 2011 20 Mar 2011
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    This is a guide for anyone that wants to *start* on Zealot Difficulty. I do not recommend this move, however, as New Game+ makes life a lot easier. I did it play on Zealot first, though, so here's my advice to those bold enough to follow in my footsteps. I learned the hard way, so perhaps you can learn from my mistakes.

    - Fully upgrade the Plasma Cutter! I had the Refurbished unlock from the first Dead Space, but the regular one will do. This will be the only weapon you are going to want to use for the majority of the game. It is quick to shoot, reload, and packs a punch on almost every enemy. Also, if it is the only weapon you carry, you will not find too much ammo for the other weapons.

    - Before the first encounter with the Stalkers in Chapter 5, buy the Force Gun! These guys are the only enemies that gave me a hard time. They were too fast for the Plasma Cutter and ended me quickly. With the Force Gun, you can just put yourself in a corner or against a wall and wait for them to charge you. A single shot of Alt Fire will cause them to instantly die if you hit them head on.

    - Run away, you may live to fight another day! I had a nasty habit of wanting to fully clear a room of all enemies if there were a lot of green crates around. I found that I wasted less ammo and health in the long run by running through a room and freezing enemies that got in my way. Sometimes it takes a while for the doors to open, so try to give yourself some breathing room and get out of there as fast as you can.

    - Buy the Hacker Suit! On more than one occasion, only having to do 2 instead of 3 parts to the hacking mini game saved my butt and allowed me to quickly bypass some challenging and overwhelming battles. You may be tempted to buy other suits later on. I, for example, bought the Advanced Suit. This move hurt me really bad on money to spend on health and ammo during the final "gauntlet" before the end boss, so it is up to you if you think you have enough money towards the end of the game.

    - For the part on top of the drill, run around like crazy! Enemies will be coming at you like a bat out of Hell. Bring lots of health and try not to stand in one place for too long. I barely made it through that part alive.

    - Grab all of the semiconductors! You will need the money, believe me. In particular, if you find a diamond semiconductor, grab it! They're worth 25,000 credits. Some "mini-boss" enemies will drop them and there is one hidden behind a rock in the chapter where the giant drill is. You'll need all the creds you can get your hand on.

    - You MUST buy and fully upgrade the Contact Beam before the final boss! The last store should be in chapter 13. Make sure you buy the Contact Beam; if you don't have enough nodes, respect the Plasma Cutter and fully upgrade the Contact Beam. I made the mistake of going to the final boss with only the Plasma Cutter and had to replay five chapters to get that weapon. The reason for its necessity is that one Alt Fire will cause the main target to show itself and it only takes 3-4 shots on that target to destroy it. It will make a difficult battle take less than 30 seconds.

    - During the "final gauntlet" in chapters 14 and 15, run away! The Ubermorpth cannot be killed and there will be dozens of enemies. Run away, only stasis those that get in your way, get through doors to get checkpoints. You need to conserve as much ammo and health as possible for the final boss, so be quick and precise during this part.

    - Make multiple saves! I saved a new slot every chapter in case I had to go back. This proved beneficial when I got to the final boss and had to go back. Would have been better if I had saved in chapter 13 instead of 12, but otherwise I wouldn't have been able to complete the game.

    - Be patient! You're going to die a lot. Luckily there are checkpoints. If you can get into the next room, chances are you hit have hit a checkpoint. Stick with it, it will be a challenging 7 or so hours, but well worth the reward.

    Good luck, hope this guide is helpful!
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    OnzaThe last store is actually chapter 14, after the "Radiation Containment" then "Direct Marker Access" doors. In this location is a save, a store and a bench. This is right before you step through the door (and into Chapter 15).
    Posted by Onza on 10 Sep 11 at 01:08
    UrsiformIt's really not that hard to knock out in one playthrough: harder than DS1 Impossible, sure, but not as bad as Halo Legendary modes etc. The problematic parts are the rooms with multiple leapers and/or pukers in your blind sides. In particular, that three-story room in 14 or so.

    Basically if you are used to 3PS or FPS hard modes don't be afraid to jump right in. If you have Severed, you get a Seeker rifle free and early which is by far the most ammo efficient gun in the game. Think DMR. If you get in a nasty hole you can sell contact ammo and buy more seeker shells than you could ever use. Even the elite pukers, which seem to be the tankiest of the necromorphs, go down in three regular-fire dismembering shots with it.
    Posted by Ursiform on 02 Mar 13 at 02:49
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