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My Boom Stick

Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire (single player only)

My Boom Stick+1.0
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Achievement Guide for My Boom Stick

  • The Jim DandyThe Jim Dandy183,909
    27 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    30 3 1
    The easiest place to do this is Chapter 3. You'll be chased by some pack and there will be a moving walkway that isn't working. Use the walkway to funnel the pack towards you and drop the alt-fire bomb there and you should see the achievement pop in a moment.
  • spree4567spree4567120,806
    05 Feb 2011 05 Feb 2011
    24 4 1
    An easy place I got it was during the final fight in Chapter 15. Lots of the "pack" enemies will spawn after you shoot the boss a few times. I just ran around for a little bit then turned around a corner and threw down a line gun mine with the alt-fire. I got the achievement the first time I tried. If you don't, they keep spawning here so there's plenty of opportunity if you avoid killing the boss.
  • scarfinoscarfino93,657
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    18 1 1
    The easiest place, and first place I thought to do this was the first time you encounter a large group of "pack" (the small walking children necromorphs). Hit your alt fire (RB) while aiming down the sight of your gun in front of the group (there's more than 6), toss your stasis and watch the fireworks!
  • 17 6 3
    I got this done easly on Chapter 5, right after you're done encountering the Tormenter (just like in the demo). Once the Pack start spaming you with their sheer numbers, all you have to do is back up against the wall and wait for them to bunch up, then spam them with stasis and fire the Alt-Fire at the center. BOOM achievement unlocked. You can literally get about 7 Packs all together, but waiting to long will get you overrun. I hope this helps! :]

    Please comment if you leave a negative, so that I can patch up any confusion. Unless you just hate with no reason.
  • Feral InfantFeral Infant85,857
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
    11 4 0
    Another easy place to do it is in the Thermal Conduit Access room in chapter 13 (the one with three floors). There is a save point outside the room, so you can just retry if you fail to get the cheevo. There are so many Crawlers and other enemies here that you probably won't need more than one or two tries, though.
  • IcajunihyIcajunihy44,507
    23 Feb 2013 20 Feb 2013 23 Feb 2013
    5 0 1
    Another good location for this achievement is in Chapter 6, in the Day Care Gymnasium after hacking the terminal to put the tables down. Through a combination of stasis and maneuvering, it's doable.

    Finally, for those of you like myself who didn't start gunning for this achievement until very late in the game, the final boss fight causes several of the toddler-type enemies to spawn, which, in a pinch and with stasis, can net you this achievement last-minute.
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