Peek a Boo! achievement in Dead Space 2

Peek a Boo!

Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode

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How to unlock the Peek a Boo! achievement

  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,268,114
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011 01 Feb 2011
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    I found a nice way to kill Stalkers at your leisure in Chapter 6.

    You enter a warehouse room, where you trigger about 6 or so Stalkers halfway across the room. As soon as you hear the Stalkers make noise announcing their arrival, run as fast as you can to the stairway you entered from. The doorway from the stairs to the warehouse room is a transition point in the game, and if you cross to the stairs, the Stalkers become disinterested and wander back into the warehouse.

    Simply cross into the warehouse, wait for the Stalkers to run around and take a hidden position, and headshot them a couple of times when they peek out. As soon as you shoot once, back up through the doorway, and they will not run at you and attack (or will even turn around if they were already running your way). You can pick them off one by one at your leisure by repeating the in-shoot-out pattern.

    Obviously, for this achievement, you'll need the Seeker Rifle, you'll need to aim (LT) and select the alt-mode (RB) before firing the killing shot.

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    The GlobalizerFixed, thanks.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 01 Feb 11 at 23:43
    CornerscoutI found an even easier way to do this. I figured I'd leave it here instead of making my own solution. Feel free to add this to yours: I didn't buy the Seeker Rifle until Chapter 8, so I started carrying it around waiting for a Stalker. In Chapter 8 you have to cross a large Zero G area and fight a monster at the end while crossing through the rings of fire. Once you exit, you'll enter a room with a crawling Stalker. Just use Stasis on it and shoot it with the Seeker. It's an easy kill since its already missing both legs.
    Posted by Cornerscout on 15 Sep 12 at 00:09
    MetroidkillahIf you're not too eager for this cheev (i.e. gettiing it in Game+), a fully-upgraded Seeker Rifle will kill a Stalker in one shot to the body. Imagine my surprise.
    Posted by Metroidkillah on 09 Feb 13 at 17:36
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  • Mr Squishy2Mr Squishy2175,338
    27 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011 02 Feb 2011
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    This achievement is not super easy as Stalkers are really fast and on most difficulties will not die in one shot. I got this one the second time Issac faces a group of stalkers after killing the Tormentor. You are in a room with a bunch of orange shelves and there is both a stasis station, and throwable kinesis spears on the ground.
    Once the Stalkers come out wait until one is peeking out from behind the shelves and use stasis on it, once it is in stasis zoom and try to hit the stalker in the head, I played on the survivalist difficulty my first playthrough and it took two shots to the head to kill him with no upgrades. If the stalker manages to get away just refill your stasis from the station on the wall and try again. There are plenty of stalkers in the room. If you manage to run out of Stalkers just exit to the main menu and try again. There is a save station on the wall as you enter the room before you go down the ramp.

    Thanks to Calex dEUS who mentioned that if you're running low on Seeker Rifle ammo you can bump the difficulty down to casual and one shot them. If your worried about achievements for difficulty playthroughs you can exit back to the main menu after you get the achievement and re-load as there is a save point right before you go down the ramp into the room with the Stalkers. This will resume the game with your difficulty still on Survivalist or whatever it was before and ensure that you still get the achievement for your selected difficulty.
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    Calex dEUSThe method is sound and so is the place , but I was playing on Zealot and only had 2 rounds left :(
    You can bump the difficulty all the way down to casual and one shot kill them then reload the save by exiting to the main menu and continue from where you left off as there was a save just before this room.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 31 Jan 11 at 18:15
    Mr Squishy2thanks ill add this to the solution if its cool with you
    Posted by Mr Squishy2 on 02 Feb 11 at 16:27
  • Poopdog M60RiotPoopdog M60Riot416,005
    27 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
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    If you upgrade the ALT fire on the gun it can get all the way up to 100 damage per shot. This is strong enough to kill stalkers on Zealot difficulty with only one shot. Stasis could help if you are having any difficulty.

    Also keep your back against a wall or better yet in a corner to make it easier.

    EDIT: The black-colored stalkers starting on chapter 10 will take 2 shots on Zealot difficulty.
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