The Sampler Platter achievement in Dead Space 2

The Sampler Platter

Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).

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How to unlock the The Sampler Platter achievement

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    To get this achievement, you must kill at least one Necromorph with each weapon. The weapons and locations are listed below. There are 10 default weapons from the game.

    NOTE: DLC/Pre-Order/Special variants of the default weapons do count for the achievement. If you get a kill, but reload your checkpoint/save/die after that kill, you must get it again. Also, from my understanding, this does not have to be in one playthrough. Some are reporting you do, while others are getting it in their second playthrough. You should really not have an issue getting this in one run though.

    Just as the first game, you must take the schematic to the store for the gun to become available to purchase.

    Plasma Cutter
    Chapter 1
    Location: Found in operating room through normal story progression.

    Javelin Gun
    Chapter 2
    Location: Store.

    Line Gun
    Chapter 2
    Location: Store.

    Pulse Rifle (Schematic)
    Chapter 3
    Location: Immediately after Chapter 2 where you fight upside down, and after the train crashes. Go around behind the train to the left, and it's on a shelf.

    Ripper (Schematic)
    Chapter 5
    Location: At the bottom of area with the coffins, you need to solve the statis/gravity ring puzzle. If you are in front of the console, turn around and you should see it on a shelf to the right.

    Detonator (Schematic)
    Chapter 5
    Location: After the elevator ride where the Slasher drops from above, exit and progress down to the executive office on the right. It will be in there.

    Seeker Rifle (Schematic)
    Chapter 6
    Location: In the start of Chapter 6, follow your locator to the room with the balconies. Look to your right, and you should see it on the floor.

    Flame Thrower (Schematic)
    Chapter 6
    Location: Toward the end of the school, after the fight in the gym, you will see a classroom with a window on your right. Go into this room, and it's in the back right corner.

    Force Gun (Schematic)
    Chapter 7
    Location: After the Solar Array elevator ride (where you get the Elevator Action achievement) it will be in one of the lockers with the white light. Make sure you kill the Cysts first.

    Contact Beam (Schematic)
    Chapter 7
    Location: After the Main Frame puzzle, follow your locator through normal progression. Kill all the Necromorphs, but do not follow to the right as the marker tells you. There is a node locked room off to the left. The schematic is in this room, so make sure you have a node.

    If you leave negative feedback, please state why so I may adjust this as appropriate. Thanks.

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    BertieHothI can confirm too that this only seems to work when killing NECROMORPHS, the normal enemies. I killed a Cyst with the pulse rifle, and it didn't pop, next thing I kill a Necro with the same gun and it pops. So if you're going for this one, kill Necromorphs!
    Posted by BertieHoth on 01 Aug 12 at 12:10
    BertieHothAs it says in the achievement description. Silly me. :P
    Posted by BertieHoth on 01 Aug 12 at 12:14
    count023Urgh, love that this doesn't have any tracking. I've used all 9 guns and nothing. Zip, zilch, nada.
    Posted by count023 on 29 Jun 17 at 13:17
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    I would like to provide a farm-spot for folks who completed the game and want to get this early on in a new game+.

    This is right at the beginning of Chapter 2, immediately after you crawl out of Chapter 1 through the Engineer Shaft(?).

    You have your room with a shop (for buying all the weapons, provided by kael7, in his guide), and you have your Necromorph right as you continue through that door, he should spawn at the other end of the escalator and run towards you with hellish speed. Blast him.

    Now I created 2 separate saves so I could load back the game without all the weapons needed for this Achievement.

    1. Save up on the Save Station on the left of the same room.
    2. Quit the game, and load up your save again.
    3. Once you're back in the game, walk back to the shop, open and close the shop (or walk to the back wall), and go back into the room, where the Necromorph should re-spawn. This time though he will not be up and running but "fake-deathing". Blast him with your next weapon 'o choice, repeat.

    When you're done, load up your original save, and you won't have to spend all those credits on weapons you're not using.

    Also this is a none-efficient way to up the count towards your Epic Dismemberment Achievement. Still if you want to get this early in the game (or new-game+) and only need a few more limbs...
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    Please, for the best use of the video.
    1 - Turn on automatic subtitles in portuguese.
    2 - Then, post to translate automatically into English.
    3 - Enjoy the video.

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