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Vacuum Cleaner

Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself

Vacuum Cleaner+2.0
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Achievement Guide for Vacuum Cleaner

  • Batman5273Batman5273292,809
    31 Jan 2011
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    Credit to soliunasm at

    Chapter 1 - This one is mandatory. It's the tutorial on how to shut the decompression off, and you get one kill for free.
    Chapter 3 - Right at the beginning you get your first area you can decompress stuff. You get attacked by one of those bombing guys(With the orange exploding sack on their left arm), two children, and one normal Necromorph. Ignore these four. Kill them but do not hit the glass in back. Then, run up to the glass and you should be attacked by five kids. Kite them all until you can see all five of them in front of you(You should go back to the entrance of Chapter 3, the elevator) and then shoot the glass. You get five kills here for a total of six overall.
    Chapter 4 - In the Unitologist Indoctrination room, right after you fix the fuses to allow you to enter the other room, you get attacked by three Necromorphs one you leave the fuse room, so once the three pop out, destroy the window in front of you and now you have a total of nine overall.
    Chapter 7 - This is the area with the rogue AI. I can't remember where it is, but once you enter the center of the room you get barricaded in by two Detonator Mines and some explosive barrels at the end of those mines, so you are unable to move them. You can move the explosive barrels at the end prior to the mines being triggered though, then you can shoot out the window yourself and get about 6 kills from all the explosive babies.
    Chapter 9 - This is the last one. After you kill the Divider and proceed into the next room, there should be a Power Node on the right. Go to that and you will have a Black Necromorph drop on you and an exploder on the right walking toward you. Shoot out the window directly in front of you.
  • CyberneticHFXCyberneticHFX497,963
    19 Feb 2011 19 Feb 2011 04 Sep 2011
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    A weak window that is meant for security purposes, must be destroyed in order to cause vacuum. Such a window is signed with these texts: Future Expansion; Warning, Damage to Glass could cause Vacuum.

    While vacuum is sucking everything out, shoot the shifter in the central position above a Decompression Window to restore solid atmosphere.

    Achievement progression, calculation:
    Chapter 01: 01 Necromorph will be decompressed
    Chapter 03: 05 Necromorphs can be decompressed
    Chapetr 04: 03 Necromorphs can be decompressed
    Chapter 07: 08 Necromorphs can be decompressed
    Chapter 09: 02 Necromorphs can be decompressed
    Round: 19 Necromorphs can be decompressed

    Additional Information: The number of Necromorphs that can be decompressed is identical, regardless to number of Round or Difficulty Setting. Achievement progression can only be continued by playing New Game+.
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