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Alive or Dead? achievement in MicroBot

Alive or Dead?

Find the source of the hostiles and destroy it

Alive or Dead?-0.3
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How to unlock the Alive or Dead? achievement

  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite
    08 Feb 2012 08 Feb 2012
    This is EASILY the hardest enemy, and boss in the game, and thus, it's fitting it's the final boss.

    First, you'll have to battle multiple enemies (I would estimate at least 50, maybe even 100), which basically go under 'swarm' tactics, i.e. "Throw enough enemies at you until, you die." Survive this, you'll have to deal with a 'fury' laser from the boss's eye. Move below or above it to avoid it.

    Next, you'll have to deal with four clones, one at a time, of your current ship and ship's loadout.

    Finally, the boss will explosively detach itself from it's main body (leaving behind the 20th buckyball, giving you the following achievement, if you've gained the other 19 as you've been playing through the game.)
    MicroBotFullereneThe Fullerene achievement in MicroBot worth 56 pointsCollect all 20 Bucky Balls
    This is the boss's last form, now it's detached from it's body. Shoot it until it dies, and the game will end after a small no-control-for-you scripted cutscene. Credits start, and the achievement pops.

    I recommend the following loadout:
    2 lasers at level 3, on your front.
    2 electron guns at level 3, just behind the lasers, at the front.
    1 magnet at level 3, on back right of your ship.
    1 life support at level 3, on back left of your ship.
    1 rotor at level 3, right on the back of your ship.
    I recommend your auxillary weapons to be the Nuke, and the Overclock, both at level 3.

    I recommend using both the overclock and the nuke early, to try and destroy as many of the swarm ships as possible. By the time you're on the boss' final form, they should have recharged, allowing you to use them again to dodge and destroy his eye lasers.
    For the clones, I recommend getting close to your clone, and just constantly directing your lasers at them. You should destroy them before they destroy you.

    Don't forget to continuously pickup the atoms (the magnet should do it for you, most of the time) during the boss fight, as if you don't, you'll die VERY quickly.

    Hope this helps.
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    JMJimmyThis was one of the easiest bosses with a different setup:

    4 max homing missiles on the front
    Rotor on the back (max)
    Magnet & life support on the back left/right (I only had these at level 2)
    Auxillary = Virus + Nuke

    Virus when things get to busy to give yourself some breathing room, nuke when you have a large grouping. For the ghost fights you can either run circles around the homing missiles that are coming at you while firing slightly behind you to get yours on track, or there's an exploit: draw them to the right then circle around to the north alcove. It's a little tricky but they'll get stuck firing directly at you and they'll just splash against the wall while you can shoot around the wall.

    Did it first try, no close calls, nuked the final boss for a quick death.
    Posted by JMJimmy on 24 Mar 13 at 19:05
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