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Having a Ball achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Having a Ball

Complete the Sierra Madre Gala Event.

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How to unlock the Having a Ball achievement

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    Be warned that this guide contains minor spoilers for the Dead Money DLC. This is a story related mission that takes place after finding all 3 companions and returning to the fountain at the Villa.

    You'll receive three new missions (Fires in the Sky, Strike Up the Band, and Mixed Signals) that involve escorting each companion to a switching station in order to simultaneously trigger the Gala Event, and open the casino's gates.

    Fires in the Sky has you taking Dog and God to Salida del Sol South. Navigate the streets, destroying ghost people as you move along and be sure to engage Dog in conversation to unlock the Ghost Hunter perk, making it easier to destroy them outright. Either reason with God to stay at the station, kill two ghost people for meat to appease Dog, or lock the cage to force God to activate the switches. Any choice will finish the mission.

    Strike Up the Band will take you to Puesta del Sol with Dean Domino. His perk will help you avoid damage from The Cloud that blocks your path in many areas. Travel through the Ruined Cafe and when you reach the rooftop with the sparking wire, either threaten him to stay and complete the circuit or activate two security holograms to protect him. When he finally agrees to preform the task, the mission is finished.

    Mixed signals takes you and Christine to Puesta del Sol, and a switching station rife with speakers and The Cloud. Your companions perk will help lengthen the time you have to navigate around speakers interfering with your bomb collar. A fuse box is in need of repair at the switching station, and either 3 fuses or a repair of 60 will get it working order again. You'll also need to activate a terminal by the elevator and then engage Christine in conversation again. After she agrees to stay the mission will end.

    Now you have to proceed to the bell tower in Salida del Sol and trigger the Gala Event. Numerous ghost people and speakers will greet you along the way. Be sure to grab the Super Stimpak recipe on the ledge, and the Holorifle mod recipe when you reach the top.

    Pull the switch and fireworks will explode over the casino. Ghost People will now emerge in the courtyard below, and you'll have to fight or flee in order to backtrack back to the fountain and continue into the Sierra Madre casino.
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    Sweet Trav34GrandSabo thank you for the help
    Posted by Sweet Trav34 on 18 Jan 11 at 01:07
    Lord BurgerYou're very welcome.
    Posted by Lord Burger on 18 Jan 11 at 01:10
    wes coasnsweet jesus!!! I was stuck for an hour on how to get dog to stay.
    Posted by wes coasn on 24 Jan 11 at 04:38
    Lord BurgerThere's a challenge for beating the DLC with all companions alive, which means keeping them happy, and is tougher then just lying or bullying them. If you cleared out the Ghost People on the way to Dog/God's switching station the two new ones should automatically appear after God tells you he needs meat.
    Posted by Lord Burger on 24 Jan 11 at 17:16
    ZordnilI have googled this for a while now and everyone say the same thing, lock the gate. The only problem is no one says HOW. I can close the gate but not lock it. There is no lock option in the terminal beside the gate so im very curious how this is accomplished.
    I know there are other ways of getting god/dog to stay, but locking them in seems like the best solution to not have to worry about God coming after you later.

    No vote.
    Posted by Zordnil on 12 Aug 12 at 09:15
    Lord Burger@Zordnil, I'm not sure why you're unable to lock God in the cage. You should have an option on the terminal next to that area, but it's strange that it doesn't appear. I'll either replay that section or try and get a definitive answer and get back to you.
    Posted by Lord Burger on 13 Aug 12 at 03:52
    Mr XBobThanks for the guide, this DLC is an absolute nightmare. Such vague in-game quest descriptions and a really hard map to navigate.

    Just wanted to let you know about the 'lock the cage' part, it basically means to play the holo tape that commands dog. It 'changes' him back to god, meaning dog is 'locked in his cage' (now the hidden personality) so that you can reason with god and have him flick the switches.

    There's no way to physically lock the gates in that area :)
    Posted by Mr XBob on 21 Jan 13 at 21:08
    MomentousFlea4I know it's been a long time since this came out, and the info is probably already easy to find, but I'd like to state that the computer next to the gates for the Dog/God mission locks the gates then requiring some "mysterious" key to unlock them. It's possible you might need a certain level of Science to see the lock option. I did have an issue with God clipping through the gate after the quest completed, as if he was still in follower mode. I was also unable to interact with him command wise at that point. Hope this helps. smile
    Posted by MomentousFlea4 on 20 Feb 14 at 05:15
    PolisRanger2033i was not having " a ball" doing this
    Posted by PolisRanger2033 on 23 Apr 15 at 15:33
    TheSWFCI love Fallout games and usually the DLC but this is the most frustrating DLC ever.
    Posted by TheSWFC on 22 Jun 16 at 06:26
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