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Safety Deposit Box achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Safety Deposit Box

Trap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.

Safety Deposit Box0
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How to unlock the Safety Deposit Box achievement

  • BIG P3TEBIG P3TE205,378 205,378 GamerScore
    07 Jan 2011 10 Jan 2011 08 Apr 2013
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    Very easy to get, Once you've done the speech challenges to entice Elijah to come down to the vault, make a save so that you can come back and get the "Cash Out" achievement.
    You need to open the vault door and go left up the small steps to ths area you came in through, you can wait if you want to see Elijah turn off the force field and then come through the doors into the area infront of the vault, but you dont have to.. Now just run back through the areas with the hologram security bots, Dont worry about them seeing you, just keep running through the maintenance shaft until you come back to the lift,
    As in the video, just jump down from the level near the alarm terminal to save time..
    The achievement should pop before you get to the lift.

    If the Youtube video doesn't work, I also uploaded the video here:

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    icebat2001The video was very helpful, but whenever i get to the elevator and leave the vault, it doesn't warp me to the fountain.
    Posted by icebat2001 on 20 Jun 15 at 18:29
    Blue RadiumIf you time it right, you can get this achievement and escape with 37 gold bars worth about 350,000 caps. Need to stand right at the edge of the auto-lockdown threshold, then book it right as he turns to face and walk towards the computer. That part of his scripted approach keeps the lockdown from activating. With perfect timing there is about a second or two of leeway. Can crawl of the area overencumbered, store them all in one of the boxes in the BoS bunker/they are all safe, never need to worry about caps again.
    Posted by Blue Radium on 15 Aug 20 at 20:00
    vVerdyvThat's weird, on the One, it shows up as a 30GS achievement yet it gives you 40 points worth.
    Posted by vVerdyv on 31 Aug 20 at 16:28
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  • TheLiveDunnTheLiveDunn169,808
    28 Dec 2010 29 Dec 2010 15 Jan 2011
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    Before you actually trap Elijah in the vault, you have to convince him to come down. A repair, science, or explosives of 75 will do, and if not, a lockpick or sneak of 75 will make him come down after you. (A little extra help, the lockpick and sneak challenges can be activated by telling Elijah that you will take the treasure for yourself) Once you can move again after he says he's coming down himself, run out the vault door and up the steps to the left, but do not go through the doorway to where you entered from, just wait in the dark there where you can still see the vault door and the bubble around it.

    Once he comes down, go into crouch mode (if you aren't already) and wait for him to reach the area where the computer and vault door are. Once he reaches that area, start moving (still crouching) and remain undetected until you reach the area that he entered through. If you are having problems staying undetected, there is a gun case in the same room as the terminal that has a chance of having up to six stealth boys in it. Other then that, you can read any La Fantomas that you have, make sure to keep the light on your pip-boy off, or try wearing the assassin's suit, which is located in the Medical district of the Villa.

    Once you are in the room he came from, you are home free. He will activate the blue holo-doors and activate your collar, and you will have about 30 - 40 seconds to leave through the elevator before you explode, which isn't a problem. Once you leave, not only do you get an achievement, you get a challenge with the same name that gives you extra xp. If you have any problems with this guide, feel free to comment before you give a negative vote.
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    SaintsRecruitSpoiler: any solution that talks about the ending of sierra madre should reference ways of getting out with the 37 gold bars. i left without them but i'm curious as to whether you can get out with them all?
    Posted by SaintsRecruit on 16 Mar 11 at 20:40
    TheLiveDunnYou can, but it would be pretty difficult trying to sneak past Elijah with all 37 bars, seeing how slow you move. Once in the main world, you can then just walk to a container and deposit them for transport.
    Posted by TheLiveDunn on 16 Mar 11 at 21:02
    DARKTICKI got out with 10 bars was my most had to drop everything else though
    Posted by DARKTICK on 14 Oct 11 at 05:41
  • SashaQSashaQ260,654
    23 Dec 2010 29 Dec 2010
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    This achievement is missable!
    Save your game immediately after talking to Father Elijah (through a video screen) in the Vault. I suggest saving here because you can easily screw this up and you will want to reload your save and not have to sit through dialogue again!

    To get this achievement you have to escape the vault undetected.. this means Father Elijah has to come down the elevator to the vault, open the barriers, and start walking toward the main doorway to the vault. To sneak past him, you will want a high sneak skill or a stealth boy. I found one stealth boy while searching around outside the Sierra Madre (I do not remember the exact location, but I do know that it was on the second floor of an area and inside the room were like five desks filled with sierra madre chips and one stealth boy).

    It is very easy to get caught by Father Elijah, even if you have a stealth boy. So this is what I did to lock him in: I waited inside of the vault with the door closed for about a minute, then I took my stealth boy, opened up the vault and closed the door behind me and waited (while sneaking) along the right side of the dome surrounding the entrance to the vault. Father Elijah, if he does not detect you, will open the barriers guarding the exit, and leave them open while he walks toward the vault. If he detects you, the turrets will come alive and he will close the barriers and yell, "did you think you can really steal from me?" (if he does this, load your save and try again!) If you are undetected, sneak through the now open walkways toward the elevator and your achievement should pop, because Father Elijah will trap himself down in the vault after reading the safeguarded file on the terminal.

    Good Luck! If you would like to downvote, please let me know so that I may improve this solution. Please leave any additional comments and I'd be happy to add it to the solution to help others =)
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