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Expansion Pack 3

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Salt in the Wound

An opponent's last permanent leaves the battlefield (Expansion 3)

Salt in the Wound0
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How to unlock the Salt in the Wound achievement

  • lord verhlord verh169,272
    03 Jan 2011 10 Jan 2011 11 Jan 2011
    96 2 17
    -Set up a custom duel with the basic blue deck (Thoughts of Wind) against Garruk (green)
    -check if you are the starting player, if not restart
    -when you are starting player keep skipping cards until you have a 'Boomerang' and two land (blue>island)
    (restart game if your cards are not lucky and try it again, you need at least 1 land and 1 boomerang)
    -play your land
    -let the enemy play his land
    -play your land
    -use Boomerang
    Achievement will pop right away!

    You can make it faster by going to advanced options and let yourself start with 9 cards. The trick is to let the enemy have just one permanent, his first land. So if you don't start he will have two lands by the time you can play your boormerang and you will be screwed

    good luck!

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    The GlobalizerGot it first try. Excellent solution.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 25 Nov 13 at 00:04
    AllChristopheWorked like a charm, thanks.
    Posted by AllChristophe on 25 Aug 15 at 11:39
    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution. Got unlucky the first two times and he played a wall his first turn, gotta love RNG.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 17 Jan at 07:20
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  • oBritooBrito149,229
    08 Aug 2011 08 Aug 2011
    4 1 0
    To get this alone while playing the game normaly.

    -Play the Eons of Evil.
    -Remove all the unlock cards leaving only the Artisan of Kozilek(you have to unlock this card).
    -Dont' attack use the creatures only to defend
    -Try to use abilities that draw cards to bring Artisan of Kozilek earlyier
    -When you get Artisan of Kozilek start atacking with it, since it has annihlator 2 for every attack you remove 2 cards from the oponnent, remove lands first an creatures last.
    -If the oponnent has 10 or less live points and more that 2 cards wait untili he brings another creature.
  • XpovosXpovos731,869
    07 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012
    2 0 0
    Using Mind of Void (Expansion 1) keep in your counterspells thin out your deck to the best of your ability otherwise. Play against Sarkhan the Mad. Not only will this result in some fun gameplay, it's the best way to achieve this achievement without the boomerang trick.

    Sarkhan has three Eldrazi in his deck and your milling him will result in a lot of deck shuffling as they come and go. But Sarkhan will filter his own deck to get land on the battlefield and play an Eldrazi. Once he plays either Ulamog or Kozilek, use Persuassion to take control of it and start swinging with Annihilator 4 going the other way. This is tricky, but I found it easier than using Eons of Evil where you only get Annihilator 2, and the AI seems willing to just die rather than chump block enough times for you to destroy all the lands.

    Important tips: Use your Counterbores on the removal spells like Terminate or Sever Soul, this removes them from the game and means they won't come back to hit your Persuaded Eldrazi. Dragonmaster Outcast is fine as long as it's not his first play, when I got this achievement that was his last chump blocker and I didn't have to worry because he never got too many extra dragons in play because he was sacrificing lands too fast. Giant Scorpion can also be a problem because it has deathtouch. Use your counterspells wisely and carefully.

    You only have two Persuasions so this method requires both luck and skill.
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