Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement in Halo 3

Maybe Next Time Buddy

Board the same vehicle within 10 seconds after being boarded in any free for all playlist (Online).

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How to unlock the Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement

  • HolyRayneHolyRayne250,806
    12 Aug 2008 16 Mar 2009
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    If you want (or need) to do this without the aid of party members you should try to lure someone into hijacking you. First, make sure you have a energy drainer to kill your vehicle's engine. Next, it would be best to use a ghost (more people try to hijack that than a warthog) and hide in a spot that is relatively small so the enemy can't just run away after taking your vehicle. (I waited in the dome on High Ground). When the enemy jumps on your vehicle immediately press X and drop the energy drainer to kill the engines. Walk back up to your vehicle and hijack it for the achievement.

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    Lazy with StyleIt's slightly glitched. A friend and I did it on Sandbox in Rumble Pit playlist. My friend got it first so he went into the Chopper, I hijacked it and he hijacked it back gaining the achievement a few seconds later. When it was my turn in another match on the same map, I did the same as him before just in time and achievement unlocked as soon as I pressed the button for second hijacking (even before my character did the action).
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 13 Jul 21 at 22:10
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  • TachikomaShikiTachikomaShiki1,003,041
    23 Mar 2008 01 May 2010 02 Aug 2014
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    The easiest maps to do this on are High Ground and Snowbound. They both have vehicles and are small maps. I have done this achievement twice on both and found it pretty simple.

    As soon as the match begins, try to avoid other players and find a Ghost. It doesn't have to be a Ghost but they are easier to get away in if your being shot at. Also, most players will rarely try to hijack a Mongoose or Warthog so the Ghost is the best to try.

    Now, the trick is to find another player and drive the Ghost right next to them. Don't splatter or shoot them just stop the Ghost as soon as you reach them. The player should hijack you. If they don't, drive away and then go back.

    Once they do, drive the Ghost full speed into a nearby wall, tree or whatever before they kick you off. If done correctly, by the time they turn the Ghost around, you can successfully hijack them and unlock the achievement. Sometimes players will speed away in the Ghost once they have control so try to crash it just before you're kicked off and you should have no problem.

    Some of the best places to try are small areas like inside the underground passage on Snowbound or inside the base on High Ground. The other player won't be able to escape quickly if there are too many nearby objects.

    Here is a video showing how I got the achievement:
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    TachikomaShikiNote: This video is on my old youtube account still cause I wasn't able to get the clips again to re-edit the opening to the video so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments here not the video, thanks.
    Posted by TachikomaShiki on 22 Mar 13 at 23:23
  • virtualmaddenvirtualmadden130,611
    15 May 2010 15 May 2010
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    If doing this solo it's a lot more bothersome than it should be. The best way is Social Rumble Pit on Snowbound. Social is better than Ranked Lone Wolves because I kept getting the mongoose instead of the ghost on this level. Grab the ghost and go to the opposite side of the map where the overhang is, near the three tunnels that meet underground. There should be a impassible shield on one side and a column on the other. If you position yourself between the two, you should have enough time to get boarded and get your ghost back. Really easy and a lot less painful than seeing someone speed away on your ghost.
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    Xx1337SniPerzxXPerfect solution! Worked for me the first time!
    Posted by Xx1337SniPerzxX on 02 Dec 12 at 15:37
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