Campaign Complete: Heroic achievement in Halo 3

Campaign Complete: Heroic

Finish the Campaign on Heroic (unlocks achievement for Normal, if not earned).

Campaign Complete:  Heroic0
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How to unlock the Campaign Complete: Heroic achievement

  • HexxasHexxas24,689
    13 Nov 2008 23 Feb 2009
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    This achievement is easier with a buddy, but possible to do solo.

    I used the grunt birthday party and extra grenades skulls, because the headshot confetti explosion sets off grenades. This will make packs of grunts much easier to kill.

    The Needler explosion is your friend when fighting tough enemies, especially brutes. If you stick 7 needles into an enemy, they will explode. It's an easy way to conserve ammunition. Keep in mind that the elite brutes that use grav hammers are immune to needles, as well as plasma grenades.

    Overall, fight defensively. Use cover whenever you can, and don't be afraid to break off and retreat when things get heavy.

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    SicAndDisturbedI will completely agree with this review. However, i want to add that getting good with the BR is KEY, the BR is your friend... also, never use the sniper (covi or USMC) to take out grunts... unless you can kill 3 or more with a single shot... they aren't worth the ammo. Another tip that i have fount helpful is when using a rifle (BR or Covenant Carbine) and a sniper,if possible use the sniper rifle to shoot the Elites. This will either kill them or knock their armor off. If you do not head shot them (and simply destroy their armor) use the BR/Carbine to finish them off. Basically thats a long winded way of saying sniper ammo is to precious to waste on a kill that your other gun can get easily. I hope this helps...
    Posted by SicAndDisturbed on 27 Apr 09 at 12:17
    PoppyGalaxyI got a question that goes to the game in general. Do the enemy keep re spawning if you don't push forward like in some areas in COD 4? Or not.
    Posted by PoppyGalaxy on 08 May 10 at 17:33
    HexxasEnemies generally don't respawn, although they might at some points. I'm not completely certain.
    Posted by Hexxas on 09 May 10 at 23:37
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    04 Oct 2010 11 Mar 2010
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    Remember, this unlocks when you complete Legendary. It's probably best to skip this difficulty entirely. Complete the game once on medium by yourself, so you know where all the encounters are, what types of enemies are next, and how to use the new weapons and vehicles. Then a grab a buddy or three and beat it on legendary.
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