Catch achievement in Halo 3


Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

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How to unlock the Catch achievement

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    15 Sep 2008 02 Jul 2009
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    Level Obtained: "The Storm"
    Effect: "Pull pin. Count to three. Throw." -- Every NPC carries two grenades and throws them often.

    I thought that this was one of the hardest achievements to get, but I found this video on YouTube that helped me and I hope it'll help you. The pedestal that the skull resides upon is too high to jump too alone; you have to grenade jump off a warthog (or ghost if you have it).

    One of the big problems with this skull is that if you destroy the two wraiths that are in this area, the skull will disappear, so the only way that you can get this skull is in the middle of being shot at.

    Anyway, I used this video to help, and I hope that it helps you too. Regardless of the help, this one still took me longer than any other skull.

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    NoSubsThis worked very well for me. You can see in the video, but it is worth pointing out, that you should be looking down at the ground when throwing the grenade (not straight out in front).
    Posted by NoSubs on 02 May 11 at 13:14
    APOAL FRnegative because the SHADOWARRIOR77 way is a lot more simple
    Posted by APOAL FR on 07 Apr 14 at 10:40
    AradorShouldn't have tried to get this while I was having a bad day, snapped my Halo 4 controller cry
    Posted by Arador on 10 Apr 15 at 02:16
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    Level: The storm

    Location: The first area you come across that you have to eliminate the anti-aircraft tanks there is a round building in the toward the far end of this area, the skull is on the roof of this building.


    I would recommend doing this on Normal mode so that you survive the 'grenade jump' and so you don't get pummelled by the tanks!

    (Probably) the easiest way of doing this is on Co-Op mode. Kill/Destroy every enemy excluding the tanks. The mud is slightly higher on one side of the building go to this side.

    Have one player stand against the building looking towards the floor, and another player jump onto this player. Have the player on the bottom throw a grenade towards the floor, just after this the second player should jump - this will give them more than enough height to get onto the building roof.
    25 Oct 2010 25 Oct 2010
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    I tired the others I just couldn't do them right, especially the Grenade Jump. What I did was I took 3 Ghosts, and rammed them between the back of the silo, and the back wall. One was left standing on the front end. So I jumped on top of that one, and then did a crouch jump from there. FINALLY I landed on top of the silo, and nabbed the skull for the cheivo.

    Funny though I took the skull over to the other Wraith with me, dropped it, killed the Wraith, and the skull still disappeared.
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    Bigjimboski80Awesome solution bro! I tried numerous attempts of jumping off the warthog and just couldn't do it. I got it on my first try using your solution.
    Posted by Bigjimboski80 on 23 Jan 13 at 18:27
    APOAL FRFind the same, simple :) Using LT for boost the third Ghost and place it "over" others.
    Posted by APOAL FR on 07 Apr 14 at 10:39
    Lazy with StyleThanks man I couldn't make a high enough pile with the Warthog and Ghosts from the outer wall of the silo. Did your method with just two Ghosts. Brilliant. I kicked the skull down the canyon after I got it and the wraith on top tried to shoot down there, hilarious 😂
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 13 Jul 21 at 13:02
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