Spartan Officer achievement in Halo 3

Spartan Officer

Advance to the Spartan Officer ranks (Online).

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How to unlock the Spartan Officer achievement

  • BurNt CracKerBurNt CracKer52,109
    29 Mar 2009 29 Mar 2009
    78 17 10
    The objective is to get a cumulative total of 50EXP in a single gametype. You can track which gametype you have the most EXP on in your game summary by pressing start in your lobby to view your records. Mine, for example, currently (as of 3/29/09) says I have 52EXP for Rocket Race halfway down on the main screen where you have 3 options on your left (view service record, etc).

    I think the quickest way to get this achievement is to play double exp on the weekends with a "rocket race" if you are lucky enough to encounter the gametype on a particular weekend. That's how I got mine, and I think anything else (like slayer, king, etc) would take a lot longer to get, especially if you don't come in 1st or 2nd place very often.

    Just because it's quick (IF you win 25 matches, meaning coming in 1st place) doesn't mean it's easy! It can take as many as 25 matches (if you came in 1st 25 times), 50 matches (if you came in 2nd place 50 times), or evern 100 matches if you don't get 1st or 2nd place every game so it can take you awhile! Anyway here's the scoop if you play any Double EXP game: 1 win (1st place) = 2EXP; 2nd place = 1EXP.

    It's not easy because there are many times where you will be paired with a team-mate that will either quit out on you for no reason at all or flat out act stupid and run around trying to kill people you can't really even kill (unless you assassinate someone but it's too much effort really).

    To avoid EXP penalties for quitting early, I strongly recommend baing patient and to just stick with these matches until someone wins and just try again with a different group. Otherwise, you previous efforts would be wasted and you would be spending more time than you need to try to pair up with someone good.

    I was lucky enough to meet 2 people who were GREAT team-mates and helped ensure I was in 1st or 2nd place whenever I was paired up with either of them. When you find good people who are willing to help you out and/or pair up with you for dominations, then be sure to party up with them so that you will always be paired together to ensure a win the majority of the time. I'd say 80% of this Rocket Race involves LUCK of finding a good team-mate, and 20% is your skill at driving and/or shooting rockets at the other mongoose's to keep them off course if you are the VIP.

    I personally found this one easy to get but just time consuming. I assume it would be even more time consuming if you stick to your favorite gametype that happens to not be featured on a double EXP weekend yet. Good luck!

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    lightchipsterI got this recently but it was a serious grind with finding matches.
    Posted by lightchipster on 05 Aug 19 at 23:05
    IRL Games XCheck out my guide for the easy method
    Posted by IRL Games X on 28 Mar 21 at 15:02
    GaMeRR vLLooking for more ppl to boost this achievement, add me Gt : GaMeRR vL
    Posted by GaMeRR vL on 22 May 21 at 01:59
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  • JASimmonsVJASimmonsV102,144
    12 Jan 2011 15 Jan 2011
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    For me the easiest way was team games. Only the winning team gets the exp, but if you are off for a few games, you have better chances that the rest of your team can pull you through. Of course, conversely, if the rest of your team is just awful, then you will have to be a BA to pull out the win.
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    DullestIIThank you! A short, sweet explanation for this confusing EXP system
    Posted by DullestII on 05 Feb 14 at 12:27
  • Σχ şlαy3rΣχ şlαy3r245,473
    16 Jul 2009 10 Feb 2012
    41 3 6
    You need 50 EXP in one playlist for this and the quickest way to do it is to boost them.
    You need one person as a quitter (must have 4 controllers and an useless account).
    You can boost 4 accounts at the same time (they don't have to be on one console).

    First you need to change your language for the quitter and the booster party leader, it works best with chinese (the very bottom one).
    On the bottom you see a vid how to change a language, so you won't have any trouble changing it back to your language. (it's the old Dashboard in the vid, but works the same)

    When you have your language ready,
    Booster party leader: go to Halo 3 Matchmaking lobby, then invite your friends, who also wants to boost this, or turn on your guests. After you have 4 players in your lobby, go to Social Skirmish or Team Mythic playlist (Must have all DLC) then press "X" and select the bottom one from the list. The quitter has to do the same (turn on guests, go to the playlist, press "X" and make sure you have to bottom one always enabled).

    If you have done everything correctly, it should always find your boosters and every time just quit with the quitter, so your boosters gain 1 EXP per match. You can boost as much as you want, (for example boost rank or playlist rank) without getting banned. You can also do some other Achievements while you're doing this, but I suggest to get EXPs first and then boost the other Achievements, because it can get you banned from earning EXP.

    There is many different methods for this, but the fastest is:
    1. chinese language
    2. 2 consoles, 4 controllers on the quitter's console and 4 controllers on the booster's console.
    3. 3 guests on both consoles.
    4. Social Skirmish
    5. quit fast and start the game fast.

    You should get this done in 1 hour. Good luck and hope this helps. ;)
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    SayoricidalAnyone want to boost this with me?
    Posted by Sayoricidal on 27 Aug 14 at 12:09
    RHagen18If you have problems with "Information could not be retrieve," I found it would work after clearing the cache. Go to Xbox dashboard, click the options button (small button with three horizontal lines underneath Xbox button on controller) on the game tile, go to "Manage Game and Add-ons," scroll down to "Saved Data," click on the "Reserved Space," and then select the option to "Clear Reserved Space." Make sure you don't select "Delete All" otherwise you will lose everything.
    Posted by RHagen18 on 20 Aug 21 at 20:55
    SniggleworthDoes this solution run the risk of getting the quitter banned?
    Posted by Sniggleworth on 05 Jan at 01:04
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