MVP achievement in Halo 3


Earn the MVP in any ranked playlist (Online).

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How to unlock the MVP achievement

  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD1,406,107
    25 Sep 2007 16 Jun 2009 22 Jul 2011
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    To be MVP, you have to reach a certain amount of objective points in whatever gametype. They are as follows:

    TIES WITH ANOTHER PLAYER FOR MVP: There are no co-mvps. If you are tied with another player it seems the selection is random.

    IF IT IS A TEAM GAME you need to lead the game in scoring, not just your team.

    King of the Hill: Have the most hill points

    Team Slayer: Have the most kills in the game. If you are tied with someone else, it seems like it is just a random selection.

    Oddball: Have the most time with the oddball in your hands.

    CTF: Score the most flags in the game.

    VIP: Kill the most VIPs in the game

    Territories: have the most territories captured

    Infection: This is sorta FFA, but you need to have the most points from killing infected and infecting by the end of the game.

    Juggernaut: Kill the most people in the game as the Juggernaut. Once again this is also sort of a FFA.

    Bomb: Score the bomb the most.

    This covers every gametype, hope it helps! My first shot at a solution!


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    S4LUT3t0LUN4CYI tried to get this in Ranked FFA, *DOES NOT WORK IN FFA*. BUT it works in any ranked team game modes, if you have a full party, split into teams and search. you have a better chance searching and finding each other as teams rather than individually.
    Posted by S4LUT3t0LUN4CY on 17 Dec 13 at 20:31
    AradorShould have read this, didn't know it had to be teams, been wasting my time on lone wolf lol
    Posted by Arador on 07 May 15 at 06:35
    pseudoidolShame I'm so late to this party... What does 'MVP' stand for people?.. Most Valuable Player, out of a group of players, exclusively on the same team. You cant be MVP when you play by yourself. Team game types only.
    Posted by pseudoidol on 09 Oct 16 at 23:38
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  • SlyX89SlyX8993,805 93,805 GamerScore
    08 Feb 2012 18 May 2012 30 Jun 2012
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    I got this achievement by playing on team doubles all the way back in February 2012 by doing the following (you should have all the DLC just encase):
    1: have both teams search for a match at the same time. do the language trick if you want. when the match starts (preferably team slayer) have both teams meet up somewhere on the map
    2: player A from one team kills both players on the other team. Player B does nothing except watch.
    3: Other team quits game. Achievement should pop when you're in the player lobby
    4: repeat steps 1-3

    this is my first writing one of these, so please leave a comment on how I can improve.
    hope this helps, good luck!

    EDIT: You must have 4 Gold accounts, guests are not allowed. Thank you Foerl from the comment section =D
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    yossarianowe did this today with 2 teams of four (both teams hosted in UK with various people from all over the world on each team). Team Slayer 4 vs 4. Matchmaking was pretty faultless, never needed language trick, matchmaking criteria set to "Quckest".

    Strangely the MVP popped for me during the one time we got into a match with a party of 4 randoms. I exited the game immediately and the cheev popped without me firing a shot. I guess I tied with someone for zero kills and it selected me ? bizarre
    Posted by yossariano on 04 Oct 12 at 01:37
    xxCATACLIZMxxplayed team doubles on odd ball and just make sure you have the most points than everyone and win the match. thanks for your guide
    Posted by xxCATACLIZMxx on 06 Jun 14 at 04:01
    APOAL FRDoing this yesterday, 8 players/gold account in Team Slayer. We don't leave the game for not to be ban by Bungie server and we go to 50 kills for win each round, the boosted get most kill each time but not all kills and not everytime the last kill. If you're quick and efficient and haven't bad chance in matchmaking it's 60 minutes of boosting for all 8 players/games.
    Posted by APOAL FR on 04 Nov 14 at 08:55
  • FantasticFranc0FantasticFranc0177,223
    25 Feb 2012 17 Jan 2021 17 Jan 2021
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    Download ALL the DLC maps (they're free as of this writting)
    Create a boosting session with 4 people.
    Go into Team Doubles in the ranked playlist.

    This is the fastest method as long as you don't end up playing a Slayer match.
    You can also use this method to rank up really easily since the matches only take about 5 minutes and get the 7 EXP that is needed for the Vidmaster Challenge.
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