UNSC Spartan achievement in Halo 3

UNSC Spartan

Earn your Sergeant rating to be recognized as a true Spartan (Online).

UNSC Spartan0
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How to unlock the UNSC Spartan achievement

  • ShonicTHShonicTH287,999
    24 Mar 2010 24 Mar 2010 06 Apr 2010
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    So, there seems to be some confusion(Myself including until recently). What you have to do is NOT get 20EXP overall. Bungie updated it who knows how long ago, and added in the playlist EXP thingy, so if you have 12EXP on lonewolfs, you should get it. If you have 12 EXP on Team Slayer, you should get it. If you have 12 EXP overall, then you will NOT get the achievement. Any questions, ask me.

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    Geometric CubeI'm in the same boat as Muddy. Some douche did something that fucked up my EXP progression. So I have the officer achievement but even when I play matches in other playlists, the UNSC Spartan achievement isn't unlocked when I hit 12 EXP.
    Posted by Geometric Cube on 09 Mar 21 at 09:28
    Sir Noncy DorpSeeing as how Bungie's website for Halo 3 is gone now, I have a feeling you guys might have gotten screwed on this one. It wouldn't hurt to try and get in touch with 343 to see if they can do something to reset your counter though.
    Posted by Sir Noncy Dorp on 03 Apr 21 at 11:08
    Lazy with StyleI suggest to play in the 7on7th playlist. XP gets reset each month and it seems to be independent from the other playlists. Just a suggestion but worth a try. @MuddyPengwinn, Geometric Cube
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 09 Jul 21 at 13:52
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  • Sir Noncy DorpSir Noncy Dorp230,750
    27 Nov 2014 11 Feb 2021 11 Feb 2021
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    I thought I'd go into detail since the other guide, while fine, doesn't explicitly get into how the ranking system works now. A side note, this achievement will be unlocked while you're working on the Spartan Officer and Lieutenant achievements.

    So with the new EXP system, players are awarded 1 EXP for every game they win, or at least that's almost always the case. EXP is divided into two categories, your overall EXP and your playlist EXP. Your overall EXP from what I gather is basically irrelevant when it comes to unlocking the rank related achievements. Your playlist EXP is, as you might have figured, specific to individual playlists.

    For example, if I have 3 EXP in the 7 on 7 playlist, and 14 EXP in the Social Slayer playlist, then my overall EXP will be at least 17. This achievement requires that you get 12 EXP in any one playlist. The other two more advanced versions of this achievement, require that you get 50 EXP in any one playlist.

    The fastest, and easiest way to earn all three of these achievements is to get a group together from a boosting session. You will need at least eight people in your session to get this method to work. Gather your group, and go into the Rumble Pit playlist. As the matchmaker pulls up different games, veto anything that isn't Slayer.

    Once the game starts, have everyone get two kills each, and then select one person to start killing everyone in the middle of the map, while all other players continuously respawn and go back to the middle to be killed again. Once the match is over, everyone in the game will be awarded 1 EXP.

    Using this method you'll end up playing at most 50 games, but as long as everyone knows what they are doing, each game will only take about 3-4 minutes. Much quicker than trying to get these achievements naturally. Happy hunting, and good luck getting those achievements before they're gone!
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