Survivalist achievement in Hexic HD


Complete Survival mode by clearing all of the pieces on one screen or by passing Level 50.

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How to unlock the Survivalist achievement

  • d3vilsNightd3vilsNight54,693
    28 Sep 2008 29 Sep 2008
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    This isn't very hard, but does take some patience as you have to play through 50 levels of Survival mode.

    After each round in Survival mode, it "Locks" the pieces that you were unable to eliminate during that round. You are unable to manipulate those locked pieces directly and can only remove them by moving other pieces next to them.

    My tip for this is to ALWAYS concentrate on getting rid of the locked pieces first. Letting the locked pieces build up is what will kill you. If you keep the locked pieces under control you will get this achievement pretty easily after lasting 50 rounds.

    I got it on my first try, and I don't think I'm particularly good at this game

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    WayensProbably important to note that you don't have to do all 50 in one go. There's a quick save option that allows you to come back to a game if you get too bored to finish in one sitting. ;>
    Posted by Wayens on 14 Oct 11 at 09:00
    NIXXION44Thanx wayens
    Posted by NIXXION44 on 09 Jan 14 at 06:13
    Ducc Feetyou can also clear all the hexagons that are on the screen by the way
    Posted by Ducc Feet on 02 Jul 18 at 00:22
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  • GnemlockGnemlock220,441
    19 Apr 2009 23 Mar 2009
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    Basically, the tiles do not replenish, and once you have made all possible moves the board locks and the next level begins, in which the board is filled again. The ones that remain are locked and can not be moved, but can still be used in a combination, or un-locked by geting a combo next to them. If the screen fills up with locked pieces and you have no moves, you lose. Your objective is to beat it.

    This can be done in two ways:

    Play through 50 levels:
    Complete all 50 levels. Look for big combos;getting a star (surrounding a tile with tiles of the same colour) or linking three multiplier tiles of the same color together destroys tiles around them, so use this to your advantage. Obviously, geting the locked tiles out is essential, to prevent your board filling up. Remember, if you need a break and quit, it will save your progress.

    Empty the board:
    If you should use up every tile on the board, you win. Easy as pie. It is suggested that this is the easiest way to accomplish this achievment, because in the initial few levels the color variations are rather limited, and by linking together a few stars you can easily destroy all the tiles.
  • Jay I PWN UJay I PWN U150,779
    18 Jun 2009 17 Jun 2009
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    When I Played for this achievment I had to go to level 50 and complete the game. You win after you complete level 50 or clear all colors on the board. So do your best at limiting the amount of colors left when going to the next level. If you go for a star flower it clears all of the colors from the screen even locked ones. Star combos near locked peices also unlockes them. I hope these tips work. I got mine on the first try!!
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    SecondHeartbeatDid this on my first attempt. Definitely one of the easier achievements.
    Posted by SecondHeartbeat on 12 Jan 10 at 23:26
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    This achievement took a few hours to complete of almost constant play, it is not difficult just time consuming.
    The blocks do not fall and replace like in Marathon or Timed mode.
    I would recommend just playing through the 50 levels as it is unlikely that you will be able to clear the entire board but if possible do so.
    Whenever possible hit a flower combo to clear a lot of the board quicker.
    Blocks "lock" themselves in place after each level if it was not possible for you to get them in the level before meaning they can not be moved although they can still be used in a combo and will not move until unlocked or destroyed.

    Simple, time-consuming achievement.
  • The Killers425The Killers425427,197
    25 Mar 2016 25 Mar 2016 25 Mar 2016
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    If you keep playing eventually you will end up with a lot of locked pieces, that is actually good because you only need to be able to make one move to not fail, so the less moves you can make the better because you go to the next level once you have made all of your possible moves. So if you can only make three moves because of all of the locked pieces, than you will get to the next level in ten seconds.
    10 Jun 2012 11 Jun 2012
    14 5 0
    well i ve done this one and yes it seems and looks hard but it aint my best advice is paitence think and try and keep the middle clear if you are having trouble clearing the whole lot took me an hour to play through 50 levels i thought this was hard but no

    keep having a go you will get it
  • NeonDinosaur345NeonDinosaur345135,663
    18 Feb 2019 20 Feb 2019
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    Alright, So Survival You will need to complete 50 levels which is the easiest way, ORRRRRRRRR.. Clear The Whole Board! So yeah, good luck with trying to clear the board, survival takes an average 60 minutes to complete, also after each round the pieces you didn’t eliminate will lock on, which are when it’s impossible to eliminate the piece, once you’re on level 49 half of the board would be locked on, so uhh yeahh hope this helpslaugh
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