Millionaire's Club achievement in Burnout Paradise

Millionaire's Club

Score over a 1,000,000 in Stunt Run

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How to unlock the Millionaire's Club achievement

  • RandomnuttaRandomnutta1,417,263
    24 Feb 2008 23 Aug 2008
    92 5 12

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    what car is used in the vid?
    Posted by CaptainAde on 06 Dec 10 at 10:21
    CASS190684Brilliant! Thanks heaps for this! +1 from me! :)
    Posted by CASS190684 on 03 Apr 12 at 00:36
    NEOGZA 4everHey man. Such a nice guide brillant idea that saved me time an despair. Wouldnt think how About how To get that one before. Thx again
    Posted by NEOGZA 4ever on 29 May 19 at 05:21
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  • klobeastklobeast526,295
    28 May 2009 28 May 2009 28 May 2009
    41 8 9
    If you're like me and aren't so hot at pulling off the stunts, here's an incredibly simple way to get this achievement.

    Get into a speed car, I found the Kitana Hydros works well, start a stunt run near the freeway, get into the oncoming lane and hold down the burnout button. Keep under control, don't crash, and string together a 46x burnout chain. It will take about 10 minutes but congratulations you are 25 GS richer.
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    P E Z B Y 7 2 7I followed this guide but with 1 small change : hold down all 3 buttons - accelerator, brake and burnout at the same time. This makes the speed slow, although the car will be sliding a little left and right but you can keep it under control, much easier than full speed.
    Posted by P E Z B Y 7 2 7 on 07 Jan 11 at 08:31
    Sundance SixWorked great, really easy, i smashed out a 56x Burnout Chain without any problems, you don't even need to hold the brake, just tap it now and again to keep the pace down, really simple, really effective, good solution.
    Posted by Sundance Six on 14 Jun 11 at 16:13
    Homunculus FuryCan you do this in online freeburn?
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 17 May 19 at 05:43
  • WhiteShadow994WhiteShadow9941,546,619
    15 Mar 2011 15 Mar 2011
    21 5 5
    THIS very easy achievement just start stunt chalenge and do following on video you tired max10-15min and you will have this achievement =)))you need use this car SL-7=))
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    Bigjimboski80I got the million cheevo on my first try. The other methods work too but this is by far the EASIEST method. Thank you White Shadow!
    Posted by Bigjimboski80 on 24 May 11 at 08:06
    x Slick Hick xworks as advertised for both achievements. thanks.
    Posted by x Slick Hick x on 29 Sep 16 at 07:55
    WhiteShadow994=))))please thumps up my solution +=)))
    Posted by WhiteShadow994 on 02 Oct 16 at 11:00
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9455,265 455,265 GamerScore
    24 Aug 2008 24 Jan 2019 24 Jan 2019
    5 0 0
    Head down to the South Bay Expwy Bridge from wherever you start your Stunt Run, there is a Stunt Run right at the start of the bridge run if you want the closest one.
    Follow my path in the video (jump to 01:52 to get to the start of the run) hitting all billboards, superjumps, and spins to skyrocket your points and multiplier!
    I'd advise doing this for all Stunt Runs
  • TheHun99TheHun9927,402
    27 Aug 2012 27 Aug 2012 27 Aug 2012
    4 2 0
    Another pretty easy way (the way I got it) if you have Big Surf Island (you should, it's amazing):
    - get a good stunt car (I used the Toy Hunter Cavalry, excellent for such things)
    - head to Deese's Donut, there's a Stunt Run close by
    - start the stunt run and turn 180 degrees with E-brake (starting to accumulate points
    - head to the beach (just straight) and when there, turn left
    - now do the stunts. There are split ramps and a billboard along the beach, easy places to get airtime, billboard, barrel rolls and flat spins
    - enjoy your achievement :)
  • szogyenyi1993szogyenyi1993438,094
    16 Jul 2013 08 Jul 2018
    1 0 0
    If you suck at stunt runs, just like me, here is my solution:

    Choose either the Kitano Hydros Custom or the Kitano Hydros Techno and start any stunt run you wish. Personally i highly recommend to choose one around the Wildcats Baseball Stadium, because there are lots of billboards especially on WEBSTER AW. Start a Stunt Run race, break a few billboards, do a few jumps (as i mentioned, there are 3 billboards and 2 jumps on WEBSTER AW, and after that go behind the stadium for another billboard and jumps). When you are about to run ou of time, go up to the highway and start driving in front of the traffic. Never change lanes, never let the gas, and hold your finger on the nitrous button. It will refill after every successfully Burnout, so you will keep recieve bonus points for it. Don't worry, the traffic is kinda low in these game mode, and this car is especially easy to handle, so as long as you pay attention you should drive without any major crashes. In the meantime, you will also unlock the following achievement:

    Burnout ParadiseBoosting Around the WorldThe Boosting Around the World achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 77 pointsGet a x20 Boost Chain

    If you are able to get a x7 combo, you don't even have to try hard. Score around 150.000 and break your combo, and the achievement is yours.
  • K4rn4geK4rn4ge2,336,596
    28 Jan 2008 16 Mar 2018
    1 0 0
    The following video and solution is intended to help people who are struggling with getting 1,000,000 points in a Stunt Run for the achievement. Basically, follow these steps and you should be able to get the achievement with enough practice. First of all, know that the time limit doesn't really matter. Just stay in one combo and when it says Final Run and the timer is at zero, you can keep your combo going infinitely (as long as you do stunts and don't crash).

    Stunts to keep your combo going are as follows: Boosting, Drifting, E-Braking, Air Time, Billboards, Super Jumps, Flat Spins, Barrel Rolls, Reverse Driving. Just make sure your circle doesn't become fully red because that means your combo is just about over and your whole stunt run will end too. Anyway, get to the location on the map where I am at and start the Stunt Run called "Express Yourself".

    External image

    Try not to use the same ramp you used before because it will say Stunt Failed and you won't receive credit for points on that jump, so use variety. Also, while I did a barrel roll in the video, it is very risky so try sticking to flatspins only when jumping off ramps. In the video I get 2.6 million just to show more possible stunts in a good line if you can't make some of the other jumps. There are many good stunt opportunities in a row here. Anyway, good luck and once again, just boost or drift every so often to make the combo timer reset so the combo doesn't end.

  • MarekVitMarekVit516,983
    24 Jan 2013 30 Jan 2013
    2 1 0
    I was a bit frustrated when I saw this but then I found out how it works.

    Some tips:
    Don't drive like crazy, you will probably crash somewhere and lose.

    Maintain good speed and drift when possible. Drifting gives you easy and safe points.

    Don't attempt barrel rolls, they will most likely cause a crash. Go for the safe stunts. Easy billboards, easy jumps, get plenty of air time.

    One the time limit runs out, no problem. You just keep yourself in the game by pressing the boost button every now and again. The moment you press it, the timer is reset and you have a little more time.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT CRASH. Slow down any time you need to. Just remember to hit the boost button every once in a while.

    It helps if there is a part of the city where you know the stunts well. For me it's starting on the big bridge, starting with the jumps and billboards there and then making my way along the south coast. But anyway, I just cruise the city and do the easy tricks that build up my multiplier.

    This way I did all the stunt runs pretty with no problem and earned my 1,000,000 quite quickly, once I figured out how to go about it.

    I hope this helps.
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