Spinnin' Around achievement in Burnout Paradise

Spinnin' Around

Perform a 360 Flatspin in any car

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How to unlock the Spinnin' Around achievement

    06 Oct 2008 08 Mar 2009
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    this one took me a long time to accomplish because most of the cars wont spin the full 360. pick the Jansen P12 if you have it, and then head over to the airfield with the gigantic jumps. do a few laps around the circuit there to get a feel for how you should position yourself for the massive jump that is shaped like a bell and when you eventually go for it hit the handbrake and left or right on the thumbpad just as you go off the edge. hold the direction down and you will spin around 500 degrees if you do it right. make sure that you pick the right car tho.

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    P E Z B Y 7 2 7you can do it in the very first car they give you in the game - i know because i deleted my save file then wanted this achievement so started a new game, went to the cliff-top jump and got it first try... that jump gives a lot of air-time.
    Posted by P E Z B Y 7 2 7 on 06 Jan 11 at 18:43
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  • SpilnerSpilner888,362
    08 Nov 2008 27 Nov 2011 25 Sep 2014
    26 1 3
    This can be achieved with the first car given to you but will be easier with the faster and more agile cars

    There are many jumps all over the Paradise world but there are two locations in the game that this is easiest as it has the largest jumps. The two areas are the Quarry and the near by South Mountain Drive jump.

    To initiate a flat spin you need to spin off of a jump so that the car spins sideways in the air. The best way to do this is to hold the handbrake (Press cn_X) whilst turning just as you are about to launch off of a ramp.

    The 360 has to be in the air so any spinning done on the ground wont count

    Here's a video demonstrating the South Mountain Drive jump, however the Quarry can be seen at 1:02 on the left.
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    JayourWorked like a charm, thanks!
    Posted by Jayour on 22 May 12 at 01:08
    MoshambiGreat solution, got it first try!
    Posted by Moshambi on 09 Sep 18 at 21:44
    Posted by wagnerasa on 16 May 19 at 04:56
  • dachief216dachief21647,082
    07 Apr 2008 15 Apr 2009
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    Youtube link:

    Not made by me but still a great method.
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    NABSQUADit seems like a good enough method if you can time it perfectly so that you hit the wall, but there are much easier methods that don't involve hitting other objects mid-air.
    Posted by NABSQUAD on 29 May 09 at 23:21
    TheCapeKingBrilliant Method. Worked first time for me!!!!
    Posted by TheCapeKing on 03 Sep 09 at 18:39
    Shadow XBLworked great. Took my 5-7 tries.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 24 Jul 15 at 05:06
  • R0NELLR0NELL281,383
    04 Mar 2009 04 Mar 2009
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    Flatspins are done when you handbrake turn during a jump... there are a couple of good places to do this one. Down by the pier there is a long stretch of boardwalk with a high angled ramp, your best bet is to keep boosting up the ramp and flatspinning off of there. Or go to the quarry in the bottom left of the Map...it's the same principle.
  • MacavahuMacavahu185,961
    03 Aug 2010 03 Aug 2010
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    I had a brain out trying to get this until I realised I was tapping the handbrake, not holding it. I was at Flman16's suggested location, hitting the arch jump over one of the hangars (toward the large wooden mast) HOLDING the handbrake and steering right. 450 degs grief free.
  • Ronsino ManRonsino Man173,975
    06 May 2009 12 May 2009 12 May 2009
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    I used the Boardwalk/Beach area at the top of the map on a little, barrell roll ramp.

    Use the Toy Manhattan if you have it. It bounces and can spin really fast (1000 Degrees sometimes of a small jump if you angle it), plus they never wreck.

    Just aproach the ramp and hit X with a little left/right on the steering (Left) thumbstick.
  • DCJamisonDCJamison104,231
    15 Aug 2011 15 Aug 2011 15 Aug 2011
    17 3 0
    This young kid's video worked out quite well for me. Accidentally picked up the daredevil achievement the first time. Second try and his solution worked. Hoping I posted this right...
  • KingOfWeightKingOfWeight231,472
    19 Mar 2011 19 Mar 2011
    14 1 0
    This will work if you have the Big Surf Island DLC and have at least unlocked the Toy Cavalry Bootlegger (other cars will probably work, but that's the one I used).

    Make your way to Big Surf Island's ski jump (it's hard to miss) and boost all the up to the end of the ramp.When you reach the top hold down X and push the left analog stick left or right to start the flat spin. The Bootlegger will easily do a 360-degree spin before hitting the ground.

    The Toy Bootlegger can be unlocked by making all of Big Surf Island's Mega Jumps, but any stunt car with good stats should be able to do the spin off the ski jump without much trouble.
  • mtmo1mtmo147,877
    25 Aug 2011 25 Aug 2011
    12 1 0
    if you dont have the jansenp12, you can also use the burnout roadster (can only be owned by beating the R-turbo roadster burning route). I did off the jump that lands you in the quarry. i got a 441 flatspin. you can also use it for the daredevil achievement.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9455,285 455,285 GamerScore
    12 Nov 2014 29 Jan 2019
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