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Andrew Ogley (Nexus Grunt)

Andrew has been writing for TA since 2011 covering news, reviews and the occasional editorials and features. One of the grumpy old men of the team, his mid-life crisis has currently manifested itself in the form of an addiction to sim-racing - not being able to afford the real life car of his dreams. When not spending hours burning simulated rubber, he still likes to run around, shoot stuff and blow things up - in the virtual world only of course.
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ONRUSH Free Trial Starting Soon

If you feel like you've been missing out or are simply curious about Codemasters lastest arcade offering then it's time to jump in as the studio opens up the game for free.

Posted 7 days ago, 18 comments

DAKAR 18 Trailers Show The Landscapes of The World's Biggest Cross Country Rally

All three countries from the Dakar 18 Rally are showcased in individual clips revealing the differences in the landscapes and also showing some of the locations and landmarks that can be visited whilst venturing off-road.

Posted 19 days ago, 7 comments

Ubisoft Announces The Crew 2 Open Beta With New Video Clip

For those who are wondering what the new racing title has to offer, Ubisoft has revealed there will be an open beta ahead of the official release. It's time to get racing, flying, boating and biking!

Posted 1 month ago, 3 comments

Ubisoft Reveals Beyond Good and Evil 2 Cinematic Trailer

Ubisoft reveals dramatic and stunning cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming prequel, Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Posted 1 month ago, 8 comments

Bandai Namco Reveal New Jump Force Fighting Title

Bandai Namco announces a new fighting title bringing together some of anime's greatest warriors for the first time in one cross-over title.

Posted 1 month ago, 18 comments

Metro Exodus New Trailer Revealed

Come out from the underground tunnels and take the battle to the surface in the latest installment of the Metro franchise.

Posted 1 month ago, 15 comments

ONRUSH Developer Diaries Reveal Gameplay and Much More

Racing without a finishing line in a celebration of takedowns, the new arcade racing title promises to provide non-stop racing action, bringing some unique gameplay to the genre.

Posted 1 month ago, 1 comment

F1 2018 Gameplay Clip Shows Off Circuit de Monaco

Join rising F1 star Charles Leclerc as he takes you around a quick lap of his home circuit of Monaco. The gameplay video reveals the new cars and some of the new visuals from this year's release.

Posted 1 month ago, 5 comments

Spintires: MudRunner DLC Revealed

Free DLC for the off-roading title will bring a new coastal map split in half by a mountain ridge. Additionally, there will be two new vehicles and it introduces a new gameplay mode.

Posted 1 month ago, 4 comments

Laser League Reveals New Trailer And Release Date

The fast and frantic high-speed sport of 2150 will be arriving sooner than you think, as the team not only reveals the release date but also reveals some of the content that will be included at release and soon after.

Posted 3 months ago, 7 comments

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MotoGP 18 Review

MotoGP 18 is a solid racing title built on a new engine which shows off all of Milestone's strong points whilst simultaneously reminding us of some of their weaker points too.

Posted 20 days ago, 8 comments

Disco Dodgeball Remix Review

Fast, frenetic, colourful, loud and surprisingly good fun in short bursts, Disco Dodgeball is a quirky, family-friendly title that can be challenging enough to test the best twitch responses.

Posted 1 month ago, 6 comments

DragoDino Review

Don't be fooled by the cute cuddly cartoon characters, this is a devilishly difficult platformer in places. A clever idea, fun presentation but brutally unforgiving boss fights may have you walking away early.

Posted 2 months ago, 6 comments

Burnout Paradise Remastered Review

Despite its age, Burnout Paradise remains a seminal racing title. It was ahead of its time and in some respects time still hasn't caught it up. With improved graphics, the remastered version is the best way to see Paradise City.

Posted 3 months ago, 33 comments

TT Isle of Man Review

One of the most impressive reproductions of a real-life racing circuit ever captured in a genre title brings the wow factor, but the lack of some fundamental gaming elements will frustrate players.

Posted 4 months ago, 15 comments

Gravel Review

A bold new four-wheeled IP from the studio famed for its motorcycle franchises. Gravel is pure off-road arcade racing. There may be a few bumps in the road, but its bare-bones style certainly has potential.

Posted 4 months ago, 13 comments

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame Review

Milestone continues to expand its catalogue of two-wheeled racing titles bringing the sport of Supercross back to the console. However, at times it can be as bumpy a ride as the courses that you race across.

Posted 5 months ago, 13 comments

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Review

An idea for a niche genre that has potential, but is let down by multiplayer that's made unpredictable by the lack of player support and unreliable network code.

Posted 6 months ago, 12 comments

World of Tanks War Stories Review

Five short stories expand the title with a mini single player/co-op campaign. Exploring alternate histories from WWII and the Cold War, the new War Stories expansion is short and sweet, and brutally tough at times.

Posted 7 months ago, 27 comments

Need For Speed Payback Review

The latest installment in the long-running franchise mixes a Hollywood-style tale of revenge, open-world arcade racing, and elements from other titles in the genre, leaving the player with a strange sense of déjà vu.

Posted 8 months ago, 29 comments

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TA Exclusive: Talking Project CARS 2 With Slightly Mad Studios

With the release date for Project CARS 2 rapidly approaching, we manage to grab some time with Rod Chong and Stephen Viljoen to discuss the highly anticipated racing title.

Posted 10 months ago, 10 comments

Top Five Longest Running Franchises

With backward compatibility bringing even older titles to the Xbox One, we decided to look at some of the oldest gaming franchises that have survived through to the current Xbox generation. Hop into our time machine!

Posted 1 year ago, 77 comments

E3: Is It Time For A Change?

E3 remains a great event with plenty to look forward to, but the gaming world is constantly evolving. Is it time for the industry's biggest expo to forgo its roots and to move with the times?

Posted 1 year ago, 61 comments

TA Top Five: What Took So Long?

It's said that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait, but in the gaming world who tried our patience the most and was it really a good thing that we ended up with?

Posted 1 year ago, 72 comments

Game Changers: Resident Evil

Resident Evil christened and defined a whole new sub-genre of games and has become synonymous with video game horror ever since. Twenty one years later we have the latest installment set to terrify gamers once again.

Posted 1 year ago, 35 comments

The Road Ahead: What Can We Expect From The Next Forza?

A simple forum post from the CEO of Fanatec revealing Forza Motorsport 7 raises a number of questions and leads us to speculate about what might be in store for the next installment in the hugely popular racing franchise.

Posted 1 year ago, 41 comments

Console Racing Comes Of Age

With the increased power of the console and more advanced peripherals to match, racing on the console has never been so good.

Posted 1 year ago, 69 comments

Game Changers: Doom

Game Changers is a new series on TA where we examine the titles that blazed trails, influenced successors, and changed the gaming landscape. For this introduction, we look back on id Software's original DOOM.

Posted 2 years ago, 78 comments

TA Top Five: In-Game Pastimes

It is tough being a gamer at times; saving the planet from a zombie outbreak or alien annihilation, pulling off the perfect heist against overwhelming odds, or simply trying to survive as a lone wand

Posted 3 years ago, 109 comments

TA Top Five: Cribs

Now that the recent season's festivities have ended and the whirlwind of social engagements and family obligations have been fulfilled, it is nice just to have some quiet time for oneself. A moment t

Posted 3 years ago, 126 comments

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