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Eidos Montreal Talk About Shadow Of The Tomb Raider's Latest DLC, The Pillar

Ahead of the imminent release of The Pillar DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the game's developer Eidos Montreal provide a small look behind-the-scenes at the Canadian studio.

Posted 18 hours ago, 2 comments

Fatshark Releases New Trailer For Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Back To Ubersreik

While we wait for "Back to Ubersreik" to come to the Xbox One version of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, we can watch the trailer that Fatshark released for the hack-and-slasher's latest piece of DLC.

Posted 2 days ago, 1 comment

Team17 Tease Some Free-zing Festive Fun For Overcooked! 2

Just in time for the holidays, Team 17 and Ghost Town Games have teased some festive fun on the way for Overcooked! 2. You know, just in case you wanted more potential for yelling at each other.

Posted 3 days ago, 12 comments

Pre-Orders Of DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Will Come With Exclusive Steelbook

Publisher KOEI Tecmo have revealed that those who pre-order a physical edition of DEAD OR ALIVE 6 from participating retailers will receive an exclusive steelbook with their purchase.

Posted 4 days ago, 6 comments

Devil May Cry 5's Trip To The Game Awards Ends With An Xbox One Exclusive Demo

It's been a busy few days for Capcom and Devil May Cry 5, with new soundtrack news, a demo for Xbox One owners and capped off with a lengthy trailer at The Game Awards show on Thursday night.

Posted 5 days ago, 11 comments

Free To Play Action RPG Dauntless Comes To Consoles Next Year

At The Game Awards last night, Phoenix Labs revealed that their free-to-play action RPG Dauntless will be making its way to consoles and will have cross-play and cross-progression between all platforms.

Posted 6 days ago, 4 comments

ToeJam and Earl Get Back in the Groove With March Release Date

ToeJam and Earl fans can finally prepare to get funky next year as the long-awaited ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Groove is set to release in March.

Posted 7 days ago, 10 comments

Ubisoft Set 2-Year Maximum For Ubisoft Club Units

Those Ubisoft Club points that have been building up in your account will soon have to be spent as the publisher has announced that the loyalty points program will soon have a two-year limit.

Posted 8 days ago, 61 comments

THQ Nordic Buys Carmageddon IP From Stainless Games

THQNordic's spending spree continues as they pick up the Carmageddon IP from original developer Stainless Games. It probably won't be too long until we see Carmaggedon Re-crash-tered or something similar.

Posted 9 days ago, 19 comments

Stardew Valley To Be Self-Published Going Forward

ConcernedApe, the developer behind indie hit Stardew Valley, has announced that he is soon set to take over publishing duties for the Harvest Moon-inspired title from later this month.

Posted 10 days ago, 11 comments

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Cities: Skylines Review

The best city builder on Xbox One almost by default, fans of the genre should enjoy Cities Skylines. However, missing features and content compared to the PC version does leave it as a lesser way to experience the game.

Posted 1 year ago, 16 comments

Race The Sun Review

It may have taken its sweet time to make it onto the Xbox platform, but endless runner fans should definitely have an eye on Race The Sun thanks to fun, fast paced gameplay and a pretty minimalist aesthetic.

Posted 1 year ago, 6 comments

Dark Arcana: The Carnival Review

There's not a huge amount of new stuff on offer in Dark Arcana: The Carnival, but with a short enjoyable story alongside a nice art style and easy completion, players may want to pick up the last Artifex Mundi title.

Posted 1 year ago, 8 comments

Crypt of the NecroDancer Review

While Crypt of the NecroDancer is perhaps not one for the rhythmically challenged or those that don't enjoy difficult games, great music and a satisfying gameplay loop means there's plenty on offer here for others.

Posted 1 year ago, 6 comments

Nevermind Review

Those that are interested in Nevermind for the horror elements will probably be disappointed, but a compelling premise and well-built atmosphere may mean a better time with the game for others.

Posted 1 year ago, 18 comments

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

This year, Infinite Warfare has coped with its poorly-received reveal and its competitors, both direct and indirect, releasing to critical success. The game itself is finally here, so how does it fare?

Posted 2 years ago, 26 comments

FIFA 17 Review

After seeing what Konami had to offer a couple of weeks ago, it's the turn of EA and FIFA 17 to show us what it's got. As well as a new engine, the intriguing new story mode has people excited but does it live up to the promise?

Posted 2 years ago, 11 comments

PES 2017 Review

With one of gaming's biggest and longest-running rivalries between PES and FIFA set to kick off soon, we see how the first title, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, fares in the battle for footballing dominance.

Posted 2 years ago, 14 comments

Hue Review

Considering the game's concept, nobody can accuse Hue of lacking any colour. But will this debut game from Fiddlesticks brighten up your day, or will it leave you feeling blue?

Posted 2 years ago, 11 comments


Until now, Ukrainian developer Beatshapers has not had a game on a Microsoft console. Will their twin-stick shooter #KILLALLZOMBIES be a good or bad start to their time on Xbox?

Posted 2 years ago, 13 comments

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