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Ellis is a newshound and former manager of the walkthrough team. When he's not busy writing the latest news, he'll likely be found battling through his backlog, playing indie games, buying yet another indie game bundle or making a game of his own.
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Blade & Bones Set to Come to Xbox One

Brazilian game developer CoffeeAddict Studio has announced Blade & Bones, an action-adventure title that is set to make its way to Xbox One. Players take on the role of the last Orin Warrior. Their race has been unable to talk for the past 700 years after being cursed, with their only form

Posted 4 years ago

Siegecraft Commander Trailer Introduces Gameplay

No news has come from Australian game developers Blowfish Studios on their upcoming tower defense Siegecraft Commander since it was announced last August as being delayed to 'early 2016'. Whilst news on the release date remains slim for the ID@Xbox title, the developers have now released a new trai

Posted 4 years ago

Co-Op Shooter Spareware Coming to Xbox One

Finnish indie developers Rusto Games have announced that their cooperative top down shooter Spareware will soon be making its way to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. The developers have described Sp

Posted 4 years ago

Blues & Bullets Episode 2 Sneak Peek

The long wait is almost over for the second episode of A Crowd of Monster's episodic noir Blues & Bullets, with the developers announcing that 'Shaking the Hive' is set to release on PC (and possibly

Posted 4 years ago

101 Ways to Die Coming to Xbox One

Four Door Lemon and Vision Games Publishing have announced that gory physics-based puzzle title 101 Ways to Die will be making its way to Xbox One later this year. Players are tasked with recreating

Posted 4 years ago

Lichdom Battlemage Trailer Shares More Details

A new trailer has released for Maximum Games' first-person mage-em-up Lichdom Battlemage, showing off further footage of the gameplay, environment, story and casting system the upcoming title will co

Posted 4 years ago

Dual Gear Announced for Xbox One

Thai developers Orbital Speed Studio have announced Dual Gear, a turn based strategy inspired by classic Japanese mech games of the same genre, will be coming to Xbox One. Players will be able to com

Posted 4 years ago

Friday the 13th Video Explains Stamina and Noise

Following on from the short explanation video for how spawning will work in Gun Media's Friday the 13th: The Game, the simplistic overview graphics and voice of Adam Sessler return to describe how pl

Posted 5 years ago

The Banner Saga Release Date Unveiled

Indie developer Stoic has today announced that their Viking RPG/Turn Based Strategy title The Banner Saga will be making its way onto Xbox One next month. Originally confirmed back in September at PA

Posted 5 years ago

Super Snow Fight Set for Xbox One Release

German developers Deck 13 and Patrick God have announced that their local multiplayer action brawler Super Snow Fight will arrive on the Xbox One. Players will have (not quite) deadly snowballs, dyna

Posted 5 years ago

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